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Lundi 17 décembre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1515


    New Items Available in New You and Luau Larry's

      Celebrate the holidays with these special new items for a limited time.

    Updated the installer to be more streamlined.

      If you are still having problems with the installer, we are testing a new version and could use your help.
      Please check out the Beta Forums for more details.

    Chosen Encounter Changes

      Reduced frequency of drop pods
      Increased length of time towers remain under Accord control before Chosen can take them back.
      Volume for watchtower defense systems VO turned town.
      Players are no longer blocked from thumping in Chosen space. That was a temporary mechanic we had in place to prove tech that we’ll be using in more interesting ways in the future.
      Temporarily disabled Docks Watchtower in order to keep the newbie area a little less hostile for the time being. Will be turned back on in the future.

    Chosen AI Improvements

      Chosen Assault

        Reduce damage per bullet slightly
        Reduced clip size by half
        Increased reload time slightly

      Chosen Juggernaut

        Reduced damage slightly
        Increase splash damage radius slightly
        Reduced clip size slightly
        Increased reload time slightly

      Various bug fixes and navigation improvements

    Map / UI

      Watchtowers have their own icons now
      Accord controlled POIs / Watchtowers have a blue icon now instead of a white one

PvP Matchmaker Changes

    Orbital Comm Tower will now start with 5v5 and backfill up to 7v7.
    Blackwater Harvester will now start with 8v8 and backfill up to 12v12.
    Prioritizes backfilling games still in warmup mode to prevent long delays in starting matches.
    Changed the algorithm for skill search to hopefully create better skill-based matches with players inside the same skill range.
    Removed the XP bonus from Team Deathmatch maps.
    Increased the XP bonus for queuing for Blackwater Harvester.
    We will no longer backfill games that are near completion.

Battleframe Changes

    Increased Tier 2 constraint limits to 1000 and decreased all constraints to 1/10th of previous meaning there is effectively no more constraints system.

      This is a temporary change to allow players to test out all types of equipment while we fix the constraints system and separate PvP from PvE gear.


      Damage per bullet increased from 30 to 35.
      Clip size increased from 200 to 250.


      Tesla rifle miss penalty has been modified to incentivize better aim.
      Increased the time it takes to fully charge a tesla rifle from 1 second to 2 seconds.
      Removed the small(700ms) delay before Tesla rifle reloads.

Gameplay Changes

    Gliders will now automatically deploy at the apex of the jump and will boost you forward slightly.
    Elemental damage types are now available.

      You can craft Ammo Chambers that will appear in your calldown menu to change your ammo type for a limited time.
      Ammo Chambers are not usable in PvP.

    Squad members can now invite to squad. The request is sent to the squad leader to confirm.
    Squads are now limited to 5 maximum players.
    Replaced many of the starting missions to provide a better "tutorial" experience for new users.

      This is still a temporary mechanism while we work on a full-featured new user experience.

    The Melding Acolyte returned to the melding. Fear his return.
    Added new dynamic content, SIN Imprints. Find them around the world and interact with them for more information.
    Improved vehicle collision detection. Should help prevent unexpected damage and allow NPCs to be damaged by vehicles.
    Added a respawn camera that flies to the spawn point from the spot of death if the spawn point is different than previous spawn point.
    Surface deposits now have sin cards.
    Added “Accord Ammo Credit” to all players. The “Accord Ammo Credit” is a permanent, low-grade calldown that can be utilized every 10 minutes.
    Secondary weapons have infinite ammo once again.



        Base health increased to 1.5 million (from 1 million)
        Time to ramp difficulty increased to 25s (up from 15s)
        Gained a new ability “Energy Drain” ability - draining all player energy and stopping all energy regen for 3 seconds
        Meldingmatter shielded FX changed to look more different than non-shielded state
        SIN card now says, “Shielded” when the Baneclaw is shielded
        Killing the Baneclaw rewards the player who used the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer a very special reward.
        Killing the Baneclaw rewards all players 1x Melded Calcium Carbonate (will be used in future printing)

      Melding Spikes Attack

        Now hits targets 26 meters above and 26 meters below his position
        Damage increased to 900 (up from 800)
        Improvements to the pre-activation-warning visual effects
        Changed the timing on when spikes are used


        No longer grant XP rewards
        Now look more melding-ish
        Health increased to 1250, up from 435
        Now spawn in the entire dome rather than only right next to the Baneclaw
        Base number of spawns reduced to 12 down from 18

      Melding Dome

        Players can now re-enter the dome after dying
        Cannot shoot in


        XP rewards are now 35k per player if a group of 25 or less kills him, but ( 875,000 / # of participating players) if 26 or more players do so. (Ex. 25 players kill him, each gets 35k XP, if 50 players kill him, each player only gets 17.5K XP)
        Baneclaw now gains 5% bonus health for each player above 25 players
        Difficulty ramping occurs faster for every player above 25 (Max ramp speed is once every 3 seconds. Putting him at max difficulty in about 1 min)

      Melding Anomaly

        Melding Fields have been renamed Melding Anomalies
        Melding Anomalies respawn after 5 minutes, up from 1 minute
        Updated Melding Anomaly spawn location area so that it cannot spawn behind walls or on cliffs

      Bug fixes

        Fixed a bug where certain abilities would move the Baneclaw causing unintended behavior in the encounter
        Fixed a bug where Baneclaw's Melding Dome could take damage
        Fixed a bug that was causing the melding field not to trigger the fight
        Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t get hit by spikes when you were standing below them

    Melding Repulsor

      Using a Repulsor Amplifier now costs an Amplifier Crystite Core, a crafted item - make some today if you want to go repulsin'!
      Can be used unlimited number of times without a large cooldown, but now require a short 90 second cooling period
      Duration increased to 5:45 seconds
      Repulsor Amplifier changed positions – the melding can be pushed back to the same max distance, but the melding collapses further into New Eden than before.

    Item, Crafting, and Nanoprints

      Battleframe power, weight, and CPU constraints have been temporarily increased to 100,000 so that players can equip and test all of their gear
      AzuriteCY Terminal Core

        Nanoprint gives out 1x AzruiteCY Terminal Core (down from 5x)
        Cost changed to 1000x AzuriteCY, 50x Crystite, (previously 125x AzruiteCY, 250x Crystite)

      Mobile Battleframe Station nanoprint cost decreased to 5x Azurite Terminal Cores (down from 20x)
      Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (formerly Melding Field Destabilizer) costs changed to 100,000x Crystite, 1x Crystalline Crystite Engine, 10x Azruite Terminal Cores, 3x Advanced MPUs (from 100,000x Crystite, 10x Crystalline Crystite Engine, 5x Azruite Terminal Cores, 3x Advanced MPUs)
      Renamed the components gathered from melding creatures and those involved in destroying Melding Anomalies (formerly Melding Fields)
      Adjusted costs required to build Items involved in printing an Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell (formerly Melding Field Destabilizer Capsule)
      Low Grade Sonic Detonators name changed to Ratchet's Detonators
      New Recipe - Pack of Amplifier Crystite Cores (5) – costs 10k crystite, 1 metallic casing, 1 polymorphous fiber, 2500 Quartzite
      Fixed an issue where it was possible that the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer would consume it’s Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell even though there wasn’t a Melding Anomaly nearby

    Melding Tornado Updates

      When a Melding Shard is destroyed during, the overall lifetime of the Melding Tornado is increased. This should allow the encounter to be completed by smaller numbers of players.
      Melding creatures spawned by the Melding Tornado now drop bits for crafting the Baneclaw bits.

UI Changes

    You can now use [ and ] to rotate between calldowns in the 4th ability slot.
    Added an important message box to the login page to notify users of emergency issues.
    Tutorial tips will not appear if you have already demonstrated that you know how to do the action requested.
    Tutorial tips should no longer queue up any more.
    The player known as Juggernaught can now receive squad invites.
    Updates to achievement UI.
    Changes to SIN card and waypoint displays in world space.
    Added the ability to set PvP video settings separate from PvE video settings.
    Added option to remove weapon and hands from first person view.
    Squad leader has a new icon.
    Cleaned up the minimap so that it doesn't show holes in the terrain and performs better overall.
    Chat will no longer fadeout if you are afk, it will fade out once you come back from afk.
    Updated art for achievement pop ups.
    Updated loading screens with new accord logo.
    You will now get a chat message and sound when friends go online or offline.
    Certification tooltips have much more concise descriptions.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue with the sniper scope sensitivity not scaling properly.
    Fixed multiple client crashes.
    Missions should no longer be pushed while in a PvP map.
    Fixed issues with Eyefinity/Surround support.
    Challenge matches should no longer get mixed up with public queues.
    Fixes for multiple issues with AMD video cards.
    Fixed an issue where you would not be requeued if one person declined the match.
    Fixed an issue that was causing the Signal Scanning event not to start up properly.
    Fix for some keys not binding correctly on some keyboards.

Mardi 4 décembre 2012  
Firefall ouvre ses serveurs européens pour un second week-end de test

Durant le week-end du 7 au 9 décembre, Firefall accueillera à nouveau les joueurs dans le cadre d'un test de charge. Pour l'occasion, les serveurs européens sont officiellement ouverts pour améliorer les conditions de jeu des joueurs du Vieux continent.

On le notait, le week-end dernier, Firefall ouvrait largement ses serveurs dans le cadre d'un test de charge. Rebelote le week-end prochain, du 7 au 9 décembre, pour un nouveau « bêta week-end » du shooter online signé par le studio Red 5.
Il faudra à nouveau se mobiliser pour repousser les tentatives d'invasions des chosens sous peine de perdre le contrôle de zones clefs. Les testeurs devront explorer de nouvelles régions du monde ouvert de Firefall, traquer les patrouilles adverses et les décimer...

Peut-être tout aussi notable pour les joueurs du Vieux continent, cette nouvelle phase de test est marquée par l'ouverture officielle des serveurs européens, maintenant jugés « stables et prêts pour accueillir les joueurs ». Selon Mark Kern, les équipes de Red 5 ont « travaillé activement pour que les serveurs soient prêts pour le week-end de test » et il promet que « les conditions de jeu [des joueurs européens] seront alors grandement améliorées ». On prend rendez-vous pour tester sur pièce et d'ici là, les inscriptions restent ouvertes sur le site officiel.


Mercredi 28 novembre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1503

Gameplay Changes

    Reduced the collision damage on LGV.
    Baneclaw's melding dome can no longer be destroyed.
    Dreadnaught alt-fire shield should be destroyed by all weapons now.

UI Changes

    Added an XP channel for chat filtering all experience reward messages.
    Adjusted achievement award notification to be smaller.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a frame rate hitch that would happen when trying to lookup DNS records for stats submission.
    Fixed an issue with web-based UI panels that required you to click on them twice to activate fields.
    Fixed issues with PvP matchmaker services failing or matches failing to start due to server issues.
    Fixed multiple client crashes.
    Modified AI server to improve AI performance.
    Fixed issue with inappropriate gear being used in PvP matches.
    You should now be able to get on your LGV before the race starts as long as you remain within the circle.
    Fixed issues of repeating audio on crashed LGV missions.
    Reckless Thresher dust cloud effect should no longer stay on the screen after it dies.
    Holmgang(Pirates) mission should progress correctly.
    Signal Scanning mission should progress correctly.
    SIN cards no longer show up from really far away.

Known Issues

    Daily achievements may reset progress when quitting the game if not complete.
    Adding friends via the dashboard requires both players to reload ui to see the results.

Mercredi 28 novembre 2012  
Firefall en test de charge du 30 novembre au 2 décembre

Le shooter online du studio Red 5, Firefall, s'offre un second week-end de test de charge du 30 novembre au 2 décembre prochain. Le temps du week-end, il faudra protéger les citoyens de Copacabana.

Depuis déjà plusieurs mois, les serveurs de test de Firefall (le shooter online du studio Red 5) accueillent les joueurs dans le cadre d'une bêta fermée. Pour autant, selon le développeur, les candidatures enregistrées sur le site officiel pour participer aux tests « dépassent les capacités des serveurs » de Red 5. Et pour éviter que trop de joueurs restent aux portes de cette bêta fermée (dixit le CEO Mark Kern), le studio organise des week-ends de tests de charge visant à accueillir ponctuellement les curieux.

Des « milliers de nouveaux joueurs » (notamment européens) seront donc temporairement invités à découvrir Firefall le week-end prochain, du 30 novembre au 2 décembre, « afin de recueillir des retours nombreux ». Pour l'occasion, une animation doit être organisée le temps du week-end (« Population control »), au cours de laquelle les testeurs devront repousser des invasions et assurer la sécurité des citoyens de Copacabana.
Et pour participer à l'essor de guerre, les volontaires peuvent s'inscrire sur le site officiel, à cette adresse. Avis aux curieux.


Lundi 19 novembre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1494

New Missions

    Various points of interest around New Eden have new events for you to participate in.

      Bounty Terminal
      Signal Scanning
      Patrol Drone
      Melding Repulsor
      El Terromoto LGV Races
      Holmgang Supplies (Pirates!)

    Dynamic Missions

      New Crashed Thumper. Rebuild the thumper and send it back.
      Broken LGV.

    "Boss" Encounters (UserVoice)

      Chosen Acolyte. Fear him. Bring friends.
      ????. Not everything behind the Melding curtain is controlled by the Chosen.

New Achievements System

Multiple new achievements have been added to the game, along with an interface (Y by default) to look over what you've done. Here is a small sample...


      Bird’s Eye View: Find 10 of the Highest Vistas in Coral Forest


      Right Between the Eyes: Get 500 Mid-air Headshots


      Chosen Slayer: Kill 10,000 Chosen


      Quite the Gamble: Return 10 Full Advanced Thumpers at 1% Health


      Unknown Savior: Revive 1,000 Non-Team Members Players Around the World


      ...??? Stuff the Accord doesn't need to know about.

    Daily achievements that rotate each day.

Chosen Warfront Changes


      New FX in the interior to indicate Accord / Chosen ownership
      Updated lighting in the towers
      New voice over for hacking the terminals and for when Chosen stop your hack attempt
      Lots of worldbuilding tweaks around various towers to improve player and AI navigation

    Southern POIs / Watchtowers

      Drop pods now spawn more regularly in the south
      Most SIN towers that were not attackable by the Chosen now are
      Exceptions are Sunken Harbor and Trans Hub

    Chosen AI

      Various performance improvements implemented

      Chosen Juggernauts

        No longer shoot thumpers from out of LOS
        Reduced range of weapon
        Slightly slower rate of fire on weapon
        Slightly lowered damage of weapon
        Increased splash radius of weapon

      Chosen Assault

        Increased bullet speed of weapon
        Increased rate of fire of weapon
        Increased damage per bullet of weapon

    Drop Pods

      Now spawn more reliably in the southern part of New Eden
      Chosen should now spawn in more spread out around the drop pod
      Now invulnerable to damage until they land and are fully opened up
      Slightly reduced frequency of drop pods


      No longer spawn in rocks
      Fixed cannons so they no longer stop shooting (run out of ammo) at players in range
      Increased aggro radius when players shoot the generator or cannons so nearby chosen are better alerted
      Updated visual FX on the encounter

    Map / UI

      Map icons for events (ex: drop pods, incursions, etc) are now hidden if they’re located within Chosen controlled space
      Updated visuals for Chosen controlled space and when towers are under attack

Assault Changes

    Crater - No longer consumes the assault's energy on impact.
    Shockwave - Reduced maximum damage from 750 to 650
    Bombs Away - Reduced damage per bomb from 65 to 55
    Bombs Away - Reduced bomb's explosion radius from 2.5 to 1.5. This should make it more difficult to recieve the maximum possible damage and reduce it's burst potential.
    Rocket Jump - Potentially fixed an issue with rocket jump sending you down randomly.
    Burn Jets - Reduced CPU cost of equipping this module.

Biotech Changes

    Healing Ball - Decreased base radius explosion to 5 meters, down from 6 meters.
    Healing Ball - Reduced base healing from 500(550) to 400(450) and self healing reduced by half.
    Healing Ball - Can no longer be used on downed (incapacitated) friendly targets to self-heal the biotech.
    Healing Wave - Reduce base cooldown from 25 seconds to 20. To be more in line with healing abilities being less effective, but lower cooldown.
    Healing Wave - Lowered PvE/NPC damage to be more in-line with the lower cooldown, 425.
    Healing Wave - Lowered healing slightly.
    Evacuate - Increased the base cooldown to 25 up from 15.
    Evacuate - Reduced cloud damage from 800 to 400.

Dreadnaught Changes

    Head shot modifier removed from HMG
    HMG changes
    Clip size reduce to 200
    DPS reduced to 600
    Starting accuracy cone and max accuracy cone decreased to 3.5 from 5 (this is positive for his accuracy)
    Damage degredation at long ranges reduced
    Less screen shake while firing
    Explosive Rounds - Cooldown now begins at the end of its duration, not when it's activated.
    Gravity Field - Fixed a bug where the ability wasn't using the proper cooldown
    Absorption Bomb - Reduced the cooldown to 25 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
    The energy shield alt-fire will now be destroyed if it takes more than 400 damage. It has a 3 second recharge after destruction.

Recon Changes

    Reduced charge-up time on sniper rifle to 2.5 seconds.
    Lowered the amount of camera shake on the sniper rifle.
    Charged sniper rifle out-of-scope damage increased from 94 to 100. Minimum scoped damage reduced to be approximately 100.
    Reduced the range that the sniper rifle scope zooms in at its minimum setting. Mid and max zooms should be relatively similar to their previous settings.
    Satchel Charge - Reduced Tier 1 from 500 base damage (craftable to 600) to 425 (craftable to 500). Reduced Tier 2 from 500 (craftable to 700) to 425 (craftable to 575).
    SIN Scrambler - Increased duration from 6 (craftable to 8) to 8 (craftable to 10)

Engineer Changes

    Tesla rifle range increased to 25 meters from 20.
    Tesla rifle maximum damage per round reduced to 30, down from 35. Charge time reduced to 1 second, down from 2 seconds. Charge-up decay speed significantly reduced, miss-penalty to charge removed.
    Fixed tier 2 tesla rifles having a much lower rate of fire, even after crafting, than tier 1 tesla rifles.
    Supply Station - added a 4 second delay before the powerups spawn. Reduced the powerup respawn time to 15 seconds, down from 25 seconds. Renamed the ability "Supply Station" on the quickbar and gave it an icon.

Secondary Weapon Changes

    Shotgun Spread Reduced to 7 from 8.5
    Shotgun - Increased number of pellets from 8-12, reduced damage from 80-40 in an attempt to make the weapon damage feel more consistent.
    Assault Rifle - Damage reduced from 60-46. Greatly decreased recoil/Increased accuracy
    Suppressor Rifle - Damage reduced from 42-28. Increased accuracy. Increased clipsize from 40-65

New Red Bean Items

    Warpaint patterns are here! Customize your battleframe with unique patterns for both the armor plates and the body suit.
    Patterns are permanent purchases. Once purchased, they can be applied and reapplied unlimited amounts of times.
    Thanksgiving items are available, including the Horn of Plenty which allows you to give an XP bonus to another player. Share and share alike.
    More warpaints, hats, facial hair, etc. Check out the New You and Luau Larry for all your purchasing needs.
    Lowered collision radius and height check for Trollstone. You can now place them much easier in enclosed places (like The Rig).
    Deploying a Trollstone now plays a /roar emote. Emote is cancelled immediately on player movement (if you've got to boogey).
    Updated Trollstone icon so it looks different from Tombstone item.
    “Manufacture Now” button to the manufacturing terminal interface
    Players can complete any manufacturing task immediately with a red bean purchase
    The longer the manufacturing time, the higher the cost.

Mission Changes

    Improved the number of arahna nests for Water Water Everywhere mission.
    Increased the spawn rate and updated the waypoint for resource nodes in Tough Nut to Crack.
    Removed arahna siegers from A River Runs Through It to make it easier for new players.
    Scan Hammer no longer removed at the end of Hammer Time!

Misc. Gameplay Changes

    Added PvP queue confirmation. You will now receive a confirmation notification before entering a match.
    If you decline or allow the notification to time out, you will be removed from the queue and have a delay set on any requeue attempt. Delays grow the more often you decline within a set time period.
    Updated visual effects on SIN acquiring.
    New visual effects for mission items.
    Orbital Comm Tower now ends the match immediately in the second round if the attacking team fails to capture point A or if any point is captured that the previous team was unable to capture.
    Adjusted creature difficulties across the board. Some are now harder, some are easier.
    Modified spawn tables to properly reflect the difficulty of creatures.
    Feral Canine, by popular demand, will now be known as Wargrim.
    High health deployables in New Eden now spawn significant quantities of ammo when they are destroyed.
    You can now rotate your camera around your character by using the F9 key.

Resources, Crafting, and Tech Tree Changes

    Improved Thumper pricing reduced to 200x Crystite, 1x Crystalline Crystite Engine (down from 400x Crystite, 1x CCE) Crystalline Crystite Engine pricing reduced to 250x Crystite, 500x Crystalline (down from 500x Crystite, 1000x Crystalline)
    Flammable Brimfuse Strip recipe reduced to 150x crystite, 75x brimstone for 1x (down from 500x crystite, 200x brimstone for 10x) Flare recipe only requires 1x fuse strip now, down from 10x.

UI Changes

    Entirely new options menu.
    Tool tips added to the graphics options. (UserVoice)
    You can now set windowed mode resolution from the options menu. (UserVoice)
    You can also set to fullscreen windowed mode via the options menu. (UserVoice)

Bug Fixes

    Improved AI performance.
    Fixed multiple server-side crashes.
    Thumper smoke will now disappear as soon as the thumper is gone.
    Chosen Darkslip should no longer teleport around during invasions.
    There is now a SIN tower in Sunken Harbor.
    Exploding Arahna will no longer ignore thunderdome.
    You should no longer have to click twice at the end of the PvP screen to take an action.
    Sonic detonators should visually explode more consistently.
    Fixed a location on the Rig where you could fire into the spawn room.
    Much much more...
    Note that there were hundreds of bugs fixed for this patch. Not all are listed here. If you still see a bug in the game that you reported, it wasn't fixed. If you no longer see that bug, assume it's fixed.

Known Issues

    There is a slight inertial acceleration when running on the ground causing rapid movement changes to feel sluggish.
    Not all weapons are doing damage to the Dreadnaught shield alt-fire. Secondaries seem to be the most consistent.

Vendredi 9 novembre 2012  
Firefall en trois week-ends de stress-test

Actuellement en bêta-test, le shooter Firefall entend accueillir un grand nombre de joueurs dans le cadre de trois week-end de test de charge de ses serveurs de jeu. Le premier a lieu ce week-end et les inscriptions sont ouvertes.

On le sait, depuis déjà plusieurs mois, les serveurs de Firefall accueillent des testeurs qui s'écharpent dans l'univers ouvert de New Eden. Pour autant, l'accès au shooter online reste encore restrictif et pour ceux qui n'auraient pas encore testé Firefall, le studio Red 5 organise trois week-ends de test de charge thématiques (dont le premier débute aujourd'hui).

    Du 9 au 11 novembre 2012
    Du 30 novembre au 2 décembre 2012
    Du 7 au 9 décembre 2012

À mi-chemin entre le week-end de découverte et le stress test visant à éprouver les serveurs de jeu, ces trois sessions de jeu successives seront par ailleurs animées au travers « d'events » scénarisés. Et pour peut-être y participer, les curieux ont invités à s'inscrire à cette adresse sur le site officiel. Les candidats retenus (qu'on nous dit nombreux) seront contactés par courrier électronique.


Jeudi 8 novembre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1478p2

Hey guys,

We have a new patch going out right now for a small client-side fix. This patch addresses the following issue...

    Users purchasing a battleframe into a deleted garage slot and applying warpaints should no longer have their battleframe deleted when closing the garage.

This means you will no longer lose your crystite after purchasing a battleframe. Sorry it took so long to get this fix out for those of you that were affected. Thanks.

Patch size is only 20k


Mardi 30 octobre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1478

Gameplay Changes

    Removed momentum on strafing.

      This was implemented in an unfinished state. It will be returning after more tuning.

    Chosen Incursions will now despawn after 1.5 hours.

      This is a temporary fix for objects appearing inside terrain and props.
      We need more development time in order to put in the proper fix that will detect available space.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where the dashboard would not always appear on login.

      Oh. I guess dashboard is in now. Check it out. (, key)

    Fixed some AI pathing issues to make things behave better.
    Fixed a problem where warpaints would save and charge you Red Beans when exiting the Garage or New You.

      You can now purchase premium warpaints again, for the first time! w00t!

    Fixed an issue where you couldn't remove decals.
    People should no longer fly around the world as if they are on an LGV when they aren't. Silly people.
    Downgrading the recommended version of AMD GPU drivers to 12.6.
    Fixed a server-side crash.
    Fixed an issue where matchmaker was not using player ratings properly resulting in poor matches.

Dimanche 28 octobre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1475

The new stuff to do

    Night of the melding!!!
    (queue spooky noises, Theremin music)

      See the new dashboard when you log in. See the glorious information! More to come with this nifty tool. (Disabled for now)
      There are now a wide assortment of Halloween collectibles for sale at Luau Larry's!
      The New You now has Halloween masks and hats for the fashionably creepy!
      Warpaints are now available in the Garage. Basic colors and founders unlocks are free to swap around, premium paints have a Red Bean cost. We suggest Pink Flamingo. Be loud, be proud!

        Premium paints are not unlocked for all battleframes. They are purchased when applied to a specific frame. You are paying for a paint swap, and it is possible to pay for a specific premium paint more than once.

      New Decals! Your body is ready!

The chosen war

    Watchtowers have undergone an overhaul.

      They look quite a bit different (Important!)
      They can be captured by Chosen Forces, denying players areas to spawn and customize their battleframes and looks.
      Players can attack Chosen controlled watchtowers with extreme prejudice, driving out the evil bastards and recapturing the point.

    Chosen Incursions and Drop Pods now dynamically spawn throughout the open world. Find them, crush them, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women (wherever they may be…)!
    Chosen from Drop Pods will wander, creating Incursions, and assault Watchtowers, expanding their influence in the region.

New fauna for you to endanger!

    New Creatures have appeared to challenge human superiority! Punish their insolence!

      The Feral Canine: Not your best friend...
      The Jungle Harrier: In lieu of a jawbone, collect its beak!
      The Brontodon: It has arrived! Seemingly peaceful, until you shoot it.
      The Wyrm: The early bird tried to catch this Wyrm. It failed.
      The Nautilus: We answered your silent pleas for more tentacles!
      The Argonauts: The angry entourage of the Nautilus. Like being attacked by leaping toddlers overdosed on Pixie Sticks!

    Be Adventurous and Explore! So what if you die!
    Our points of interest are beginning to take on new looks as we prepare them for more content. Check them out.
    The world map includes new icons and feedback on watchtower and POI status.
    A new player direction system will sample your levels of activity, and “suggest” nearby encounters.

    Multi-tier Queue

      You can now select the tier(s) you wish to queue for PvP. This means a Tier 1 can queue up into Tier 2, and players with both tiers in their garage can find the first available!
      Be warned that heading into a tier 2 match as tier 1 is ill-advised, but totally respected.

New abilities!


      Firecat Burnjets: Hover over your enemies and “enlighten” them with a generous dousing of heat from your feet!
      Tigerclaw Rocket Jump: Launch yourself into the air while making those around you suffer for standing so close!


      Recluse Evacuate: The ultimate in self-GTFO! Launch yourself backwards from danger while leaving a poisonous present behind.
      Dragonfly Healing Pillar: Lob healing plasma that erupts in a fountain of “feel-good” after a few seconds.


      Rhino Explosive Rounds: Temporarily spit hot fire! Your bullets go boom!
      Mammoth Absorption Bomb: Go immobile and suck up damage to unleash AoE hell on nearby attackers!


      Electron Salvo Proxy: Shoot a missile, which turns into a bunch of missiles, that homes in on your reticle to make someone or something completely miserable!
      Bastion Supply Station: Deployable health and ammo to both feel and be important


      Raptor Supercharge Shot: Make your friends more awesome… by shooting them!
      Nighthawk Decoy: Retreat into stealth, leaving behind a not so friendly doppelganger that attracts attention, then blows it up.

Gameplay changes


      Melding Tornado adjustments!

        New SIN Cards and map markers that track movement through the world.
        All participants receive increased xp and loot rewards. A participant is anyone that deals damage to the encounter.
        Kill xp on Tornado objects has been reduced.

      Loot rewards equal to the contents of a mini-shard are awarded to participants. This is in addition to rewards they snatch from the encounter.
      Aranhas and Hissers will scale walls, cliffs, mountains, your bedroom window, etc. Nowhere to hide now!
      You cannot call down Thumpers in hostile Chosen controlled areas.
      Overland spawns are more likely to be clustered with creatures of the same kind.
      Health reduced on smaller creatures.
      Health reduced on various Chosen.
      UI has been improved when dealing with encounters. You should now see SIN Cards for attack, defend, and interact targets. They look cool!
      Calldown menu (Press C) has been organized by item type.
      Item and health pick-ups make cooler sounds!
      Reduced cooldown on Tiki Torch. Dance the night away!
      Reduced LGV collision damage. Reckless driving now encouraged.
      Reduced vehicle explosion damage and radius to creatures. It’ll still blow the driver up real good!
      Beards for Sale in the New You. Only for males, as much as you may wish otherwise.


      Recon Sniper rifle has been globally replaced by the Charge Sniper Rifle. Remaining scoped increases damage of the next shot (watch the green meter in scope). It also has a much higher rate of fire, albeit at the cost of damage.
      Execute Shot will cause AoE damage to surrounding enemies when used on enemy creatures.
      SIN Beacon has added snare and increased damage to targets in deployable radius. Added for increased PvE viability.
      SIN Scramble can turn creatures against each other.


      Heavy Armor must now absorb 250 damage (before 90% reduction) in stage 1 before entering stage 2. Stage 1 time increased to 2 seconds. Should prevent instant stage 2 from automatic weapons.
      Tier 1 Reactive Plating now properly gives correct stats. They are half the value of the Tier 2 version: 25 HP, .75 Def, +1.5 Regen.
      Repulsor Blast deals increased damage to creatures.
      Teleport Shot deals damage to creature targets.


      Bombs Away changed: fires a volley of bombs that use your reticle to target. More bombs, but less damage.


      EMP Grenade travels faster, can be detonated faster, and now deals damage over time to creatures caught in its radius.

Bug fixes

    Reduced Object Flicker
    Game server performance improvements.
    Made adjustments to squad matchmaking so tier 1 matches are not created that drag tier 2 only players in. You should no longer end up as some random guy with an assault pack that can’t do anything.
    LGV uphill speed has been improved.
    Memory Optimizations.

Known issues

    Upon completing the mission “Cargo Hunt” you will need to log off for at least a few minutes before mission progress can resume. We are looking into a solution for this.
    Replays from previous builds may not play back correctly.

Vendredi 5 octobre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1460

Game Changes


      Luau Larry now sells XP Boosts.
      Adjusted matchmaker, players should get in different matches than just Sunken Harbor.

    You called down the Thunder..err Thumper..

      Stock Personal Thumper, Improved Personal Thumper, Advanced Personal Thumper have been renamed ("Personal" removed from each name).
      Rebalanced Improved and Advanced Thumpers. Both are now tailored to groups and are considerably more difficult.
      Improved Thumper (Recommended 2-4 players): ~4 minutes, 12,500 health, 1,500 capacity.
      Advanced Thumper (Recommended 4-5 players): ~5 minutes, 15,000 health, 4,500 capacity.
      Crystalline Crystite Engine required materials reduced to 250 Crystite (down from 1,000), and 1,000 Crystalline (down from 2,000).
      Added Polymer Drillbit Casing to the molecular printer. These are used to create Advanced Thumpers. Required materials: 250 Crystite, 500 Polymer.
      Improved Thumper recipe changed to: 750 Crystite, 1 Crystalline Crystite Engine.
      Advanced Thumper recipe changed to: 1,500 Crystite, 3 Crystalline Crystite Engine, 5 Polymer Drillbit Casing, 1 Advanced MPU.


      Adjusted Dreadnaught's Reactive Armor from 250hp, 1hp/s, 0 defense to 50 hp, 3hp/s, 1.5 defense. This was done in order to address Dreadnaughts reaching upwards of 1900hp.


      Adjusted Healing Ball. Previously, hitting a target directly with healing ball would only heal that target. Now when directly hitting a friendly, it will heal allies in that area also.
      Healing Ball no longer heals enemies. This is to increase utility for Healing Ball in open world scenarios.


      Resonating Bolts stick to surfaces once again. Explosion radius slightly reduced from 8m to 6m. This will increase the ability's utility in the open world.


      Nova Cannon alt fire now consumes 1 ammo.


      EMP Grenade deals 450 damage over its duration to enemies in the open world.

Bug Fixes


      Closed up some seams in the world.
      Fixed an issue where players could not purchase additional Garage slots.
      Some stairs have been adjusted for easier navigation (Sunken Harbor POI).
      Fixed some areas where the LGV would get stuck.
      Fixed a collision issue with one of the Melding Tornado shards.
      Fixed an issue with the hitbox of the Melding Tornado's core.
      Fixed an issue where players were not getting 100% XP for critical assists and squad assists.
      Toxic Aranhas should now award the same XP as creatures of its size/type (15 base XP).
      Fixed an issue where 50 Explosive Aranhas would occasionally spawn.
      Fixed an issue where defenders could not leave the spawn room in the second round of OCT.

    Battleframe Bug Fixes


        Fixed an issue where Creeping Death would not last its full duration.


        Fixed a bug where the sniper rifle was doing 400 damage per shot while un-scoped. The damage should be the same whether scoped or un-scoped now (375).


        Tier 1 Astrek Tesla Rifle rate of fire bonus is no longer negative.

Our QA team is working on verifying build health and stability, patch should be live soon after they are done.


Lundi 24 septembre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1455 - Founders Patch

Founders Pack Virtual Items

    Commander LGVs now available! Deploy your LGV through the call-down menu.
    Merch pets now available for those that purchased Founders Packs at PAX or completed the online Crystite Challenge. Access your Merch through the calldown menu.
    Founders Tiki Masks are now available, equip them via the New You!
    Founders decals are now available! Access and apply your decals through the Paint Shop in the Garage.
    Army Name/Tag reservation as well as Tiki Mask gift codes for friends are available at the Founders website.

Game Changes


      Items such as flashlights for other characters and flares are now visible on all quality settings

    Open World

      Increased the base XP reward of Chosen Assaults (50 XP), Melded Hissers (50 XP), Siegebreakers (150 XP) and Juggernauts (150 XP)
      Removed dialogue from SIN uplink mission for The Shiv

    PvP Maps

      Modified the spawn room forcefields on The Rig - once you leave the spawn room you cannot enter again (matches Sunken Harbor forcefield behavior)

Balance Changes


      Reduced Tier 1 Defense Plating to 2.5% damage reduction
      Reduced Tier 2 Defense Plating to 5% damage reduction


      Reduced the base coodown of Healing Ball from 35 seconds to 15 seconds
      Healing Ball no longer self-heals the Biotech unless it also hits a friendly target

        ** The Biotech does not have to be in range of the splash to receive the healback

      Reduced the base Tier 1 Healing Wave cooldown to 20 seconds
      Reduced the base Tier 2 Healing Wave cooldown to 15 seconds


      Increased Satchel Charge's projectile speed
      Added a 500ms delay to Satchel Charge's ability to be detonated


      Multi Turret: Engineers now store up to 3 turrets and can deploy them back to back until they are out of turrets

        ** NOTE: Each turret is replenished in 30 second intervals. The UI does not currently reflect this properly.

UI Changes

    Players will receive a notification if a "friend" declines a friend invite
    Interface placement options are now compatible with 3 monitor mode or stretched windowed mode
    Added vehicle UI to display vehicle health, speed, rpm and gear information
    Resource Monitor got reworked to show a cumulating recent change number, it will now be on by default in auto collapsing mode
    The loot messages in chat will now be off by default

Bug Fixes


      Fixed an issue where weapons would twitch in iron sights view
      Fixed an issue where a player would sometimes lose their weapon after being revived following a duel loss
      Fixed an issue where during the swap weapon animation would play, weapons would appear behind the player's back

    Open World

      Fixed a few issues with thumpers that were causing unintended and irregular creature / Chosen spawns
      Improved and Advanced thumpers use the correct thump durations
      Moved Sigu's Sanctuary and Biosphere Research Facility uplink mission waypoints to their proper locations
      Fixed issues causing placement problems when placing watchtower reactors
      Fixed various prop and terrain issues (Open World & PvP maps)


      End of match progress screen should now display the correct amount of XP earned in the match

    Battleframe Abilities

      Fixed the Omnidyne-M Shockwave ability for Firecat (it now has the proper cooldown reduction)
      Fixed an issue causing Boomerang Shot to hit a target multiple times when passing through them
      Fixed the display name of Quick Deploy Forcefield
      Fixed an issue where Satchel Charge would detonate multiple times
      Fixed an issue with Satchel Charge's cooldown

Patch should be live soon, we are in the process of fixing something server-side.


Mardi 18 septembre 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1449

*Old replays will not function properly in this patch

Technical Changes

    Visual options for 32 bit systems are no longer capped

Gameplay Changes

*Most changes made to battleframes, items and abilities were made to eliminate the excessive vertical progression within tiers


    AFK players in a PvP match will be warned after 60 seconds of idling and will automatically be removed 30 seconds following the warning if still idle
    AFK players in the open world will be warned after five minutes and will be logged out five minutes following the warning if still idle
    300 seconds warned, 600 seconds booted in open world
    Small Heal Powerup now grants 250 health (down from 500)
    Burst Rifle damage slightly reduced
    Reduced base run speed of Assault & Biotech
    Increased base run speed of Recon (it should now be the fastest moving battleframe at base values)


      Reduced damage bonus received from Tier 1 ammo
      Reduced maximum damage bonus from crafted ammo in Tier 2


    Plasma Cannon

      Tier 1 reload speed bonus increased from 15% to 25%
      Tier 2 maximum reload speed bonus from crafting increased from 30% to 35%
      Tier 1 splash range upgrade reduced to 10%
      Tier 2 maximum splash range bonus from crafting reduced from 50% to 20%
      Tier 2 maximum initial splash range increased to match tier 1

    Missile Shot

      Increased the base damage from 400 to 500
      Tier 1 bonus damage reduced from 200 to 50
      Tier 2 maximum bonus damage from crafting reduced from 400 to 100

    Bombs Away

      Base damage per bomb increased from 100 to 110
      Tier 1 bonus damage reduced from 200 to 20 per bomb
      Tier 2 maximum bonus damage from crafting reduced from 400 to 40 per bomb
      Base cooldown for both tiers reduced from 35 seconds to 25 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum bonus cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds


      Base cooldown reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 20 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 21 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 1 velocity bonus reduced from 20% to 10%
      Tier 2 maximum velocity bonus from crafting reduced from 40% to 20%
      Tier 1 range bonus reduced from 50% to 25%
      Tier 2 maximum range bonus reduced from 60% to 50%


      Base cooldown reduced to 20 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds


      Base cooldown reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 6 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds


    Heavy Machine Gun

      Removed the snare while firing
      Tier 1 rate of fire bonus reduced from 15% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum rate of fire bonus from crafting reduced from 30% to 10%

    Repulsor Blast

      Base cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum bonus cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 1 radius bonus reduced from 4 meters to 2 meters
      Tier 2 maximum radius bonus from crafting reduced from 8 meters to 4 meters

    Teleport Shot

      Teleports Dreadnaught instantly upon successful hit
      Base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 20 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 1 range bonus reduced from 40 meters to 20 meters

    Gravity Field

      Base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 25 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 2 bonus duration from crafting reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds

    Heavy Armor

      Base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds


    Sniper Rifle

      Tier 1 rate of fire bonus reduced from 15% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum rate of fire bonus from crafting reduced from 30% to 10%
      Tier 1 headshot damage bonus reduced from 10% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum headshot damage bonus from crafting reduced from 20% to 5%
      Tier 1 reload speed bonus increased from 15% to 25%

    SIN Beacon

      Base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus radius reduced from 3 meters to 2 meters
      Tier 2 maximum bonus radius from crafting reduced from 4 meters to 3 meters
      Tier 1 duration bonus reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum duration bonus from crafting reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds

    Resonating Bolts

      Base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 1 duration bonus reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
      Tier 2 maximum duration bonus from crafting reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 1 damage bonus reduced from 10% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum damage bonus from crafting reduced from 20% to 10%

    Cryo Shot

      Basecooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 25 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 1 duration bonus reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
      Tier 2 maximum duration bonus from crafting reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus slow amount reduced from 10% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum bonus slow amount from crafting reduced from 20% to 10%

    Execute Shot

      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum radius bonus from crafting reduced from 3 meters to 2 meters
      Tier 2 maximum damage bonus from crafting reduced from 200 damage to 100 damage

    SIN Scramble Shot

      Tier 2 maximum base cooldown rate reduced from 35 seconds to 25 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum duration bonus from crafting reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds



      Reduced camera shake when firing BioNeedler
      Adjusted the visual effects of the Bioneedler
      Shortened the projectile tail
      Reduced the impact effect
      Reduced the size/intensity of the altfire's muzzle flash
      Tier 1 rate of fire bonus reduced from 15% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum rate of fire bonus from crafting reduced from 30% to 10%
      Tier 1 reload speed bonus increased from 15% to 25%
      Tier 2 maximum reload speed bonus from crafting increased from 25% to 30%

    Healing Wave

      Tier 1 base cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 35 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 8 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus strength reduced from 200 to 50
      Tier 2 maximum bonus strength from crafting reduced from 300 to 75
      Tier 1 bonus knockback strength reduced from 10% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum bonus knockback strength reduced from 10% to 7%

    Healing Ball

      Tier 1 base cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 35 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 8 seconds
      Tier 1 base healing strength reduced from 650 to 500
      Tier 2 base healing strength reduced from 750 to 550
      Tier 1 bonus strength reduced from 150 to 50
      Can no longer detonate Healing Ball by shooting
      Increased size of radius to match its effect


      Tier 1 duration reduced from 4 seconds to 2.5 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus duration educed from 2 seconds to 1 second
      Tier 2 base duration reduced from 4 seconds to 3.5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum bonus duration from crafting reduced from 6 seconds to 1.5 seconds

    Poison Trail

      Tier 1 bonus duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second
      Tier 2 base duration increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum bonus duration from 6 seconds to 2 seconds

    Kinetic Shot

      Tier 2 maximum bonus damage from crafting reduced from 50 to 20
      Tier 2 maximum velocity bonus from crafting reduced from 50 m/s to 40 m/s
      Tier 2 base cooldown increased from 25 seconds to 30 seconds

    Creeping Death

      No longer damages targets out of radius
      Tier 2 maximum damage bonus from crafting reduced from 25 per tick to 15 per tick
      Tier 2 maximum duration bonus from crafting reduced from 4 seconds to 2 seconds
      Tier 2 base cooldown increased from 30 seconds to 35 seconds

    Healing Leash

      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum duration bonus reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Added heal over time to both targets

    Healing Shot

      Tier 2 base healing strength reduced from 40 to 35
      Tier 2 maximum strength bonus from crafting reduced from 30 to 8
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds


    Tesla Rifle

      Tier 1 rate of fire bonus reduced from 15% to 5%
      Tier 2 maximum rate of fire bonus from crafting reduced from 30% to 10%
      Tier 1 reload speed bonus increased from 15% to 25%
      Tier 2 maximum reload speed bonus increased from 25% to 30%
      Increased range of alt fire

    Quick Deploy Shield

      Base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
      Tier 1 base duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds
      Tier 2 base duration increased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds


      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 1 base health reduced from 450 to 350
      Tier 1 bonus health reduced to 50
      Tier 2 base health reduced from 550 to 400
      Tier 2 maximum bonus health from crafting reduced to 75

    Short-Circuit Mine

      Tier 1 base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 25 seconds
      Tier 2 base cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
      Tier 1 cooldown reduction reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 7 seconds
      Tier 1 base snare duration increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds
      Tier 1 bonus snare duration decreased from 2 seconds to 1 second
      Tier 2 base snare duration increased from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

    Jump Pad

      Tier 2 maximum bonus strength from crafting reduced from 15 to 10
      Tier 2 base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds

    EMP Grenade

      Tier 2base cooldown reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
      Tier 2 base radius increased from 3.5 meters to 4 meters
      Tier 2 maximum bonus radius from crafting reduced from 1.5 meters to 1 meter
      Now spawns as an EMP field and is activated similar to healing ball/satchel charge

    Boomerang Shot

      Tier 2 maximum cooldown reduction from crafting reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
      Tier 2 maximum bonus velocity from crafting reduced from 15 m/s to 10 m/s
      Tier 2 maximum bonus damage from crafting reduced from 30 to 15


    Radar has new options
    Square Radar - disables rotating radar
    Show all 4 compass marks - only available if north marker is enabled
    Terrain gamma
    Terrain saturation
    Terrain alpha
    Added new optional UI (enable via interface options) - resource monitor - displays current resource totals
    Added sound effects for mousing over selectable parts in Garage
    Removed the number of sonic detonators used on the mission "A Tough Nut to Crack" on the ability bar - they are infinite for the duration of the mission

Bug Fixes

    Open World

      Fixed an issue where dialogue would play at incorrect times
      Fixed an issue where flares would last longer than intended
      Fixed some server performance issues
      Fixed issues with various props in the world
      Fixed an issue causing endless Aranhas spawns at the MPU encounter
      Fixed collision on various items in PvP and in the open world
      Fixed some more holes in the world
      Fixed an issue where players would stand upright after being incapacitated by a Melding Tornado blast
      Fixed an issue where building the basic MPU would not give it to a player, causing the related mission to not progress
      Fixed an issue where melding tornado shards would not orbit the tornado
      Localized audio for Oilspill exists for Crashed Thumper event
      Character movement should be a little smoother during server lag
      Fixed an issue where Oilspill would inform you about updrafts more than once
      Fixed an issue where Chosen were not threatening to take players' jawbones
      Temporarily removed Melding Worms until they are in a more complete state
      Fixed an issue where players could deploy thumpers on items that are not ground
      Fixed an issue where Toxic Aranhas' poison cloud would damage players after fading from view
      Fixed an issue where Crystite Hybrid Resource blending would lock up a player's Manufacturing Terminal
      Fixed an issue where players could not see duel notifications from the same player after a single defeat
      Fixed an issue where players attempting to manufacture Improved Personal Thumper would receive an error
      Increased Assist XP on creature kills from 60% to 100%
      Reduced XP reward for small creature kills
      Increased XP reward for large creature kills
      Fixed issues with Tanken and their weapons
      Fixed some civilian NPC movement and seating paths
      Fixed an issue where Accord guards would move slower than intended
      Fixed some dialogue typos
      Fixed an issue where other POI icons on the world map would disappear after uplinking with Broken Shores/Arclight Fragment Base
      Fixed spawn point placement in Trans Hub Medical Bay
      Fixed an issue where vendors would return an error when accessed
      Fixed an issue where players would not get the proper XP reward for uplinking with the Stonewall SIN network
      Adjusted the mission "Down the Squid Hole" - players are able to go directly to Shanafelt without having to explore the first bunker


      Fixed some hit registration issues
      Fixed an issue allowing players to sneak into Tier 1 matches with Tier 2 frames
      Adjusted matchmaker, there should be less cases where teams are grossly mismatched
      Fixed an issue where players participating in squad challenges would not be matched against randomly queued players
      Fixed an issue where battleframe stations at point A in OCT would heal attackers before attackers control that point
      Fixed an issue where players could cap point A in OCT at rates faster than intended
      Fixed an issue where the wrong interaction types are used on friendlies and enemies
      Adjusted the volume of some audio in replays to match other levels
      Fixed an issue where player movement would not cancel execution
      Fixed an issue where two grouped players would queue for PvP but not get a match
      Calldowns have been disabled in PvP
      Fixed an issue where players were not awarded victory/loss XP in PvP
      Fixed an issue where players were able to deploy turrets in enemy spawns on The Rig
      Fixed an issue where players were unable to re-queue for the same pvp match they logged out of
      Changed flycam behavior in replay so that mouse wheel can be used for zooming


      Fixed a name display issue for items in New You
      Fixed an issue where the UI would not display the proper value of an XP boost
      Adjusted PvP scoreboard to display score instead of XP
      Added messaging to inform the user what tier they are queued for
      Adjusted the constraints element in full view so players can notice if they are exceeding constraints
      Fixed an issue where the tech tree XP bar would display the incorrect battleframe's XP at times
      Fixed an issue where the Manufacturing Station UI does not update when selecting an item to build
      Deployables should be easier to interact with
      Fixed an issue where the cooldown timer would not display for the Tiki Torch after switching to another calldown
      Fixed an issue where crafting an item you are certified for would give a SIN error
      The sorting of calldowns on the Nav Wheel has been improved
      Friends list is now sorted by online/offline and then alphabetically
      Dot reticle should be more correctly centered
      Fixed an issue where Garage UI would not scale properly in windowed mode
      Fixed the crystite display notation after MSRP on tech tree
      Fixed the language in some load screens
      Fixed an issue where Biotech weapon upgrade icon would display the incorrect icon
      Fixed the display name for Tier 2 Recluse's Creeping Death
      Fixed an issue where the XP display would cap out at a certain value


      Fixed an issue where the female dreadnaught body color was not applying
      Fixed an issue where characters would show up untextured in the New You
      Fixed an issue where engineer armplates would not fully display in first person
      Fixed an issue where players were unable to swap weapons while sprinting
      Fixed an issue where the dreadnaught slow effect is not removed
      Fixed an issue where newer characters would always see the fly-in every time they log in
      Fixed an issue where tier 2 nova cannon was using the incorrect ammo
      Fixed an issue where players could spend more XP than they had
      Fixed an issue where EMP Grenade would not work consistently
      Fixed an issue where some players were unable to purchase tier 1 Biotech or Engineer battleframes
      Fixed an issue where Boomerang Shot visuals would not appear after activating the ability
      Fixed an issue where consuming a Wiki Wacker while already under the influence would cancel the audio effect
      Fixed an issue where players were able to equip Tier 1 items on Tier 2 battleframes
      Fixed an issue where Tier 2 Triage abilities would have an excessively long cooldown
      Fixed an issue where modules' visuals would not properly display in the Garage
      Movement is now disabled when players are engaged in the Garage
      Fixed an issue where Kisuton Thunderdome ability's duration and displayed duration were mismatched
      Fixed an issue where equipping Triage would grant revive bonuses even while not active
      Removed the ammo counter on the Engineer's Assault Rifle
      Fixed an issue where Engineer turrets would continue to fire at erupted Aranhas pods
      Fixed an issue where only Assaults would display their primary weapons at character creation
      Added an in-scope sensitivity slider to gameplay options
      Added basic assist XP for healing abilities for Biotech
      Creeping Death no longer damages targets out of its radius
      Fixed an issue where the Engineer arm plate would not animate in first person

    Red Bean Cafe

      Fixed an issue where Lieutenants would not receive the proper amount of Red Beans
      Fixed an issue where the Tiki Torch would despawn immediately after placement
      Hourly XP boosts should now stack with Founders' permanent XP boost
      Increased pet movement speeds so they have an easier time to keep up with the player
      Increased pet despawn distance
      Tiki torches can now be deployed closer to each other
Patch will be live soon.

Jeudi 13 septembre 2012  
Prochaines priorités de Firefall - Le monde ouvert et la localisation

Les équipes de Firefall initient le développement d'une nouvelle mise à jour. Au programme, elle doit permettre de dynamiser l'univers persistant du shooter et initier notamment sa traduction en français.

Depuis l'origine, Firefall appuie son gameplay sur des mécaniques de FPS, mais revendique en plus une dimension persistante et MMO. Firefall plonge le joueur dans un univers persistant et le faire vivre est maniestement la priorité de la prochaine mise à jour majeure du jeu.
Sur son blog officiel, le studio Red 5 indique travailler actuellement sur la prochaine "milestone" de Firefall (occupant une dizaine d'équipes distinctes) visant notamment à assurer le dynamisme du jeu entre deux affrontements PvP. Ainsi, Firefall intègre une dimension PvE opposant les joueurs à des hordes d'aliens hostiles, mais cet aspect du jeu est largement délaissé par les joueurs. Avec la mise à jour à venir, le développeur entend dynamiser cette composante du gameplay et proposer des assauts aléatoires régulièrement. Les bases des résistants humains (choisies au hasard) feront l'objet d'attaques quotidiennes "étendant les mécanismes de patrouilles et d'incursions déjà existantes", invitant les joueurs à se mobiliser pour les repousser mais les obligeant surtout à "se montrer toujours vigilants".
En vrac, le développeur promet également de nouveaux monstres pour pimenter New Eden, souhaite encourager l'exploration du monde et récompenser les joueurs en conséquences.

Les joueurs du Vieux continent noteront dans la foulée que la prochaine mise à jour majeure de Firefall se focalise également sur la localisation du jeu : non seulement, les équipes du développeur sont à l'oeuvre pour travailler sur les serveurs européens du jeu, mais la traduction de Firefall en français et en allemand fait toujours l'objet d'un "travail attentif" de l'équipe en charge du projet.
On ignore encore quand cette mise à jour sera déployée sur les serveurs de bêta-test du shooter online, mais elle devrait assurément lui octroyer une nouvelle dimension.


Vendredi 24 août 2012  
Patch Notes - v0.5.1432

Major Updates

    Founder's Packs with special items and discounts will be available first day of PAX, August 31st. More details next week.

    Introduction of the New You terminal

      With brand new technology, you can now customize your own DNA.
      Change your hair color, skin tone, even the shape of your face at the nearest New You station.
      You can also find fun new customizations for your battleframe showing everyone that you are a unique snowflake.

    Luau Larry has set up shop in CopaCabana

      Luau Larry is known across New Eden for his fun, and sometimes useful, items.
      Where he gets them, no one knows, but everyone loves an animated Tiki Pet.
      Larry's Store will open on Friday, August 24th @ 7pm Pacific. Join Red 5 for this momentous occassion in Copacabana.

    Brand new PvP map, The Rig.

      An old Omnidyne-M mining facility has been located off the coast of New Eden.
      The fight for control of this facility begins now.
      New 5v5 TDM map with mostly interior fighting.

Gameplay Changes

    Jumpjets now have a small startup energy cost.
    All XP earned in PvP is now deferred to the end of the match. Abandoning a game will mean you are forfeiting all XP earned in that game.
    The post-match UI will now show your gained XP more accurately.
    Removed the long stun after being revived.
    Increased the speed of secondary weapons' bullets (assault rifle, SMG, burst rifle)

    Melding Tornado Encounter Fixes

      Tornado should visually fade out and display the appropriate text when the Tornado event times out.
      The Core should no longer be visible when it is destroyed and the Tornado fades away.

    Crystite Hybrid Resource Blending has been changed

      The resulting resource is now blended based on percentages, not exact stats
      The preview should now show the correct output resource

    Resource quality numbers have been made more accurate

      Your existing resources may have shifted up or down slightly
      The stats on the resources are the same, only the name has changed

Biotech Changes

    Fixed an issue preventing Biotech's Kinetic Shot ability from properly applying velocity bonuses from crafting/progression.
    Increased the range of Biotech's Healing Leash ability.
    The Biotech Bioneedler had its projectile speed increased by 30%

    Biotech's Poison Trail ability changes

      The damage portion was reworked. It now stacks up over time, starting weak and growing to considerable strength over time. This is to maintain PvE strength while reducing its effectiveness in PvP.
      The damage should no longer continue after exiting the clouds.
      The clouds only last 6 seconds, down from 10.
      The clouds apply their stacking damage less quickly.
      The strength of the snare was increased to 50%, up from 35%.

Engineer Changes

    The Engineer's Forcefield's health was reduced to 2000 (down from 3200).
    Increased the Engineer's Multi-turrets' health to 450 (up from 350)

Assault Changes

    Fixed an issue causing a number of manufactured plasma cannons to incorrectly have a 65 damage reduction.
    The Assault ability Bombs Away now drops bombs over an area rather than directly below the Assault.

    Assault Shockwave ability changes

      Removed the movement and aiming penalties during charge-up
      Increased the base damage and lowered the maximum damage
      Increased the projectile's speed
      Increased the size of the projectile

Dreadnaught Changes

    Dreadnaught HMG changes

      Reduced the maximum range to 80 meters, down from 100 meters. This means weapon degradation will begin at a closer range than it did previously.
      Lowered the minimum damage the HMG can do at maximum range (i.e. it will do less damage at maximum range than it did previously)

    Dreadnaught Heavy Armor changes

      The initial shield's duration was reduced to 1 seconds, down from 2.
      The second shield's duration was reduced to 3 seconds.
      The second shield's mitigation was reduced to 35%, down from 50%.

Recon Changes

    Increased the projectile speed of the Recon's sniper rifle bullet considerably.
    Fixed the Recon ability Cryo Shot so it correctly drains the target's full energy bar.

    Recon sniper rifle changes

      Reduced the base damage on the sniper rifle to 375, down from 450, to account for crafting bonuses.
      Increased the headshot multiplier to compensate for the reduction in normal damage.

Bug Fixes

    Fixed some server-side crashes.
    Improvements to server latency and lag being caused by low frame rate.
    Fixed issues where rapid fire weapons would desync from server and cause no damage.
    Added a delay after you die before you may hit spacebar to spectate.
    Movement validation has been tweaked to be a little more forgiving, preventing some issues of rubber banding.
    Decreased overall memory usage.
    Fixed issues where manufacturing terminals would not unload
    Fixed some weapons with missing certification requirements
    Reticle manager now allows for changing the color of the reticles.
    You can now select None in the reticle manager again.
    Fixes for live replays to make them behave better.
    Fix for mission audio stopping prematurely during the Trans Hub mission chain.
    Fix for the UI showing incorrect amount of XP when swtiching between battleframes.
    Fixed audio looping when pausing a replay.
    Replay action camera mode won't do anything unless the user is afk for a little and the game is unpaused.
    New interface option to disable loot messages in chat window.
    Scanhammer result text will now match the resource quality color.
    Added a chat message for when your friend request is declined.
    Fixed issues where the webui would not always close properly.
    Fixed issues with the battlframe selection window not closing on Moisture Farm.
    Fixed problem where a player could be locked on a black screen if exiting the game from the battleframe garage.
    Abilities can now be unequipped in the Battleframe Garage.
    Specialty modules can now be unequipped in the Battleframe Garage.
    After buying a new battleframe bay, the focus will return to the new bay and not the first battleframe in your list.

Known Issues

    Some items in the New You have clipping issues and will show through masks, hats, etc.
    Recon Execute shot doesn't do AoE damage when shooting a downed player.
    Alt fire for Grenade Launcher does not have any audio.
    XP Boost displays as +21% on the HUD but it is only +20%.
    Items loaded into manufacturing will often not appear until you close and reopen the window.
    Wiki Wackers will stop giving you the drunk audio effect if you drink one while another is still active on you.

Mardi 21 août 2012  
Red 5 recrute massivement parmi les licenciés de Bioware et 38 Studios

Le studio Red 5 finalise la mise à jour massive de l'été de son shooter Firefall. Le studio a donc eu besoin de recruter largement (passant de 60 à 100 salariés) et rapidement, notamment parmi les récents licenciés de 38 Studios et Bioware.

Entre la faillite de 38 Studios (le développeur de Kingdoms of Amalur ou de Copernicus) et les vagues de licenciements chez Bioware Austin, ces dernières semaines n'ont pas été particulièrement radieuses pour l'industrie nord-américaine du MMO. Pour autant, les déboires des uns font le bonheur des autres.
Le studio Red 5 travaille actuellement sur une série de modifications drastiques du contenu du bêta-test de Firefall (la « mise à jour massive de l'été » du shooter online). Un surcroit d'activité qui impose au studio de renforcer ses effectifs et qui donc recrute largement, notamment parmi les développeurs récemment licenciés. C'est ce que confiait Dave Williams, lead classe designer chez Red 5, à PC Gamer lors de la gamescom.

« Environ 80 à 90% des gens que nous avons recruté ces derniers mois viennent de chez 38 Studios et Bioware. Il y a deux mois, nous étions environ 60, et aujourd'hui nous sommes plus de 100. Nous avons besoin d'augmenter notre capacité de création de contenu. Dans une certaine mesure, nous sommes sur le fil du rasoir, mais avec les gens que nous avons recrutés, nous sommes très vigilants. »

Et de préciser que le studio a connu une intense période de rush (entre la nécessité d'embaucher et la conception de la mise à jour), mais que si les récents licenciements « ne sont évidemment pas une bonne chose pour l'industrie », « le timing de 38 Studios et le débauchage chez Star Wars en même temps ont été une aubaine pour [Red 5] ». Et sans doute aussi pour les développeurs retrouvant rapidement un emploi.


Samedi 11 août 2012  
Patch Notes v0.5.1414


    Added German voice over for all key NPCs
    Added a German male player character voice
    Added a German female player character voice

Gameplay Changes

    Burst Rifle ironsight mode now correctly fires in bursts and not full-auto.
    Tier 1 Accord Healing Ball has been changed such that it can be detonated by pressing the ability button again.
    Tier 1 Accord Healing Ball now has increased projectile speed.
    Tier 2 Accord Cannonball should now fly true no longer being affected by gravity and having a longer duration and faster velocity.
    Tier 2 Accord Heavy Armor’s initial shield duration has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.
    Increased the headshot multiplier for Recons’ headshots so they correctly deal over 1000 damage in tier 1.
    Adjusted tier 2 weapon damage to no longer start slightly below tier 1 weapon damage.
    Squad challenge matches now all begin at 2:00PM (game time) to provide consistent lighting for competitive play.
    Spectator flycam bounds have been enlarged.
    Improved battleframe garage equipment tool tip comparisons.
    Combat log now shows the skull icon instead of text for deaths induced by various creature attacks.
    Bug reports now include info on player character to help with tracking down issues more easily.

Bug Fixes

    Battleframes, Tiers & Crafting

      Fixed multicannons being equipped by non-assaults. Battleframes using the multicannon illegally will need to be rebuilt in the battleframe garage.
      Fixed an issue where players' animation would get stuck after using Crater and landing on slopes or edges.
      Solved the mystery of the disappearing Burst Rifle and Astrek Jumpjets after manufacturing them (Tier 2).
      Fixed a bug that would allow players to equip the same ability multiple times.
      Fixed an issue that was preventing Cryo Shot from snaring enemies.
      Fixed a bug with certain references to “headshots” when violence settings are disabled.

    Open World

      Fixed an issue during the mission 'The Handoff' where if a user completed the mission after having experienced a crash, the mission would remain in their mission log.
      Fixed a bug where ambient creatures would enter into combat with one another and never despawn. This led to server over-population of creatures and poor server performance.
      Kaylee does in fact exist.
      Fixed an issue where bandits had forgotten how to reload efficiently. Expect more opposition.
      Fixed a game server issue that was slowing down response time by some NPCs.
      Fixed an exploit with the MPU mission that would allow players to trigger the spawn of far more creatures than designed.
      Fixed an issue with thumper crash parts flying into the walls near Trans-Hub.
      Temporarily removed the Chosen Overseer from New Eden while his extreme rate of fire weapon is in the shop.


      Fixed an issue where the assist and death statistics in replay mode were switched.
      Fixed an issue where the scoreboard would not carry data over to the second round in Orbital Comm Tower.
      Fixed an issue where TAB and Scoreboard were not reporting all kills.
      Fixed an issue where PvP kill stats were not being increased if the deceased was damaged by a turret that had died before the player died.
      Fixed a race condition when transferring from New Eden to PvP matches that resulted in players being logged out of the game.
      Fixed a serverside crash that was most often appearing mid-way through certain PvP matches.
      Fixed multiple bugs preventing different players from queuing for PvP.
      Fixed a certain synchronization error between client and server that would lead to incorrect hit detection with certain weapons – maybe you really did get that headshot!
      Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen upon logging out of a spectator match.
      Potentially fixed an issue with spectator camera not being deactivated properly between rounds in Orbital Comm Tower resulting in reduced framerate performance.
      Fixed an issue that would display an incorrect loading screen texture on the first time loading into Orbital Comm Tower.


      Fixed an issue where the chat interface would get stuck while loading in or out of PvP matches.
      Fixed an issue where the scan hammer report would report the incorrect resource rarity.
      Fixed battleframe garage equipment tool tip stats not comparing correctly.
      Fixed several German language assets.
      Removed a reference to a New unreleased feature in the Battleframe Garage that You were not meant to see yet.

    Performance and Graphics

      Significantly reduced memory usage.
      Fixed an issue where characters would be covered by black textures when selecting an empty battleframe garage slot.
      Fixed various prop and collision issues.
      Fixed a bug where certain execute animations were still being played when violence settings were disabled.

Mercredi 8 août 2012  
Patch Notes v0.5.1409

Gameplay Changes

    Changed everything.
    Created fun.

Known Issues

    Clients using Windows 32-bit may experience intermittent crashes due to out of memory errors.
    Chosen drop ship on invasion will sometimes blink in and out of visibility.

Enjoy the patch.


Vendredi 27 juillet 2012  
Firefall lance ses serveurs européens et prépare la Gamescom

Dans la foulée de l'ouverture de son bureau européen, le studio Red 5 inaugurera ses serveurs européens notamment au travers d'un tournoi PvP organisé dans le cadre de la Gamescom. Les participants se disputeront 10 000 euros de dotations.

Chaque année, la Gamescom de Cologne est incontestablement l'un des principaux rendez-vous européens de l'année vidéo ludique. Les acteurs du Vieux continent sont évidemment présents, mais leurs homologues nord-américains (voire asiatiques) saisissent aussi l'occasion pour s'adresser aux joueurs d'Europe.
On se souvient que le studio Red 5 annonçait récemment l'ouverture de ses bureaux européens, en plus des serveurs localisés de Firefall, son shooter online. C'est donc assez logiquement que les équipes (européennes) de Red 5 seront également présentes cette année à Cologne pour la Gamescom, du 16 au 19 août prochain.

Au programme des festivités, le développeur entend présenter la dernière mouture de Firefall. En vrac, on pourra découvrir un nouveau stade d'évolution des personnages et des options de personnalisation, le nouveau système d'artisanat et de collecte de ressources minières, ou encore le contenu « open world » et PvP nouvellement intégré au jeu, s'appuyant sur de zones inédites et le système d'événements dynamiques.
On retiendra tout autant l'organisation du premier tournoi PvP européen de Firefall, qui s'inscrit dans le cadre d'un partenariat avec l'ESL (l'Electronic Sports League). Les meilleures équipes du Vieux continent sont donc invitées à concourir du 16 au 18 août... et se disputer les 10 000 euros de dotations.


Mercredi 4 juillet 2012  
Le PvP de Firefall s'émancipe des champs de bataille

En plus des champs de batailles PvP déjà disponibles, Firefall ouvre son gameplay aux affrontements entre joueurs en monde ouvert. On pourra provoquer les joueurs en duels voire affronter d'autres escouades.

Toujours en bêta-test dont les portes s'ouvrent progressivement à de plus en plus de joueurs, Firefall, le shooter du studio Red 5, continue d'être régulièrement mis à jour. Parmi les ajouts à venir prochainement, le développeur annonce un mode « duel PvP en monde ouvert ». Au détour d'une exploration de l'univers, un joueur peut en défier un autre pour engager un duel et, dans la foulée, le mécanisme est également étendu aux affrontements entre escouade.
On le comprend, en plus des champs de batailles (battleground) déjà disponibles, on pourra prochainement improviser des combats « open world ». Les duels se dévoilent en vidéo.

Aperçu des duels PvP en monde ouvert dans Firefall

Pour mémoire, il est toujours possible de s'inscrire sur le site officiel pour peut-être être invité à rejoindre les serveurs de tests.


Mercredi 30 mai 2012  
Le studio Red 5 ouvre ses bureaux européens et recrute localement

Le studio Red 5 (Firefall) ouvre ses bureaux européens en Irlande, et recrute des autochtones maîtrisant langues et cultures locales pour créer Red 5 Europe. Le studio cherche des européens prêts à « rejoindre la tribu »

L'actualité récente de l'industrie vidéo ludique est incontestablement marquée depuis quelques jours par plusieurs vagues de licenciements (que ce soit chez 38 Studios, Big Huge Games ou encore Bioware Austin). Plus réjouissant, d'autres groupes recrutent néanmoins encore et se font fort de reclasser les récents licenciés - c'est le cas entre autres du studio Red 5 dont le fondateur, Mark Kern, se veut un militant de la cause vidéo ludique et de la bonne santé du secteur.
Et si le groupe recrute au sein de son siège, en Californie, il annonce aussi aujourd'hui l'installation de son bureau européen, à Cork en Irlande, le fait savoir en vidéo et invite les locaux à rejoindre ce nouveau bureau.

Le studio Red 5 s'installe en Europe et recrute

En plus d'un cri d'amour aux joueurs européens (qui comptent autant, sinon plus, que leurs homologues nord-américains - Mark Kern souligne qu'à l'époque du lancement de World of Warcraft auquel il a participé, la population de joueurs européens croissait plus vite que celle des joueurs américains), le CEO souligne surtout vouloir non pas ouvrir une simple succursale de localisation mais bel et bien créer sur place le studio « Red 5 Europe » avec une équipe autochtone maîtrisant la culture et les langues locales (pour s'adresser notamment aux joueurs français et allemands).
A mots couverts, on comprend que le discours s'adresse d'abord et avant tout aux joueurs européens qui profiteront d'une bêta et de serveurs dédiés au Vieux continent, mais les curieux souhaitant « rejoindre la tribu Red 5 » (et non rebutés par la charme discret de la ville de Cork) sont invités à postuler à cette adresse (Red 5 Europe devrait compter une trentaine de salariés).


Mercredi 23 mai 2012  
Firefall abandonne son système de niveau et mise sur les compétences

Actuellement en bêta-test, Firefall revoit drastiquement son gameplay : les niveaux disparaissent pour laisser place à un mécanisme d'aptitudes à débloquer et d'équipement à personnaliser.

Le studio Red 5 l'avait annoncé : le bêta-test de Firefall devait accueillir les joueurs tôt dans le processus de développement afin de recueillir des opinions susceptibles d'influer les choix de gameplay. Manifestement, au regard des tests, la version actuelle du shooter online ne répond pas aux attentes de Red 5 puisque le studio annonce une modification drastique du gameplay de Firefall : le système de progression des personnages (qui gagnaient des niveaux) disparait pour laisser place à un mécanisme d'attitudes à obtenir progressivement. C'est ce qu'on retient du dernier journal de développement vidéo.

Journal de développement : plus de skill, moins de niveau

Avec les prochaines mises à jour du jeu, Firefall verra son système de progression des personnages évoluer drastiquement. Les niveaux des personnages (acquis avec de l'expérience) disparaissent notamment pour éviter une trop grande disparité entre vétérans et nouveaux joueurs. En lieu et place, les joueurs devront notamment collecter des ressources pour accéder à des capacités dépendant aussi de leur équipement. Selon l'équipe de développement, ce nouveau mécanisme devrait permettre une meilleure personnalisation des battleframes du jeu, tout en assurant un équilibrage plus juste (s'appuyant sur le skill du joueur et non la puissance du personnage).
En attendant de tester sur pièce en bêta, on note que le « développement organique » (qui évolue en fonction des réactions des joueurs) mis en place par Red 5 permet au studio de s'adapter promptement quitte à apporter des modifications drastiques... même si le système de progression verticale devait initialement apporter une touche « MMO » et « RPG » au shooter qu'est déjà Firefall.


Lundi 9 avril 2012  
PAX East 2012 - Firefall précise ses ambitions

Selon le vétéran Scott Youngblood, Firefall (sur lequel il travaille actuellement) est l'aboutissement de ce qu'il rêvait pour Tribes (sur lequel il travaillait à la fin des années 90) : un FPS dynamique embarquant des composantes de MMO.

Firefall se dévoilait à la fois dans le cadre de l'édition 2012 de la PAX East de Boston et en bêta (les serveurs de test sont maintenant accessibles 24h/24 et les clauses de confidentialité imposées aux testeurs ont été levées) et les équipes de développement de Firefall livrent quelques détails sur l'ambition du projet.
Dans le cadre du salon nord-américain, Scott Youngblood (qui travaille aujourd'hui sur Firefall, mais à qui on doit notamment Starsiege: Tribes, l'un des premiers FPS à intégrer, dès la fin des années 90, des jet-packs et donc une troisième dimension à son gameplay) confiait notamment au magazine Escapist que Firefall était pour lui l'aboutissement de ce qu'il rêvait initialement pour la licence Tribes.

Quinze ans plus tard, selon le développeur, Firefall s'appuie non seulement sur un gameplay rapide, dynamique et exploitant pleinement trois dimensions jouables (les jet-packs sont partie intégrantes du gameplay de Firefall), mais aussi et surtout une composante inspirée des MMO et qui, à l'époque, n'avait pu être intégrées aux derniers opus historiques de Tribes : un univers persistant et des ressources à collecter.
Dans le cadre de la démo de Firefall présentée à la PAX East, les joueurs sont rapidement confrontés à des missions les invitant à collecter des ressources (des minerais bleus baptisés coralites et crystite), qu'il faudra raffiner afin de les utiliser pour fabriquer des armes et armures dans le cadre des mécanismes d'artisanat du jeu (et l'équipement est important dans Firefall dans la mesure où chaque joueur peut incarner plusieurs classes et que chacune d'elle dispose d'un équipement au moins partiellement spécifique). On comprend l'intérêt de cette approche : au-delà des affrontements (funs et rapides, mais potentiellement répétitifs), la dimension persistante du jeu encourage l'immersion, l'interaction entre les joueurs et augmente d'autant la durée de vie de Firefall.
Et de préciser dans la foulée que le jeu est distribué en free-en-play, mais de souligner (comme de coutume) que le recours à la boutique ne devrait pas avoir d'impact significatif sur le gameplay : en plus des coralites et crystites trouvables dans l'univers de jeu, la boutique permettra d'acquérir des Red Beans (des haricots rouges) pouvant accélérer certains processus d'artisanat. Ainsi, le raffinage des ressources pourra nécessiter plusieurs heures réelles, mais être réduit à quelques (dizaines) de minutes en y intégrant des Red Beans.

Pour mémoire, Firefall est actuellement en bêta-test privé, mais les serveurs doivent s'ouvrir de plus en plus largement au fil des semaines et mois à venir. De quoi se forger une opinion plus concrète sur son gameplay.


Lundi 9 avril 2012  
PAX East 2012 - La trame de Firefall en cinématique

Dans le cadre de la PAX East 2012 qui se tenait à Boston le week-end dernier, le shooter Firefall dévoilait le premier chapitre de sa trame, entre sacrifice et choix cruciaux au travers d'une cinématique.

Tout au long du week-end, Boston a accueilli l'édition 2012 de la PAX East (l'un des principaux salons vidéo ludiques de la côte Est des Etats-Unis) et quelques-uns des principaux acteurs occidentaux de l'industrie du jeu. Dans le lot, les équipes du studio Red 5 présentaient Firefall aux curieux, notamment au travers d'une bande-annonce cinématique dévoilant le premier chapitre de la trame du shooter online (visible en ligne chez Gametrailers.

On y découvre notamment que l'humanité, grâce à de mystérieuses ressources, a réussi à fabriquer son premier vaisseau, l'Arclight, en principe capable de sauts dans l'espace. Le premier essai s'avère un échec et au lieu de traverser la galaxie, le vaisseau est toujours en orbite autour de la Terre et le crash s'avère inévitable. Au regard de sa trajectoire, l'Arclight devrait s'écraser sur la ville brésilienne de Fortaleza, la ville natale du commandant de bord, et faire des dizaines de milliers de victimes. Il entend faire calculer une autre trajectoire pour épargner ses proches. En poussant les réacteurs, il pourrait épargner Fortaleza, mais en sacrifiant Rio de Janeiro et sa population de 1,2 millions d'habitants. Au dernier moment, il renonce à cette nouvelle trajectoire et sacrifie sa famille... et manifestement, les matériaux expérimentaux des moteurs de l'Arclight auront des conséquences bien au-delà de la seule cité brésilienne.


Vendredi 30 mars 2012  
Nouvelle étape de bêta le 2 avril, levée de NDA le 6 avril

À partir du 2 avril prochain, les serveurs de bêta-test de Firefall seront accessibles sans interruption (24/7). Et dans la foulée de la PAX East où le jeu sera présenté, la clause de confidentialité pesant sur les testeurs sera levée.

Il y a deux ans, lors de la PAX Prime 2010 de Seattle, le studio Red 5 présentait la première version jouable de Firefall aux joueurs nord-américains. L'année suivante, la PAX Prime 2011 était l'occasion de donner le coup d'envoi du bêta-test de Firefall et cette année à l'occasion de la PAX East, la bêta franchit un nouveau cap alors que les testeurs sont aujourd'hui de plus en plus nombreux (on le sait, les distributions d'invitations se font notamment de façon virale : les testeurs reçoivent régulièrement des invitations à distribuer à leurs proche et potentiellement, ce sont 40 000 nouveaux testeurs qui pourraient rejoindre le jeu suite à la dernière vague d'invitations).
Dès le 2 avril prochain, les serveurs de tests de Firefall seront ainsi accessibles en permanence, 24h par jour, sept jours par semaines.
Et pour l'occasion, dans une lettre ouverte aux joueurs, le studio Red 5 réclame un peu d'indulgence à ses testeurs : les équipes de supports ne sont pas toujours présentes en permanence (elles sont plus disponibles aux heures de bureau) et le temps qu'une équipe définitive se mettent en place, leur réactivité sera elle-aussi, en phase de « bêta-test » et susceptible de connaître des ratés.

On retiendra tout autant qu'à l'occasion de la PAX East qui ouvrira ses portes le 6 avril, les visiteurs du salon américain pourront tester le jeu et repartiront tous avec un accès au bêta-test. Et dans la foulée, les clauses de confidentialités (NDA) pesant sur les testeurs seront levées. Dès lors, captures et vidéos de joueurs pourront être librement partagées. Prochaines étapes : bêta ouverte puis lancement.


Vendredi 13 janvier 2012  
Red 5 monte au front contre le SOPA et prend des mesures de rétorsion

Aux États-Unis, le Stop Online Piracy Act (ce projet de loi jugé liberticide visant à lutter contre le piratage) mobile le web outre-Atlantique. Le studio Red 5, très hostile au texte, ferme le bêta-test de Firefall en signe de protestation et reconsidère sa participation à l'E3.

Si l'on en parle encore peu en Europe, le Web nord-américain se mobilise depuis maintenant plusieurs semaines contre le Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), un projet de loi porté par le Congrès outre-Atlantique visant à lutter contre les violations des droits d'auteur et la contrefaçon en ligne. Objet de la contestation ? Notamment des mesures de sanctions jugées particulièrement brutales contre les sites incriminés puisque sur simple demande écrite d'un ayant-droit, un site prétendument contrevenant pourrait être « ostracisé » (les groupes américains, de Google à PayPal en passant par les régies publicitaires, auraient obligation de rompre toutes relations commerciales avec les sites incriminés, interdisant donc les moteurs de recherches de les référencer, les sites marchands d'autoriser leurs transactions ou les régies publicitaires d'y diffuser de la publicité et donc d'assurer leur pérennité financière). Des mesures qui, pour les détracteurs du texte, paraissent exorbitantes et liberticides, pour un encadrement judiciaire jugé défaillant.

À la suite de nombreux juristes, universitaires, voire d'hommes politiques américains, l'industrie du Web se mobilise contre le texte (Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, entre autres) aux côtés de plusieurs exploitants de jeux en ligne - en vrac, Zynga, Riot Games, Runic Games, Trion Worlds, Nival, Epic Games mais aussi 38 Studios malgré son CEO Curt Schilling connu pour ses positions politiques d'habitude très conservatrices, ou encore les principaux consoliers. S'y ajoute aussi Red 5, particulièrement actif contre le texte en la voix de Mark Kern, appelant les joueurs au boycott des (rares) éditeurs de jeux qui soutiennent encore le texte (la position d'Electronic Arts, notamment, reste ambiguë) et annonçant aujourd'hui que son studio entend reconsidérer sa participation à l'E3 cette année si l'ESA (l'association des éditeurs de jeux aux États-Unis et organisatrice de l'E3) reste favorable à ce texte « qui n'est ni dans l'intérêt des joueurs, ni dans celui de l'industrie du jeu ». Et d'en remettre une couche en annonçant l'organisation d'une journée de protestation, le 18 janvier prochain, au cours de laquelle le bêta-test de Firefall sera symboliquement fermé.
On ignore si ces initiatives auront un poids réel sur le rejet (ou non) du texte, mais le studio a sans doute au moins le mérite d'assumer ses convictions.


Vendredi 6 janvier 2012  
Crystal Graziano et Lee Reherman donnent corps à Firefall - Mise à Jour

Si le Cosplay n'a pas toujours bonne presse en Occident, la pratique revêt une importance particulière en Asie. Raison pour laquelle, sans doute, le studio Red 5 s'attache les services de Crystal Graziano et Lee Reherman pour incarner les personnages emblématiques de Firefall.

Si l'exercice n'est pas toujours très prisé en Occident, le Cosplay (cette pratique visant à se déguiser, voire à interpréter un personnage issu notamment de jeux vidéo) revêt une importance particulière en Asie où les cosplayers professionnels bénéficient d'une vraie notoriété et participent pleinement de la promotion des titres auxquels ils donnent vie et qu'ils défendent.
Raison pour laquelle, sans doute, le studio Red 5 s'est attaché les services de Crystal Graziano (cosplayeuse professionnelle) et Lee Reherman (comédien et membre des American Gladiators) pour endosser les costumes de Steve Wang (notamment maquilleur et créateur de truquages et effets spéciaux pour le cinéma) et incarner les personnages emblématiques de Firefall.

Pendant « au moins un an », le duo sillonnera la planète pour donner corps à Firefall et promouvoir le jeu en ligne compétitif du studio Red 5 dans le cadre des salons et conventions où le jeu sera présenté cette année. Reste à déterminer si la pratique peut trouver un certain écho favorable auprès des joueurs occidentaux.

Cosplay - Crystal Graziano
Cosplay - Crystal Graziano et Lee Reherman

Mise à jour (7 janvier 2011) : la rencontre entre Lee Reherman (en commandant Typhon) et Crystal Graziano (qui incarne le personnage de Mourningstar) s'illustre en vidéo.



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