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Mercredi 18 novembre 2015
Game Update

We will be performing a small update tomorrow morning at 6am (Pacific) with an estimated downtime of 1.5 hours. The update will include th following changes:

Secondary Boost Slot

Tired of only being able to equip a single boost at a time? Do you have a 7-Day Experience boost collecting dust in your inventory while you wait for your active Heroic Boost to time out? Wait no more! We've added a second boost slot which can be used to equip any type of boost! If you have boosts of the same type equipped in both slots, their effects will stack.

For example, if you have a 7-Day Experience Boost (+50% XP gain) equipped in each slot, you will receive a total XP gain bonus of 100% until they time out.

Bug Fixes

    The new Anniversary Bundle Engineer Repair tool should now work properly from vehicle rumble seats.
    MCG can no longer attach all attachments at once

Vendredi 13 novembre 2015

A client-only hotfix will be published momentarily to address the following issues:

    Players being unable to purchase the 3 Year Anniversary Bundle if they had an existing Heroic Boost either equipped or in their inventory.
    Victory Point Scoreboard not reflecting the correct capture score requirements for some of the continents.
    Updated the Anniversary Lasher to have more purple projectiles.

Jeudi 12 novembre 2015

The live servers will be coming down shortly for a brief hotfix. The estimated downtime is 30 mins.


    The Heroic Boost is now granted to just the purchasing character on the account.
    Fixed the screen texture screen of the Healing Tool AE.
    Fixed ECUS Decal missing.
    Fixed Heal Tool AE screen not displaying correctly.
    Fixed bad vertex skin weights on Commissioner AE pistols.
    Fixed bad vertex skin weights on Lasher AE.
    Fixed bad LOD distances on AE weapons.
    Fixed solid blue camo to be intended dark blue.
    Changed Generic White to display as Pure White.
    Adjusted decal appearing on NC Male HA shin.
    Adjusted skinning on Female Skull Bandanna.

Mercredi 11 novembre 2015

The game servers will be coming down at 6am (pacific) tomorrow morning for a brief hotfix. Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour and will include the following changes:

Victory Point System

    Layout and info changes have been made to the Victory Point Scoreboard on the map screen.
    Alerts now require at least 30 pop on two factions in a zone to start.
    Alerts can now start on multiple continents at once.
    Increased Alert rate, Alerts should fire off 45-90 minutes after last alert ended.
    Linking both warpgates simultaneously no long caps the continent, but instead grants 3 victory points (in addition to the 2 victory points you get for linking the individual warpgates).
    Indar now only requires 8 victory points to lock.


    Removed “External Fuel Tanks” from ESF skill tree since this items max rank is granted by default.
    Added AV Mana Turrets back to Engineers cert lines.

Lundi 2 novembre 2015
Game Update

We will be performing a hotfix tomorrow morning beginning at 6am (pacific). Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour.

Victory Point System

VP reward changes

    Alerts = 3
    cap all of any facility type = 2
    Warp Gate Link = 1

Territory flux point starts at 35%,

    35% = +1 VP
    41% = +1 VP
    47% = +1 VP
    53% = +1 VP
    59% = +1 VP
    66% = +1 VP
    72% = +1 VP
    78% = +1 VP
    84% = +1 VP
    90% = +1 VP


    All facilities and outposts should now be using the new capture UI.
    TR MSW-R muzzle velocity should now be set correctly at 550ms.
    T4 AMP clip should now animate properly again.

Jeudi 29 octobre 2015
Game Update

The Planetside 2 PC servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) on 10/29 for a game update. The estimated downtime is approximately 1.5 hours. Below is a list of features/changes/etc once the update is complete.

Victory Points

Continents will no longer be captured by alerts and territory control alone! Victory Points are a new method of scoring within the game. If your faction earns the required number of Victory Points, then the continent is yours! The continental VP scoreboard is shown at the top of the Map screen. Mousing over each faction will bring up the “Points to Victory” window, which breaks down progress and overall score.

There are a numbers of ways to earn VP:

Permanent Victory Points

    Link your warpgate to enemy warpgate = +1 VP
    Link your warpgate to both enemy warpgates simultaneously = Continental Victory/Lock
    Capture all Techplants = +1 VP
    Capture all Amp Stations= +1 VP
    Capture all Biolabs = +1 VP
    Capture all major facilities (Amp, Bio, Tech) simultaneously = Continental Victory/Lock
    Win Alerts = +2 VP

Flux Victory Points

Capturing more than 45% of a continent’s territory can earn you “Flux” Victory Points. Flux Victory Points count toward continental victory, but can be won/lost with the territory you control/lose.

Percentage of Territory controlled:

    45% = +1 VP
    50% = +1 VP
    55% = +1 VP
    60% = +1 VP
    65% = +1 VP
    70% = +1 VP
    75% = +1 VP
    80% = +1 VP
    85% = +1 VP
    90% = +1 VP (Continental Victory)

Continent Benefit Changes

    Hossin Benefit – 50% off MAXs has been removed, controlling Hossin will now provide vehicle and aircraft repairs at friendly ammo resupply towers/pads.

Facility Benefit Changes

    AMP Station Benefit

      Allows facility turrets to fire for much longer before overheating; also allows facility turrets to auto repair over time.

    BioLab Benefit

      Auto heal rate has been increased significantly.

New Bounty Directive

    Awards a “Bounty Hunter” title and the NS-15 Gallows LMG as the final tier reward.

LMG Changes


      ADS moving CoF remains 0.4 (same as Live)
      ADS movement modifier to 0.5, from 0.75
      ADS CoF recoil to 0.04, from 0.05
      Horizontal recoil to 0.22/0.22, from 0.2/0.225
      Horizontal tolerance to 0.8, from 0.9
      Standing hipfire to 2.5, from 2.75
      Moving hipfire to 3.25, from 3.5
      Projectile velocity to 540, from 570
      Short and long reloads to 3.0/3.44, from 3.28/3.655


      ADS moving CoF remains 0.4 (same as Live)
      ADS movement modifier to 0.5, from 0.75
      ADS CoF recoil to 0.04, from 0.05
      Horizontal recoil to 0.22/0.22, from 0.2/0.225
      Horizontal tolerance to 0.8, from 0.9
      Standing hipfire to 2.5, from 2.75
      Moving hipfire to 3.25, from 3.5
      Projectile velocity to 540, from 570
      Decreased heat bleedoff speed by 20%

    SVA-88 & SVA-88 GG

      ADS movement modifier to 0.5, from 0.75
      Horizontal recoil to 0.2/0.2, from 0.2/0.225
      Horizontal tolerance to 0.8, from 0.9
      Vertical recoil to 0.4, from 0.44

    Pulsar LSW

      Can now equip Extended Magazines
      First Shot Multiplier to 1.6, from 2.45
      ADS CoF recoil to 0.04, from 0.05

    VX29 Polaris

      Maximum damage range to 20m, from 10m
      Recoil angle to 17/17, from 17/20


      Moving ADS CoF to 0.35, from 0.4


      Horizontal tolerance to 0.6, from 0.75
      Vertical recoil to 0.4, from 0.44


      First Shot Recoil Multiplier to 2.2, from 2
      Horizontal recoil to 0.18, from 0.175
      Standing hipfire to 2.75, from 3
      Moving hipfire to 3.5, from 3.75
      Projectile velocity to 570, from 600


      Maximum damage range to 20m, from 10m
      Horizontal recoil to 0.18/0.18, from 0.2/0.2

    NC6 Gauss Saw

      Moving Aim Down Sights CoF to 0.4, from 0.5


      Standing hipfire to 2.75, from 3
      Moving hipfire to 3.5, from 3.75

    T16 Rhino

      Maximum damage range to 20m, from 10m
      First Shot Recoil Multiplier to 1.5, from 2


      Moving ADS CoF to 0.35, from 0.4

    T32 Bull

      Reserve ammunition to 240, from 180
      Horizontal recoil to 0.18, from 0.2

    T9 CARV-S

      Horizontal tolerance to 0.7, from 0.8

    T9A Butcher

      Added Spinup - Rate of Fire from 750 to 780 over 0.3 seconds.
      Crouching hipfire to 3, from 3.5
      Crouching moving hipfire to 3.5, from 4
      Standing hipfire to 3.5, from 4
      Moving hipfire to 4, from 4.5


    You can now set multiple bounties on a target at once.
    Skill line trees are back! (*there is a known issue where some weapons are listed multiple times and/or bring up a different weapon to unlock then what is listed*)
    All facilities and outposts should now be using the new capture UI that went live on large outposts a few weeks ago.
    Fixed an issue that would cause the bounty counter on the HUD to display "x0".
    Fight for Flight decals are now only viewable in the inventory of the appropriate faction.
    Deployed Sunderers should once again properly display their no deploy zones to other friendly Sunderers and show on their minimaps.

Mercredi 7 octobre 2015

We will be performing a hotfix tomorrow morning beginning at 6am (pacific). Estimated downtime is approximately 1 hour.

The following changes have been made:

    Steam users should now be able to top-up DBC in-game.
    We’ve added a counter to the Bounty icon at the bottom of the HUD to indicate how many bounties are currently placed on the player.
    The “Bounty Claimed” notification will now only appear when all 3 deaths have occurred.

Jeudi 1 octobre 2015
Bounty Update

The Planetside 2 servers will be coming down at 6am (Pacific) for an update. Estimated down time is approximately 1 hour.

Bounty System

Exact sweet, sweet, revenge on the last person to kill you by placing a bounty on them for other players to claim that will award both you and their killer bonus experience! From the kill screen after your death, you can click the "Get Revenge!" button under the image of your killer to buy a bounty contract worth 3 kills.

    An enemy that kills a player with a bounty on them will earn an extra 100xp for that kill.
    When a player you have an active bounty set on is killed, you also get 100xp for that kill.

      If you set a bounty on someone, then killed them, you'd get an additional 200xp - 100 bonus for the bounty kill, and 100 bonus as the person who set the bounty.

    Bounties stack, and you can have multiple bounties placed at once. That means those bonus 100xp events will happen for each active bounty on the player. (Un)Popular players with a bunch of bounties active on them could be veritable XP explosions.

      If you killed an enemy with 4 active bounties on them, you'd get 400 bonus xp for that kill in addition to the normal xp rewards.

    Players with an active bounty on them have a unique spot indicator to denote their status as *hunted*. This indicator behaves just like the normal spot indicator. Once the bounties are cleared, the indicator returns to normal.
    Hunted players will also see a small indicator on their HUD to let them know a bounty has been placed on them. Once the bounties are cleared, the indicator will no longer appear.
    Hunted players that go on kill streaks longer than 3 will be awarded 25 additional bonus experience for each kill.
    Bounties will persist through log off.
    If you placed a bounty on someone, but aren't online when someone claims their kills, your experience will queue up and be waiting for you when you log back in.

Membership Purchase Change

If you're not a member but decide to purchase a membership, you'll now receive all the additional XP you would have gotten as a member for your most recent game session (everything you earned since the last time you logged out). We showcase the actual value on a new button on the death screen next to where we display the experience graph.


Mercredi 9 septembre 2015

During tomorrow's maintenance the servers will be updated and players can note the following changes:

    We are testing out a different capture mechanic at the Crown and Crossroads Watchtower on Indar. When an attacking faction captures all three points the SCU shield will drop, leaving the SCU vulnerable; If the defenders re-secure any of the points the SCU shields will reactivate.
    Medals and Ribbons are now available for the new Harasser/MBT vehicle weapons
    Hud indicators will now once again render for all friendly players within 40 meters
    Skull icons will once again render over dead teammates for medics
    New Harasser/MBT weapons will now have the “NEW” tag in the marketplace

Vendredi 4 septembre 2015

The servers have completed a maintenance and players can note the following changes:

    Fixed a bug that surfaced Koltyr on the Warp Term
    Fixed issues with 3rd person projectiles on the Gatekeeper
    Fixed a bug that allowed access to Indar: Conquest
    Fixed a bug that made the Kills in Mission area directive not update properly
    Mission waypoint godbeam will no longer appear inside of buildings
    Turned off the new capture mechanic/UI for the Crown and Watchtower because it was breaking SCUs. We'll turn them back once we address that issue.
    Fixed a bug on the NS Swarm that only granted 1 rocket per tick from the engineers ammo pack
    Munitions Pouch upgrade now provides the correct number of rockets for the NS Swarm

Jeudi 3 septembre 2015
Game Update

We will be performing a game update tomorrow morning at 6am, Pacific. Below is a list of additions/improvements/fixes going in.

NEW Empire Specific Anti Vehicle Weapons (MBT/Harasser)

    NC - M96 Mjolnir

      Affectionately referred to as "The Boombox" by many NC soldiers, the Mjolnir's burst fire explosive rounds excel against armored targets in close quarters engagements.

    TR - MR11 Gatekeeper

      Based on a modified Fracture design, the Gatekeeper retains the feel of its forerunner but incorporates a faster fire rate and projectile speed while increasing overall accuracy.

    VS - Aphelion VEX-4

      This experimental laser weapon can tear through enemies with sustained fire, but an interesting side effect causes a build-up of residual energy while firing that can be harnessed into a devastating blast.

NEW NS Lock-on Rocket Launcher

    NS R3 Swarm

      The three round clip-fed NSR3 Swarm's relatively low velocity lock-on rockets are capable of tracking targets for an extended period of time. Variable fire modes provide the user extended control over missile velocities, allowing them to tailor the strength of the weapon to their engagement.


    Lock-on missiles in air actively tracking you now have unique audio and hud element; additionally the number of missiles actively tracking you is now displayed on the HUD.
    Large outposts will now display capture progress differently, there is no more half way point, the capture progress will be displayed and a constant tug of war bar. This also represents a small mechanic change with three-way fights, the third faction can now steal total capture progress from the original attacking force. Once we are confident this is a positive change all small outposts and facilities will be switched over to it as well.
    Missions that direct you to a base now have god beams.


    Cut off regions no longer contribute towards territorial control percentage required to capture the continent; this also applies to alert victories

Balance Changes

    Tank primary weapon projectile velocities have been increased to match the armor piercing velocity


        Titan-150 HE projectile velocity increased from 175 to 275
        Titan-150 HEAT projectile velocity increased from 250 to 275


        P2-120 HE projectile velocity increased from 175 to 250
        P2-120 HEAT projectile velocity increased from 225 to 250


        Supernova VPC projectile velocity increased from 175 to 225
        Supernova PC projectile velocity increased from 200 to 225


        L100 Python HE projectile velocity increased from 175 to 225
        L100 Python HEAT projectile velocity increased from 200 to 225

    Striker changes

      oADS COF recoil decreased from 0.2 to 0.1
      oADS Standing COF decreased from 0.5 to 0.25
      oADS crouch walking COF decreased from 1.0 to 0.5


    Created a new directive under basic to join an outfit, add 10 friends, and unlock the outfit decal item.

Bug Fixes

    Player shield bug speculative fix.
    Resupplying at a terminal and immediately cloaking causes cloaking to be unable to be manually turned off.
    AM7 Archer sounds muffled when holding breath.
    Sensor shield 4 does not work when within 20 meters of a motion sensor.
    Fixed issue with Eclipse VE3A (and a number of other guns) not remaining in loadout when switching continent and log-in.
    Player Studio decal polish.
    Composite Armor decal fixes.
    Fixed issue where base Turret Kills/Vehicle Kills didn't count towards Launcher Directive/Medals.
    Fixed issue where character would continuously firing their weapon in 3P if fired his weapon before entering and exiting a cloaked Sunderer.
    Fixed issue where when two or missiles were locked onto your vehicle and you use flares to drop them, the lock on audio would persist forever.
    Misc art fixes to various decals, helmets, foliage, etc.
    Fixed issue where the default voice pack could not be re-equipped once the user equips another VO pack.
    Fixed issue where the Eclipse VE3A didn't stay in the vanu light assault loadout, it reverts to default.

Lundi 27 juillet 2015

The PlanetSide 2 Client is being hotfixed to address the following issues:

    The Forward Armor Decal should now display the correct icon in the Depot.
    Empire Specific Fighter tracers have had their visuals adjusted slightly.

There is no downtime associated with this update.


Jeudi 23 juillet 2015
Game Update

What’s New

    Blink and you might miss it! Providing a new tactical approach to troop deployment, the new Sunderer Cloak is now available for certification points in the Sunderer Loadout screen.
    Burst weapons feel a bit underwhelming to you? These have now been upgraded to provide a more rewarding experience. Take a look in the Depot!
    New Player Studio items are now available for purchase! Assault in style with a new helmet, armor decal, and more! Look for additional items to release over the next month!

Spawn Beacons

    Squad Beacons near the majority of squads members will be squad spawn options regardless of range
    Beacon spawn range changed from 600 meters to 1,000 meters


    Small arms do less damage to Valkyries
    Valkyrie bottom armor increased to 50%
    Increased weapon thermal range from 50 to 200

Sunderer Cloak

    Sunderer stealth cert line has been expanded, a new fifth cert has been added that when equipped not only provides all the perks of rank 4 stealth but also generates a cloaking bubble when deployed that cloaks all friendly infantry within it.

Infiltrator Cloaking Pass

    Infiltrator cloaks now have additional states based on movement.

      Crouching no change
      Crouch walking is now much less visible
      Standing is now less visible
      Running is slightly less visible
      Sprinting, no change


    Small damage increase to ground vehicles
    Increased initial projectile speed from 50 to 60
    Increased max projectile speed from 180 to 220
    Increased projectile acceleration from 0.75 to 1.25
    Vehicle stealth no longer prevents rockets from seeking

Burst Carbines and Assault Rifles

    T1B Cylcer

      Recoil min magnitude increased from 0.27 to .4
      Recoil max magnitude increased from 0.27 to .4
      Burst recoil first shot modifier decreased from 2.50 to 0.75
      Recoil Increase Crouched increased from 0.1 to 0.15
      Recoil Increase increased from 0.1 to 0.15
      Hipfire cof increased by 0.5

    Trac-5 Burst

      Burst recoil first shot modifier decreased from 2.35 to 0.75
      Recoil max magnitude increased from 0.3 to .5
      Recoil Increase Crouched increased from 0to 0.2
      Recoil Increase increased from 0 to 0.2
      Hipfire cof increased by 0.5

    Gauss Rifle Burst

      Horizontal Recoil Min decreased from 0.168 to 0.16
      Horizontal Recoil Max decreased from 0.168 to 0.16
      Recoil min magnitude decreased from 0.472 to 0.4
      Recoil max magnitude increased from 0.472 to 0.5
      Burst recoil first shot modifier decreased from 1 to 0.5
      Recoil Increase Crouched increased from 1 to 0.1
      Recoil Increase decreased from 1 to 0.1
      Hipfire cof increased by 0.5

    Gauss Compact Burst

      Recoil max magnitude increased from 0.4 to 0.5
      Burst recoil first shot modifier decreased from 1.75 to 0.75
      Recoil Increase increased from 0 to 0.1
      Hipfire cof increased by 0.5

    Equinox VE2 Burst

      Recoil min magnitude decreased from 0.22 to 0.23
      Recoil max magnitude increased from 0.22 to 0.4
      Burst recoil first shot modifier decreased from 2.75 to 0.75
      Recoil Increase Crouched increased from 0.05 to 0.17
      Recoil Increase decreased from 1 to 0.17
      Recoil shots at min mag increased from 0 to 1
      Recoil Horizontal Min decreased from 0.16 to 0.15
      Hipfire cof increased by 0.5

    Solstice VE3 Burst

      Recoil max magnitude increased from 0.25 to 0.35
      Burst recoil first shot modifier decreased from 2.8 to 0.75
      Recoil Increase Crouched increased from 0to 0.1
      Recoil Increase decreased from 0 to 0.1
      Hipfire cof increased by 0.5

New in the Depot

    Several new Player Studio Cosmetics were added to the store. Additional Player Studio items will become available on the Depot each week over the next month.

    Available Immediately

      Plague Doctor Armor and Vehicle Decals by DoktorTheAlmighty
      Serenity Valley Armor and Vehicle Decals by NikkoJT
      Forward Armor and Vehicle Decals by anadin150
      Vanguard Loadout Armor by Neko Zero (NC Only)
      Harasser Reinforced Hubcaps by MajorStorm
      Skydiver Helmet by Faven (TR Only)
      Windrunner Helmet by Faven (VS Only)
      Bivalvia Helmet by CountPoly (VS Only)
      Skyhawk Helmet by Steveo (NC Only)
      Thunderstruck Helmet by Faven (TR Only)

Bug Fixes

    Sticky Grenades no longer apply damage twice
    reloading with Aegis Shield active could invalidate following shots
    Godsaw moving ADS changed back to 0.4
    Small deployables took more than one shot to destroy with the Archer
    “A” point at Hurakan Secure Storage is in the wrong Hex
    Speculative Fix - Weapon attachments don’t always go into deepcloak
    Fix bug with tab screen that made kill tracking unreliable
    Simply kicking a player from squad will no-longer prevent them from rejoining
    Instant action could take players to a location nowhere near the displayed location
    Instant action will now display a conformation box before sending a player to a different continent
    Lasher out of ammo clicking heard at excessive ranges
    Denmark Flag decal should no longer be emissive at night
    Fixed the broken start fire animation for The Butcher
    Fixed floating offhand in first person for the Phaseshift
    Improved TR muzzle smoke visibility issues when using iron sights
    ESF nose guns should now be easier to see even in bright sky conditions
    Replaced a Station Cash icon the code redemption flow
    Addressed some issues with Darklight Flashlight attachment effect synchronization
    Adjusted NC sniper rifles to have longer barrel and adjusted default muzzle break to fix droopy barrel look
    Adjusted VS bolt action rechamber to take up less screen space
    Adjusted structure interior texture to be lighter with more grime and a slightly brighter emissive
    Removed the phantom break lights from the Vanguard since it does not have break lights in the base model
    Fixed bad camo seam on a rear housing of T5 AMC and TRS-12
    Adjusted the Archer and Rocket Launcher enter scope animation to help with the ‘pop’
    Adjusted the length of the Archer Stock to help with penetration with the player
    Adjusted the material type on the vehicle barrier to be correct
    Adjusted texture seams on Amerish rocks to be better
    Fixed many player studio related visual bugs
    Removed harsh orange rim light from the character/vehicle/weapon screen
    Adjusted Valkyrie cockpit screens to be visible in direct sunlight
    Shrike irons sight should now work properly
    Various texture size optimization to help reduce overall memory usage.

Jeudi 18 juin 2015

We’re bringing the servers down at 6am to perform a hotfix to address the following issues:

Bug Fixes

    Fix an issue where alerts were firing simultaneously on different continents.
    Fix a zone crash that was introduced during our Wednesday game update this week.

Mardi 16 juin 2015
Game Update

System Requirement Change

    PlanetSide 2 on the PC will now require a 64 bit operating system.

New Weapon

    NS-AM7 Archer (Engineer)

      The Archer anti-material rifle was developed by Nanite Systems to counter the heavily armored MAX, providing an effective option at range for dealing with the unique threat of the exo-suits.

        Gold/Black variants


    Sunderer Blockade Armor rear armor has been reduce to match the other sides
    Infantry awareness/render range now takes loadouts into account, players with a long range weapon in there loadout can be render up to 600 meters away, depending on the weapon; this includes AV MAXs and Sniper Rifles.
    Butcher horizontal recoil has been reduced from .225 to .213
    Tank Mines will now detonate on MAX units
    TR MAX Lockdown deploy/undeploy times have been modified

      Undeploy time changed from 2 seconds to 1 second
      Deploy time changed from 1 second to 2 seconds

    Awareness/Render changes

      Awareness based off damage, players who you damage or damage you are calculated as high propriety and are more likely to be rendered to each other

Spawn Rule Changes

    Spawn beacons will now be range based, initial distance is set at 600 meters
    Squad spawn on vehicles is now limited to 600 meters if the vehicle is within either an enemy region or friendly region that is being contested (capped).
    Squad spawn on vehicles within friendly uncontested regions has no range limit.
    Spawn on squad will now take you to the closest available spawn point in the region that’s has the most amount of squad members
    Instant Action rules have been simplified

      Instant action can now place players at any fight where their empire population is within 20% of an enemy’s population.
      Instant action will now spawn you at nearest available spawnpoint to the action; this includes Sunderers and base spawns.


    Added new Armor/Vehicle flag decals for Portugal and Australia


    Tank Mine LOD range increased by 25 meters to 70
    Updated TR reticule sizes to be smaller across the board
    Since the vehicle ejection bug FINALLY (Praise Vanu!) appears to be fixed, we're removing the safe-fall temp fix from exiting vehicles

Bug Fixes

    Enemy vehicles disappearing when the driver exits the vehicle has been addressed
    Medic regen device will no longer regen the Sunderer Deployment Shield
    Resist shield now resists melee damage
    Defensive/Offensive requests will display on the map
    Updated the game credits to properly reflect the change to Daybreak Games
    Black Horse Company Armor/Vehicle decals have been made available to all factions
    Hacked spitfire turrets should now properly track kills, grief, and XP
    Magrider Auraxium Lumifiber Trim should now apply properly
    Corrected the TR AMP pistol's muzzle flash to be the correct size
    TR Amp muzzle flash has been reduced

Known issues

    Spawn Beacons are not a valid “Spawn on Squad” option; this means that players will not be able to spawn on a beacon unless they are within the 600 meters range even if the majority of their squad members are near the beacon.

Mardi 2 juin 2015
June Game Update

Here are the features we are currently working on for June's game update:

Instant Action Changes

For attackers, instant action will now place you at the closest available spawn point (including Sunderers). Defenders can still utilize drop pods when using instant action. The logic for determining instant action destinations has been re-calibrated in an effort to choose more balanced fights.

Anti Materiel Rifle

Still making some stat tweaks to this before it goes live, so please keep the feedback coming here.

Tank Mines Trigger from MAXs

MAX units will need to keep a closer eye out for anti-tank mines as they will now detonate when a MAX steps on one.

Art Fixes

A bunch of minor art tweaks and fixes are slated to go with this update.

More Banners

We're looking to add some more banner options with the next update.

Release: June 2015


Mardi 2 juin 2015

Bug Fixes

    Fixed issue where Reinforcements Needed would not go away until the next one was added.
    Fixed issue where Beacons could be placed twice before the cool down was applied.
    Change to make “Reinforcements Needed” more responsive and help keep fights balanced.

      Currently reinforcements needed takes a long period of time to update, this change will make the pop percentage near instant.

Mercredi 27 mai 2015

The following changes have been made to game requiring no downtime:

Bug Fixes

    Aiming from Rumble Seats should be functioning normally.
    Night Vision should no longer "white out" on Low and Medium graphic settings.

Jeudi 21 mai 2015

The following issues should be addressed once the publish is complete:

Bug Fixes

    Fixes for client and server crashes introduced with this week’s game update.
    Fixed Squad Beacon resupply issue.
    Fix to bridges switching LOD levels too close
    Fix to quick knife action missing audio.

Mardi 19 mai 2015

We're close to finalizing the hotfix that addresses many of the issues introduced with this morning's game update. The 11:30pm server downtime is an estimate and we might bring the servers down earlier if it's ready sooner. Either way, we will provide players in-game with a 15 minute notification prior to bringing the servers down for the update.

Bug Fixes

    Fix to low rendering quality setting actually rendering at medium quality.
    Fixed issue with Show FPS option being gone.
    Fix to Auraxium armor being bugged.
    Fix to weapons becoming unequipped.
    Fix to Shotgun weapons hitting a MAX playing a 3 seconds burst of carbine audio.
    Client crash fix.
    Zone crash fixes.
    Fix to projectile based splash damage goes through shields.
    Reverted map icons and character name plates to previous versions.
    Fix to corpses disappearing from the mini-map.
    Fix to medics not appearing on the mini-map.
    Fix to MAX units looking like infantry on the mini-map.
    Fixed weapons that were not available for purchase:

      Flash Fury
      Sunder Bulldog
      Liberator Bulldog
      Harasser Ranger

    Fix to tint mask issues for several weapons.
    Fix to Toxic "water" at Heyoka Chemical Lab not doing any damage.
    Added safe-fall if the vehicle ejection bug occurs.
    Fix to Motion Spotter that required you to be 5+ meters from the first to be able to place a new one.
    Fix for Aircraft terminal being switched to an infantry terminal at Auraxis Firearms Corp

Existing known issues

    Squad Beacon erroneously requires resupplying
    Terminals can cause a FPS drop
    NC MAX Raven and Falcon shoot from the neck
    Squad deploy from a warp gate will spawn you at the warp gate

Lundi 18 mai 2015
Game Update

Membership benefit improvements

    Removing the Copper, Silver and Gold tiers and everyone who is a member is treated like they have max-level-Auraxium membership going forward, with all the benefits that entails.

Intra-Facility Missions

    Intra-facility missions are dynamically created missions that point you towards the important objectives inside a mission facility based on distance. So, if you're near Cap Point A, your mission will say "Capture A". If you're an Engineer and you're near a destroyed generator, your mission will be "Repair Generator". This system is intended to give new players a better sense of a facility's objectives and some direction on how to find them.

MBT and Harraser Weapon Tuning

    Enforcer ML85/Enforcer ML65-H: The Enforcer now has a different reload mechanic, ammo will be reloaded one round at a time and the weapon can be fired at anytime during the reload process.
    C85 Canister: The C85 Canister now has a different reload mechanic, ammo will be reloaded one round at a time and the weapon can be fired at anytime during the reload process.
    C85 Canister-H: The C85 Canister-H now has a different reload mechanic, ammo will be reloaded one round at a time and the weapon can be fired at anytime during the reload process. Additionally, the clip size reduced to 8
    Proton II PPA: PPA COF Recoil reduced to .3 and max COF reduced to 2.25
    Proton II PPA-H: PPA COF Recoil reduced to .45 and max COF reduced to 2.25
    Prowler G30 Vulcan: COF reduced to 0.9
    Saron can aim lower than previously

New Galaxy Defensive Slot Items

    Vehicle Ammo Dispenser: Resupply ammunition of nearby vehicles
    Nanite Proximity Repair System: Repair nearby damaged vehicles

Battle Rank Certs Until 15

    We felt the cert gain rate at low levels was too restrictive for new players trying to grow their characters. With this change, each battle rank achieved through BR 15 now provides 100 free certs to help new players get their characters rolling.

Depot Pricing Changes

    We’ve made some pretty significant changes to our cert and DBC pricing across the Depot. The vast majority of DBC prices will be dropping, some only slightly, but in many cases pretty significantly. There is one noteworthy exception, and that’s NS weapons that are available to all factions on purchase – those are going up slightly to account for the extra value they bring to the table. We also updated many of our cert prices to account for the two years we've let them go unattended – and this meant that in addition to many prices going down, or staying the same, cert prices increased for a number of weapons as well. To give some context and hopefully alleviate some fears, our updated weapon cert prices range from 200-1000 certs, so there’s no drastic departure on that front.

Vehicle Optics

    Zoom optics can now be purchased independently
    Vehicle optics can now also be purchased with StationCash
    Vehicle optics will be removed from loadouts and the certs spent to unlock refunded. You will need to repurchase them.

Spawning Adjustments

    You can no longer spawn at a base that is not connected to your warp gate via lattice unless you die in that base’s region; the idea here is to add more strategic importance to territory and logistics


    Changes have been made to how we track awareness in an effort to fix issues where you can take damage from a player you cannot see.
    The tank mine now has a unique trigger sound
    Pass on all of the icons and text in the HUD, Map, and Minimap to make them more readable and well, iconic. We've also changed the settings for things like when HUD icons get pinned to the side of your screen and the distance at which the opacity changes.

Bug Fixes

    Speculative fix for the vehicle ejection seat bug
    Updated Interceptor Windshield and Bumper for Harasser
    Added grime overlay to Harrasser
    Fixed Neutron armor to LOD farther out
    Slat armor adjustment to work with composite armor on Lightning
    Fix for NC heavy assualt shoulder pads going yellow on LODs
    Launcher projectile trail effect appears larger and denser than before last update
    Fixed Vindicator Badge Decal
    Corrected several Decal Alphas
    Hunter Cloaking 1 now has the ability description
    Updated infantry rocket smoke trail FXs to be directly dependant on particle quality settings.
    Adjusted Vanguard Mammoth plating to not block as much of gunners view
    Typo displays in the Adrenalin Shield description
    Adjusted NS Blackhand: Default cross reticle scope aimpoint
    ESF: Wing Mount: A2AM: Utility: Lock-on Range certification is now functioning
    Spitfire turret proximity no deploy zone was removed from the spitfire and applied to the AV/AI turrets
    Now only one vehicle terminal at the bio lab facilities spawns MBTs
    NC Infantry and MAX weapons tint mask fixed to allow weapon to tint correctly now
    Magrider Callisto exterior cosmetic adjusted to not look deformed at range
    Fixed Galaxy intake right rear panel to not have a ‘hole’
    NS Blackhand: Camo now applies in the 3d preview
    UI: Loyalty Level: Copper [[[ text displays for membership level
    Deployables at Saurva Overflow no longer Explode
    Sky box no longer turns to black if if an UI screen has a GUI model on it
    Harasser: Shatterguard windshield adjusted to display camo
    VS: Composite armor leg piece no longer separates from the body if a female heavy assault is killed
    Zepher and Dalton will now be more visible for first person
    FX: scaled shotgun bullet impacts to be about 1/4 current size
    Fixed Death Screen issue where the kill info was from previous kill and not last kill

Vendredi 1 mai 2015

No down time.

    Vehicle Performance Changes
    Fix for double XP being disabled after a zone comes down

Mercredi 8 avril 2015
Game Update

Flight Controls Changes

    To get an improved level of control when using a gamepad, some changes needed to be made to our base physics interpretation of inputs; for maintainability splitting at this level was not an option
    The bounded inputs (keyboard,gamepad) now respond in a more predictable and controllable fashion
    The mouse (unbounded) input is applied overtime to as-closely-as possible match what previously existed
    There will be subtle differences but they should be mostly unperceivable
    This does mean controller support for our PC flyers just got an upgrade and you should give it a try!

Valkyrie Balance

    Valkyrie resilience changes

      Valkyrie resistance to ESF nose cannons provided by composite armor is being made base line. Composite armor will no longer provide a bonus resistance against ESF nose cannons
      Base resistance to ESF nose cannons increased from 85 to 90%
      Composite armor no longer provides a bonus.
      Resistance to HEAT and AP is also being adjusted. These adjustments make the Valkyrie a little more resilient, similar to a Liberator
      Resistance to HEAT increased from 0 to 25%
      Resistance to AP increased from 25% to 35%

Hover Stability Airframe

    Doubled the improved hover effect. Max rank will now completely negate vertical descend.


    Needed to be a little better at its job. Blast damage increased so it takes 8 hits to kill infantry instead of 10 within the inner radius.

      Increased blast damage from 100 to 125

Pelter Rocket Pod

    The blast damage size on the Pelter is modeled after the banshee. Although it is not intended to be effective anti-personnel, this model is too harsh considering it also has a slow muzzle velocity and a smaller magazine. The blast damage is being remodeled to be part-way between an ESF rocket pod and the Banshee. This should add some versatility to the Pelter where it is more of a hybrid between the CAS-14 and Hellion.

      Inner blast damage increased from 100 to 200
      Inner blast radius increased from 0.35 to 0.75
      Outer blast radius size increased from 1 meter to 3 meters

Hellion G20

    The Hellion needs a small range increase.

      Cone of Fire reduced from 1.25 degrees to 1 degree
      Maximum damage range increased from 10 to 25
      Minimum damage range increased from 75 to 100

Instructional Events

    Some of the tutorial notifications will have VO
    A whole slew of new events have been added

      Terminals, friendly fire, grief levels, grouping, map screens, profile screens, resources

    Key reminders have been streamlined

NS-44L Blackhand

    With an extended barrel and integrated scope the NS-44L Blackhand provides significant advantages over similar pistols when engaging threats at longer ranges.

MAX Weapon Model Updates

    The following weapons now have new models:

      TR Mutilator
      TR Onslaught
      TR Mercy
      VS Cosmos
      VS Blueshift
      VS Nebula
      NC Grinder
      NC Mattock
      NC Hacksaw

Camo Coverage Changes

    Updated NC, TR, and VS textures to help with IFF issues. This update revolves around the camo mask and targeted areas on the character to show empire color. This is a work in progress so these edits may change in the future.

Player Studio Items

    Added a rack of decals
    Added a ton of helmets
    Added a wealth of vehicle cosmetics
    And just a smattering of camos


    Changed the impact FX for the Lancer and Vortex to something that does not contain an explosion since the weapons do not inflict blast damage.
    Smoke grenades have been adjusted to still have a tactical impact at lower graphics settings.
    Performance pass on 3rd person grenade launcher smoke trails.

Bug Fixes

    Fixing the Railjack so it does not have a camo applied to it by default
    Fixed claymores being incorrectly held when viewed in third person and in weapon select.
    Lowered the volume of heavy bullet impact audio (when inside a vehicle)
    Fixed missing string in some item descriptions.
    1P & 3P: Crossbows: Forearm appears to over rotate when reloading
    1P: Shield Regen Device: There is a slight stutter in the equip animation while sprinting
    Corrected the name of the Ordnance Helmet.
    3P: Engineer: Character model is missing arms while using a turret
    3P: Harasser is missing a panel on the bottom at the rear
    3P: Hunter QCX: Character's left hand does not grip the lock handle fully
    3P: Left hand is twisted too much holding a forward grip in the relaxed stance and model preview
    Supernova-R PC for the Magrider now animates correctly
    3P: NS-30 Vandal does not display the ammo clip falling out when reloading
    3P: Praetorian Hood Ornament changes in size when moving the camera around the vehicle
    3P: Switching through weapons makes character model change stance
    Fix a case where players could respawn in a reclined pose after being shot out of the rumble seat of a harasser.
    Auraxium C4 cost in now reduced by the Amerish lock benefit
    Fixed spawn point indicated on Map for Amerish High Roads Station.
    Backspace can be used to open the Map but not to close it
    Lightning and Flash brake lights will shine brightly once again
    Centralized HUD: Holding the spitfire turret when entering and exiting vehicle gunner positions causes icons to overlap
    Certain walls do not display bullethole decals or explosions
    Cloaking while firing causes cloak to automatically deactivate
    Decimator: 3P: Reload animation is out of sync
    Deployable Turrets: Weapon equip animation loops one time over after deploying the turret
    Esamir: Mattherson's Triumph: Southwestern tower banners disappear at ~300m
    Female: SMG: Foregrip causes wrist to appear contorted
    The Flash passenger booty shake has been nerfed
    Footstep audio plays while jump jetting with Light Assault
    GUI Models appear to have twisted wrists when holding certain weapons
    Removed a default camo being applied to the Shovel Head Bumper on the Harasser
    Harasser: Rumble Tire Spikes: Parts of the wheel are gray
    Icikill fire rate is slightly lower than other non-activatable knives
    Incorrect bullet impact FX displays at the VR room building
    IRNV: Weapon is quickly displayed through scoping after ADS with IRNV equipped
    Laser Sight: Laser attachment is not in the correct location after logging out
    MAX units do not receive Objective Guard Bonus or Objective Defence/Attack Bonus XP
    Fixed an issue with the right arm reload animation not always playing in third person when a max reloads it.
    Medic: Deploying the Regen Shield while moving causes your weapon to pop
    NC: AF-4A Bandit: Weapon preview does not load for accounts that do not own the weapon
    NC: Infiltrator: Equipped armor decals are not visible on loadout character model for female characters
    NC: Sniper Rifles: Weapon type listed is Infantry Abilities instead of Sniper Rifle
    NC: Vanguard Deluxe Paneled Trim appears silver instead of gold on low graphics settings
    NS CandyCannon 3000's projectile's mesh FX are broken
    Players will sometimes switch from MAX to Light Assault when revived
    Revive functionality breaks if your corpse is hit by your own revive grenade
    Rumble Seats: Switching seats while reloading your weapon causes the ammo clip to detach
    Some vehicle attachments still use old, now missing textures
    Tech Plant air pad have two gaps that allow players to fall through unexpectedly
    TORQ-9 preview text is very small for having so much space
    Torq-9: 3P: Weapon is not held properly
    TR: HC1 Cougar: Weapon preview does not load for accounts that do not own the weapon
    TR: Light Assault: Armor: Auraxium Infused Plating is incorrectly attached for female character models
    TR: Light Assault: Armor: Composite Armor is incorrectly attached for female character models
    TR: Medic: Armor: Auraxium Infused Plating is floating for female characters
    TR: Medic: Armor: Auraxium Shoulder pads are missing for male characters
    TR: Prowler Deluxe Banded Trim is missing textures
    TR: Prowler: Proximity Radar attachment clips through Anchored Mode attachment when both are equipped
    TR: T4 AMP: Missing description text for the T4 AMP
    Tracking Bug: Bolt Action Rifles don't have consistent chambering reload animations
    UI: Engineer AV and AI turrets show same fire rate and have "compare stats" option
    UI: Loadout Menu only displays function keys if accessed from an infantry terminal
    UI: Tab Screen: Connection Quality light overlaps with available ribbon bonuses while an alert is active
    UI: Vehicles Menu: Only function keys F1 through F6 can be used when all vehicles are displayed
    Underbarrel weapon reload animation is incorrect if disrupted during reload
    Valkyrie: Medic's model is jittery / shaking when using the medical applicator on a passenger
    VR Training: NC Crossing Decal cannot be selected
    VS Auraxium shaders appear pink the majority of the time
    VS Max Lumifiber: GUI model does not display shoulder lights with camo equipped
    VS: 2 Year Anniversary Camo is missing teal portions on the player's helmet/weapon
    VS: Heavy Assault: Composite Armor: Female characters are missing leg pieces
    VS: Infiltrator: Lumifiber Armor: Groin piece is stretched
    VS: Parallax VX3: Optic: Mach-10 (10x) scope uses the Mach-12 2D icon
    VS: Zenith VX-5: Weapon preview does not load for accounts that do not own the weapon
    NC: Hard Light Helmet: Nose clips through holographic part of the helmet from the side for female character
    Valkyrie: Lumifiber stops displaying from 22 meters away from the Valkyrie
    Galaxy Razor and Viper fin exterior add ons do not display camo texture
    Harasser composite armor displays inconsistent light grey panels
    Destroyed base turret does not render beyond 70-90 meters

Mardi 10 mars 2015

Performance Improvements

    Fixed a memory leak from physics contacts with certain static objects.
    Various server performance improvements.

Balance and Combat

    Eclipse now has 30 round clips in both semi and full auto fire modes.
    Quick knife should now hit more reliably, but can no longer headshot.

Bugs Fixes

    Fixed a visual issue where Auraxium Infused Plating was clipping into the TR Medic character model.
    Fixed a bug where newly created characters would not consume Implant energy.
    Fixed an issue where personal shield did not regenerate on infantry if respawning in another zone after death.


    The last of the Halloween base names have been removed. For real this time.
    This hotfix will also include a grant for players that lost their Implant Energy during the 2/25 update.

Mardi 3 mars 2015

Bug Fixes

    Additional server performance improvements.
    Godsaw ADS movement COF is now .4
    Eclipse VE3A can no longer be reloaded to bypass heat mechanic.
    Potential fix for characters occasionally becoming invisible.

Mardi 24 février 2015

Bug Fixes

    Fix to the invisible player bug/shield effect being stuck.
    Fix for Infantry shield effect not displaying until after the shield has been depleted. Shield effect should now always displayed.
    Buff Nano Armor Cloak: Player no longer flashes when taking damage while cloaked, as long as their shield hasn’t been destroyed.

Balance and Combat

    New JumpJet - Icarus Jump Jets

      Icarus Jump Jets provide significantly faster vertical thrust and fuel recharge rate at the cost of in-air maneuverability and overall fuel capacity.

    EMP changes

      Will no longer disable friendly Spitfire Turrets
      Will now overheat enemy AI/AV Mana Turrets
      Will now destroy enemy ammunition packs
      Will now drain heavy assault over shields
      Will now drain Medic ability energy
      Will now drain Light Assault jumpjet fuel

    Ammo Kits

      Ammo packs can now be destroyed by weapons fire and EMP grenades

    Drifter Jump Jets

      Drifter jump jets will now provide a small amount of vertical lift when no directional keys are being pressed

    Nano Armor Cloak

      Nano Armor cloak will no longer shimmer when shot


      Banshee clip size has been increased from 25 to 32 rounds and ammo capacity increased from 250 to 256 rounds.

    MAX Ability Tuning

    The Zealot Overdrive Engine, Aegis Shield and MAX lockdown are receiving some adjustments:

      Aegis Shield

        Sticky and anti-vehicle grenades will no longer stick to a MAX unit that has their Aegis shield active.
        Time required to lockdown is being reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.

      Zealot Overdrive Engine

        ZOE damage at extreme close range is being increased while damage will decrease over range more rapidly and eventually become lower than normal.

      For anti-personnel weapons, Zealot overdrive now increases the damage of the weapon to require ones less bullet to drop an infantry at 10 meters, but sometime after 15 to 20 meters, damage is reduced.

    Quasar VM1

      Max damage while ZOE increased from 184 to 200.
      Min damage while ZOE decreased from 143 to 125.
      Min damage range while ZOE decreased from 75 meters to 25 meters.


      Max damage while ZOE increased from 158 to 167.
      Min damage while ZOE decreased from 143 to 125.
      Min damage range while ZOE decreased from 75 meters to 25 meters.


      Max damage while ZOE increased from 158 to 167.
      Min damage while ZOE decreased from 112 to 100.
      Min damage range while ZOE decreased from 50 meters to 20 meters.


      Max damage while ZOE increased from 184 to 200.
      Min damage while ZOE decreased from 143 to 125.
      Min damage range while ZOE decreased from 75 meters to 25 meters.

      For anti-tank weapons, Zealot overdrive now increases damage within 10 meters but sometime after 30 to 40 meters, damage is reduced for the comet, and sometime after 50 meters damage on the vortex is reduced.


      Zealot max damage increased from 375 to 400
      Zealot max damage range decreased from 15 to 10
      Zealot minimum damage reduced from 315 to 100


      Zealot charge 1

        Max damage increased from 184 to 200
        Maximum damage range reduced from 300 to 10
        Minimum damage reduced from 100 to 50

      Zealot charge 2

        Maximum damage range reduced from 300 to 10
        Max damage increased from 239 to 300
        Minimum damage reduced from 130 to 75

      Zealot charge 3

        Maximum damage range reduced from 300 to 10
        Max damage increased from 311 to 400
        Minimum damage reduced from 169 to 100

      The Burster will receive a flat damage increase for the flak. Previously only the projectile direct hits received a small benefit. This benefit is also being slightly increased to make it require one less bullet to kill infantry.

    Burster Direct Hit (Non Flak)

      Max damage increased from 110 to 125
      Minimum damage range reduced from 50 to 10
      Minimum damage reduced from 20 to 5

    Burster Indirect Hit (Flak)

      Max damage increased from 56 to 60

MAX AV Tuning

    NCM3 Raven

    The raven is having its range brought in by around 50 meters by lowering its maximum velocity. In addition the blast damage produced by the Raven is being reduced to bring it closer to the Fracture.

      Max velocity reduced from 85mps to 70mps
      Inner blast damage reduced from 115 to 75

    MR1 Fracture

    The Fracture has the lowest effective range of the secondary MAX AV so we are pushing the range out by about 25 meters with the following adjustments:

      CoF reduced from 0.2 to 0.1
      Gravity reduced from 2 to 1.5

    Vortex VM21

    We’re massaging some of the numbers on this weapon to get rid of some of the wrinkles. This includes changing the resist values on some vehicles and upping the max and min damage of the charge.

      Charge level 2

        Max damage increased from 217 to 250
        Minimum damage increased from 130 to 150

      Charge level 3

        Max damage increased from 282 to 300
        Minimum damage increased from 169 to 200

    Sunderer auto-spot range

      Reduced the range where Sunderers are auto detected on the mini-map when deployed. Instead of using the default 100 meters, they will appear at 15 meters. Having any rank of stealth equipped will remove it from the mini-map when deployed unless spotted.

    Auraxium LMG Tweaks

      Butcher has had the velocity penalty from Soft Point Ammo removed
      GODSAW has had the recoil penalty from High Velocity Ammo removed
      GODSAW projectile velocity increased to 670m/s
      GODSAW now has Forward Grip and Compensator benefits
      GODSAW has had magazine size reduced from 150 to 65
      VS Directive weapons which use heat mechanics are no longer able to be manually reloaded to reset heat.
      VS Directive weapons which use heat mechanics have had their heat capacities increased to give them 3-5 more shots from empty.

Jeudi 19 février 2015

Patch Notes

    Titles and decals for Guinness World Record event participants are now available. Participants will receive their swag in the next 24 hours.
    Fix for pistol ADS being a few degrees off aim direction.
    Fix for a slow turret deployment animation when placement is moved to invalid location.
    Fix for warp queues missing from the HUD.
    Fix for warp queue displaying incorrect text.
    Updated Member Only XP weekend promo dates on loading screens.

Mercredi 21 janvier 2015

Patch Notes

    Fix a case where players would appear dead after respawning if they were last killed while falling
    Speculative fix for Med Kits not working properly during high server load
    TR: Removed laser sight visual from Trac Shot
    NC: GD Guardian: Iron sights no longer display when optics are attached
    VS: Gift Hex camo should now apply to weapons correctly
    VS: Bolt Action rifles: Ammo clip should no longer float during reload
    Removed extra pop ups when removing the messages in the new emergency alert system
    Tank mines should more reliably explode when server load is high
    Updated dates on loading screens for double experience weekends
    Proximity radar will no longer detect players that are not moving
    No more crazy legs when jump jetting (for now at least; I'm sure they'll be back)
    VS MAX weapons will no longer clip the Harasser back panel when riding in the third seat
    Switching seats in a vehicle will no longer cause aiming issues [PS-103]
    First Time Event toggle in Options should now save correctly
    Throttled down the amount of First Time Events players get in some vehicles
    Implants: Fixed a typo in the Tier 4 Marker
    Implants: Fixed the percentage values in the Battle Hardened 4 description
    Items granted from bundles should now count towards objective counts
    Removed legacy UI for the Holiday Event Directives
    Fixed a group of Player Studio decals that weren't allowed to be selected as an Outfit Decal
    Centralized HUD: Resupplying as engineer while an ability is active will no longer remove the ability meter from the HUD
    Audio queue fixed for ammo placement for Engineers
    Light Assault let animations should no longer get into a bugged state by spamming jump
    VS: Added Auraxium shader to female holiday hats for next season
    Allowed for experience boosts to surpass the hard cap of 150%
    Fixed a client crash when using Razer Synapse tracking

Jeudi 8 janvier 2015
Client Update

Patch Notes

    Fix for CoreTech, Monolith, and Terminal helmets not allowing players to log in
    Removal of multiple helmets from the Depot that were exposed too early
    Client crash fix

Mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Patch Notes

    Server performance improvements
    Alerts should return to normal functionality
    Indar will now unlock correctly on Connery
    Battle Hardened 3 + 4 implants should now function properly
    Senson Shield implant has been renamed to "Sensor Shield 3"
    Senson Shield 2 implant has been renamed to "Sensor Shield 4"
    The Holiday event has been disabled
    Tweaked the base VS textures (characters, helmets, and weapons) as well as the Camo mask; certain areas no longer receive tint to help with IFF
    Warp Queue should have more precise times for members
    Warp Queue UI usability improvements
    Replaced certain banners with default PS2 banners (those who purchased the banners have already had refunds)
    Fixed some result percentages for the nano-cycler to bring them closer in line with our intent; this change should result some implants being more likely drop from a combine than before
    Adjusted hit registration for quick knife with the default knife; new knives and wielded default knife unchanged
    Fix to Auraxium Slasher animation
    Fixed a bug where vehicle muzzle flashes weren't playing in first person in ultra settings


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