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Mardi 30 août 2016  
Come Find King of the Kill at PAX West!

We’re going to be at PAX West from September 2 through September 5, and we have so much space for activities! Read on for all the things we have planned for you in Seattle.


PAX West Floorplan

We’ve got two locations where you can hang out with us – a Winner’s Podium in the 4th floor lobby and the Twitch Partner Lounge at Booth #1909. Stop by and say hi, play King of the Kill, take pictures, win giveaways, and more!

Official King of the Kill Pin

Want to get your hands on one of our exclusive King of the Kill Pinny Arcade pins? Here’s how you can pick one of these bad boys up:

    1. Visit our Winner’s Podium in the 4th floor lobby and take a picture of you holding the crown!
    2. Post your picture to Twitter and/or Instagram. Follow and tag @h1z1kotk and use the hashtags #TakeYourShot and #PAXWest.
    3. Be one of the first 500 participants to come to the Twitch Partner Lounge each day (Booth #1909) and show us your post to claim your King of the Kill Pinny Arcade pin.

Twitch Segment

Tune in to at 11:45AM PT on Saturday, September 3 to catch the latest news on the 2016 H1Z1 Invitational!

Greg & Clegg In the Morning

Our Community Manager Greg Henninger and Senior Game Designer Adam Clegg will be coming to you LIVE from the show floor every morning at 10:30AM PDT on Be sure to tune in to see what shenanigans they’ll get up to each day! Plus, following Greg & Clegg In The Morning, we’ll have various broadcasters streaming throughout the weekend from our booth. Stop by and watch some of your favorite streamers play King of the Kill!

Exclusive King of the Kill Shirts

Come play King of the Kill at the Twitch Partner Lounge (Booth #1909) and you’ll score a FREE t-shirt – make sure you grab one, because these unique shirts will only be available at PAX West!

Spin-to-Win Wheel

Back by popular demand, we’re bringing our spin-to-win wheel to our Winner’s Podium in the 4th floor lobby! Stop by and spin the wheel for your shot at some awesome prizes.

Can’t make it to PAX West but still want to party? We’ll be sharing pictures and videos all weekend on all of our social channels:

Official King of the Kill Pin

We’ll see you in Seattle!


Mardi 30 août 2016  
August 30 - Our Upcoming Launch

Release Date Updates

The most important news in quite some time -- I am thrilled to say that we will be launching King of the Kill on the PC on September 20, 2016.  This entire year has been focused on reshaping, tuning, and polishing all of the core systems.  With new mechanics to make the game more interesting, a brand new UI, and an entirely new map, the game has really come a long way over 2016.  Your feedback has been instrumental in helping drive and shape the experience that we were shooting for, and now I feel like we can give back a bit when we launch the full experience. 

Some of you are probably wondering what that means for the console versions of the game. When I first joined the H1Z1 team, I looked to build a plan that would get H1Z1 out of Early Access and shipped on three platforms.  Working out that schedule, everything lined up for a summer release of the game. We were just as excited as our players with the idea of King of the Kill on their PS4 or Xbox One.  As we started to execute against that plan, it became apparent that the schedule was just too risky.  We were spread too thin trying to fix areas of the game while simultaneously getting the game to work on the console hardware.  It became clear that to best line up the game for success was to reduce the number of variables in the equation. 

As a result, I have decided to pause our efforts on the console versions and put 100% of the focus on to the PC version of the game for right now.  It was definitely a tough decision, but I think it was the right one to make.  We have been able to make essential updates to the gunplay, combat, and vehicles, get the new map in a state to go live, and add lots of polish to the core areas of the game. 

We are committed to delivering a high-quality experience, one that is both satisfying and enjoyable. We are creating a competitive game that is consistent, predictable, fair, and as fun to watch as it is to play.  By structuring the plan in this way, we ultimately will achieve higher quality targets and not put the game in a situation where we have to compromise quality to hit a date. 

What does that mean for an Xbox One and PS4 launch?  As soon as we ship the full PC experience out of Early Access, we will turn our focus back to converting that same experience to run on the consoles.  I don’t want to promise an exact date,  since we are committed to doing it the best way possible at the expense of time. We will keep you up-to-speed on the progress that we are making against that plan through continuous producer’s updates and posts on other channels, such as Twitter and reddit. We have many, many fans excited to experience King of the Kill on their consoles, and we are very excited to deliver it to you in the right way.

Launch Feature Updates

Now that the news is out about release dates, I want to give a quick update on some of the upcoming launch features.


A really great feature that will be available on launch day is Scoring. Available in the solo experience, each match will be scored based on your finishing positions and number of kills.  The system was designed to be a real measure of success instead of having to rely on your overall number of kills as a measure of well your game went. And, it will give you immediate feedback on your improvements and let you see how you measure up against your friends.  

Scoring also layers into our new leaderboards.  Leaderboards will be seasonal in that, over a predetermined period of time, you will fight, shoot, and claw your way as high as you can before the end of the Season.  Your overall position on the Leaderboard will be determined by how well you score in the matches you play. We are excited about this feature as it’s bound to help intensify the level of competition. We will have more details on this system in the coming weeks.

The Arena (Z2) on Test Permanently on 9/2

More great news today is that The Arena will be replacing Z1 on our Test servers on September 2, 2016.  It will still be undergoing some bug fixing and optimizations while on Test, but it is ready for full-time playtesting. 

The Invitational will be played on The Arena, so I expect to see the participants in there sharpening their skills and learning the new map. We will also be calling out numerous playtests when we jump into the map to test it out with a larger number of players.  Watch some of the Devs’ social feeds for when that will happen.

Speaking of the Invitational, today we announced the final round of Invited Players, which includes some of the fan favorites from last year like LIRIK and Sodapoppin, as well as tournament newcomers such as Charlespbf1 and nmp. It’s definitely going to be something you won’t want to miss.

PAX West

If you will be attending PAX West in Seattle this weekend, be sure to drop by Booth #1909 as we will have a lot of great activities going on, including the chance to win t-shirts, Pinny Arcade pins, and other prizes. I will be there myself, so I really hope I get the chance to meet some of you and share some stories of your time in the game. All the PAX West details here.

September Skirmish

Due to popular demand, we have decided to bring back Snipers and Shotguns for another run as the skirmish in September.  Get in there to earn the 4 unique rewards over the course of the month. 

The whole King of the Kill team is excited to get the game launched on September 20.  It has been a long road, and one that we could not have done without you.  I really and truly appreciate every piece of feedback and hour put into the game since it was released into Early Access.  King of the Kill doesn’t stop here, we will continue to listen and keep meaningful changes coming as the game grows.


Mardi 30 août 2016  
King of the Kill launches for PC on September 20!

We’re so excited to announce that H1Z1: King of the Kill will be launching from Steam Early Access for Windows PC on September 20, 2016!

The launch version of King of the Kill will include a totally revamped world map (The Arena), a redesigned user interface, Twitch integration, a scoring system, and more. Your feedback has been instrumental in bringing these features to King of the Kill. For more details on each of these features and what to expect in the launch version, read Executive Producer Chris Wynn’s letter here.

H1Z1: King of the Kill will officially launch on September 20 for $29.99 on PC, but will remain at $19.99 throughout Steam Early Access. For the latest news and updates on release, be sure to follow King of the Kill on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Get ready to #TakeYourShot on September 20!


Vendredi 19 août 2016  
August 19 - A Look Ahead

It has been quite some time since I have taken the time to talk about Just Survive and where we are headed with it.  I realize there will be some vagaries below in terms of details, but that is not because I am trying to be secretive and more due to us going through a lot of discussing/planning to get things lined up.

Let’s start by talking about the short term.  When I reference the short term, I am talking about the next 2 months or so and our focus is on cleanup and bug fixing.  We’ve seen your feedback on things like the zombie resurrection and dying in bases and other recent bugs and want to get those fixed up.  Other changes are being revisited as we look at the feedback and reaction to recent changes to see if those still hold up.  We also are examining any positive changes that we did not bring over from King of the Kill such as the ability to flip vehicles over.   From a new feature perspective, we have some cool functionality which will add goals to the game by giving a score for how well you are surviving in the environment.  This score will accumulate over a set period of time before the server is wiped (including the scores) and then it starts all over again. You’ll be able to compare with others and see if you can best your previous score.  This is well in progress internally, but we need to spend some time playtesting and tuning it before it is ready to go out to all of you.  Once we get closer I will provide a lot more detailed info on how the scoring works, the trade-offs, and decisions that you will need to make as a player. 

That takes us into longer term planning and what our thinking is in terms of focus for at least the foreseeable future.  This work is beginning now, but they are some large endeavors and will take some time to implement, tune, test, and deploy.  This is why they end up in the longer term bucket.  We are getting back to the core of the experience; re-examining and re-balancing all of those elements of the game.  From melee, wildlife, zombie AI, base building, recipe balance, body sim, all of it.

Bullet conversion is also back on the table and we are going to look for your feedback to help decide how you would want it reimplemented if at all.  We are committed to raising the quality getting it to a place that we are proud of by making it distinct and enjoyable.  It’ll get back to some of what I talked about when I first joined the team.  I want the experience to be challenging and really drive towards making you feel the tension of having to survive in a brutal world.  Along the way as we group this work together for updates, we will be sure to talk about the details and timelines.  Your takeaway should be essentially no corner of the game is going un-examined. 

Special note on Z2.  We are still wrapping Z2 up to be ready for King of the Kill, bug free and fully optimized.  Once we hit that milestone, we need to do some work to prepare it for Just Survive.  It is hard to give you a timeline until we really dive into the work, but as soon as we have an idea of when that lines up, I will be sure to talk about it and our plans to start getting the new map into Just Survive. 

Our team lost a few great team members this week.  This is normal in game development, as they had a great new opportunity to explore that really spoke to them.  I know they will do great there, as I know we will fill in and continue to drive forward with where we ultimately see the game going. 

More than anything, I am really excited.  The discussions and plans that we have been putting down are really going to result in a great experience.  As usual, we have more ideas than we can possibly handle, but we are getting the priorities straight and I am really optimistic over where the game is going to go.


Jeudi 11 août 2016  
August 11th - Server Maintenance

New Features

    A set of unique zombies have been seen roaming the area. These zombies hold the secrets to a new set of exotic and powerful weapons.
    Players who succumb to the harsh realities of H1Z1 will now come back as one of the horde. These zombies will appear wearing the same gear they had when they died.

Quality of Life Changes

    Respawn selection has had some improvements added
    You will no longer be able to respawn within an area around where you died.
    This area is a 9 grid diameter around your corpse
    You cannot respawn within that grid for 5 minutes
    If you die close to the grid any overlapping grid will inherit the lockout time form your previous death
    Text chat is now enabled. Press enter to open chat bar
    Made the following changes to the limited base building rules
    Bases can now be built in the Villas
    Campfires can now be placed anywhere
    Flares can now be placed anywhere
    Added limited base building to the Krakow server

Performance Enhancements

    Improved server performance to reduce lag on high-pop and zombie intensive servers
    More parallelization of core game and graphics systems for better performance on multi-core cpus

Combat Feedback

    Reticle now indicates that firing is disabled and character will enter a passive stance.
    Thrown weapons now display a tracer, only visible to the person throwing them, making their path of flight more apparent.


    Vehicles handling has been improved
    Vehicles are less susceptible to flipping
    Vehicles have been modified to have varied characteristics:
    The police car is the fastest.
    The off roader has the best handling.
    The pickup truck is the toughest.
    Passengers in the rear of the pickup truck can stand up to shoot forward and crouch to take cover and shoot behind.
    Flipped vehicles have more realistic friction, won’t be drivable using turbo
    The following vehicle sounds have been improved:
    Engine and turbo
    Tire squeal when turning on pavement
    Braking sounds.
    Vehicles also now have horns [Default: J].
    We’ve made some physics tweaks that should have vehicles exploding unexpectedly far less and doing the correct amount of damage when they do explode.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue the prevented Zombies from damaging vehicles
    Fixed an issue which allowed tampers to be stacked
    Fixed an issue that allowed players to prevent the loss of durability on certain tools
    Players now start with a basic compass instead of an improvised one

Coming Soon

Features on Test Server that will not be pushed to live during this update. We want these features to have more bake time before release.

    Zombies can now damage base structures
    Recursive base destruction.
    Strange Zombie encounter




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