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Mardi 28 avril 2015
Dirt, Ice, Sand, Snow, and Stone Builder's Bundle Compensation

For this update, one of the things we’ve focused on was improving the experience of building. One of the changes we made to accomplish this was to remove the resource cost associated with building with basic resources (Dirt, Ice, Sand, Snow, and Stone). We think this will greatly improve the building experience, but there’s one consequence. Previously, bundles of these resources were offered for sale in the Marketplace. Since building with these resources will no longer cost anything, and because the primary purpose of these bundles was for building, we’ve removed the basic resource bundles as part of this update.

We wanted to ensure that anyone who purchased basic resources before this change is compensated with an item of equal value and that it is each player’s choice of exactly how they’re compensated. To do with this, we have designed a system that meets both needs and wanted to let you know how it will work!

In short, anyone who purchased these discontinued bundles will be able to exchange them for a different bundle of equal value. For anyone who purchased one of the affected bundles, here’s how it’ll work:

For every Builder’s Bag or Builder’s Chest you purchased of any of the now-free resources, you’ll receive an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclamation.

    1 Builder’s Bag = 1 Orb of Reclaimed Energy
    1 Builder’s Chest = 5 Orbs of Reclaimed Energy

You’ll also receive a Resource Reclamation Chest, which is a prop you can place on your claim, and which you can use to exchange Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for the tier 1 or tier 2 resource bundle (complete list of available resources is below) of your choose.

    1 Orb of Reclaimed Energy = 1 Builder’s Bag
    5 Orbs of Reclaimed Energy = 1 Builder’s Chest


      If you previously bought 3 Stone Builder’s Bags, you’d receive 3 Orbs of Reclamation (1 for each Bag). You could then exchange each of those orbs for a Builder’s Bag of your choice from the Resource Reclamation Chest
      If you had bought 5 Stone Builder’s Chests, you’d receive a total of 25 Orbs of Reclamation (5 for each Chest). You could then exchange those 25 Orbs for 5 different Builder’s Chests (or 25 Builder’s Bags, or whatever combination you choose).


      If you choose to get replacement Builder’s Chests, you’ll still get the appropriate Bonus Box with it and have another chance to get rare outfits along with bonus resources!

Tier 1 & Tier 2 resources Builder’s Bags and Builder’s Chests you can exchange Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for:

    Burled Wood
    Plain Wood
    Striped Wood

Also, because recent improvements to the upkeep system have significantly changed the function of copper in the game, we'll be granting an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for any Copper purchased from the marketplace to give you the opportunity to choose a different resource in place of it (though Copper is still useful as a building material and still available as a Builder Bag or Chest). Similarly, we are also going to be granting an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy (based on the number of days of upkeep purchased as well as the number of claims you had at the time) to people who purchased Claim Upkeep via SC.

Removing items from the store that people had purchased was not an easy decision, but the degree to which free basic resources improves the experience of building necessitated these changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your understanding during this early phase of development.

Terry "Fairan" Michaels, Senior Producer


Jeudi 23 avril 2015
Upcoming Claim Limit Changes

Hello again Landmarkians!

We’re going to be making some changes to the number of claims everyone can have in the near future (with the update planned on, or around, April 29, 2015) and how you go about extending those caps.

Here are the current limits for everyone:

    Total number of root claims: 2
    Total number of attachment claims: 8

When the changes go in, these will be the initial limits for all players:

    Initial number of root claims: 1
    Initial number of attachment claims: 3

But before you freak out when reading how the numbers went down, we will also be granting the following to all current (at the time of the update) players when the new system goes live:

    Granted Root Claim Expansion Slots: 1
    Granted Attachment Claim Expansion Slots: 5

So you will see *no* change with the update in how many root or attachment claims you can currently have (2 root and 8 attachment).

With the new system, however, you *will* be able to expand the number of root and attachment claims you can have through the Marketplace. When you purchase a Root Claim Expansion Slot or an Attachment Claim Expansion Slot, you’ll get an item that you can consume to increase your maximum number of that particular type of claim (and also receive a corresponding claim flag to go with it). These items will also be tradable in case you want to surprise a friend with a gift. :)

The total number of claims you can have including all possible expansions are:

    Maximum number of root claims: 8
    Maximum number of attachment claims: 24

We are working on the pricing for these items currently and as soon as we know what that will be, we will share that information with everyone.


Mardi 21 avril 2015
Upcoming Continent Changes

Greetings, Founders!

As you probably know by now, we’re releasing a large update later this month, which includes the wipe and a ton of new improvements to Landmark. We previously talked about the changes to Crafting/Harvesting and Achievements/Progression, and today we want to share some info about the new continents coming too!

I'll explain everything in more detail below, but here are big takeaways:

    Brand new continents with cooler shapes and new biomes.
    Surface caves return, and they can be claimed!
    More interesting underground caves with more ruins and fewer dead ends.
    Combat NPCs now only patrol underground... explore at your own risk!

New Continents

We're releasing about 20 new continents that feature brand new topography, continent shapes, and biomes! These will replace the current continents entirely.


    The new continent shapes allow the ocean to break into the landmass, creating more islands, archipelagos, and peninsulas, etc.
    Above is one example of the new sorts of shapes we're able to provide in these new continents.


Several new biomes have been added, both above and below ground. Existing biomes have had their props improved!

    Prop placement in every biome has been improved. There are more total props and their placement/composition is more aesthetically pleasing (aka more pretty!).
    Underwater is now a full biome, complete with unique props and flora.
    4 new biomes will be introduced: Deciduous Surface, Deciduous Cavern, Volcanic Surface, and Volcanic Cavern. These all have unique materials, flora, and props.
    Screenshots > words, so here are some screenshots for you to see the new biomes directly!


Surface Caves

They're back! Surface cave networks (caves that have entrances on the surface of the continent) will once again be found on every continent to provide some cool cracks in the earth to explore, and give a first taste of underground exploration.


    Surface caves naturally break the surface much more frequently than they did in the past. This creates some very cool-looking ravines and ditches where you can climb/leap/fall into a hole in the roof of a cave.
    Surface caves no longer restrict you from placing claims around them. The new cave entrances looked too awesome and inspired too many great build ideas for us to close them off, so surface caves are now claimable land. You must still place your base claim on the surface, but you can extend your claim downwards into a cave. This is a big change, and we expect that claiming naturally beautiful locations around and in caves will be a big draw for builders. One consequence of this choice is that players could potentially build over and block off some parts of caves -- but because surface caves are not essential to progression in any way, we believe that the benefits of allowing players to claim them far outweigh the potential negative effects.
    Players will start with a basic grappling hook, and surface caves don't have massive drop tiles in them.
    Surface cave do not have caverns or ruins inside of them. (Side note: This means that you will not be allowed to claim land with underground ruins in it.)

Underground Caves

TLDR: Bigger, Better, Deeper, Darker!


    Underground cave networks with POIs in them, like graveyards and portal shards are much, much longer than they were previously. You should now be able to find plenty of interesting things after arriving in a cave network without having to pulverize out of it.
    There are WAAAY more caverns and ruins in the underground. To give you an idea, here are rough estimates. Old: 25 caverns, 15 ruins (per layer). New: 300 caverns, 250 ruins (per layer). The goal with this change is to increase the number of interesting locations to find while exploring underground. We believe (and your feedback told us) that caverns with ruins are the most interesting part of exploring the underground, and our technical tests with the first round of caves informed us that we can afford to have more in a zone.
    There is a whole new batch of ruins to discover in underground caverns! Most of these are larger than ruins on Live now and have some truly epic architecture. Like earlier ruins, these were created by players during the Ruins Team-Up and will have walk-in messages that inform you who built them.
    There are fewer dead-ends in underground cave networks.
    Caverns can no longer appear directly next to one another in a long chain. There is a minimum distance between them, which will make them appear more natural in the network.
    Underground layers are approximately 40% taller than they were before. Their width is roughly the same.
    All caves are now slightly darker.

NPC Distribution

NPCs have been rebalanced to improve the combat experience and to work with the new combat progression, outlined in our Achievement/Progression post.

    Combat NPCs no longer appear on the surface or in surface caves.
    Fiery Fungi remain on the surface, and will also be underground -- just like before.
    NPCs have been rebalance from Tiers 1 through 5 to be in line with the new character stat progression. The deeper into the world you travel, the tougher the enemies will be that you encounter.

We’re looking forward to you experiencing these changes yourself after the wipe with the next big game update at the end of the month.

Happy Adventures,


Lundi 20 avril 2015
Upcoming Achievement / Progression Changes

Greetings, Founders!

As you probably know by now, we’re releasing a large update later this month, which includes the wipe and a ton of new improvements to Landmark. We previously talked about the changes to Crafting and Harvesting, and today we want to share some of the huge improvements coming to the Achievement system!


The small set of achievements that we originally released were intended to test out the Journal and Watch List UI elements, and show our first attempt at providing tutorial information to new players. Thank you for your help testing those and for giving your candid feedback about what you liked, and how you wanted to see them improve. We took that feedback to heart and have revamped the entire tutorial experience, and refined our plans for what achievements should be used for in Landmark.

I’ll explain each of these big changes below, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening:

    The tutorial achievements have a little more structure and now focus on directing players towards building before sending them out into the world.
    Recipes can now be tracked through the Journal, replacing the old Recipe Tracker System.
    The different sections for achievements (Goals, Feats, Collections) has been removed and all non-recipe achievements now live under one single header.
    Full combat progression has been added, through a bunch of new Achievements that give permanent character stat rewards.
    There is also a ton of new non-progression Achievements that can grant vanity rewards, like titles or outfits.

UI Changes

We’ve been pushing out most of our UI improvements to Live in the last few updates, because we knew they’d be helpful, even without the new achievements. There are a few new UI changes coming in this big update too.


    Based on feedback and our new goals, the Collection achievements category has been removed. We had planned for these achievements to reward collecting non-combat items, but the new recipe crafting achievements serve a similar purpose of tracking items, and we want achievements to focus on encouraging players to do fun, consequential activities – not just hoarding items.
    The Goals achievements category has also been removed. We had planned for these meta-meta-achievements to be guiding paths that directed the player towards different activities in-game. We found that this goal was better accomplished with better organization and labeling of the actual achievements directly instead.
    Achievement frame types and quality levels have been standardized. Grey gem = tutorial achievement. Purple = progression achievement. Green = non-tutorial, non-progression achievement. White metallic = recipe.
    These changes combined mean that there are now only two categories in the Journal, which are much more easily understood: Achievements and Recipes.
    That fancy bar at the top of the Journal that tracks how many achievements you’ve completed now has a fancy name: Founder Score. The more achievements you complete, the higher your Founder Score will be. You can see the specific value each achievement will reward in the bottom-right corner of its card.
    For now, your Founder Score will not be visible to other players, although we plan to add that feature in the future.

Updating the Tutorial

Based on your feedback along with our internal playtests, we determined that our previous tutorial experience didn’t do a good job of walking new players through the different types of gameplay available to them. So, we’ve revamped the entire process to make it more useful to new players, without restricting veteran players that want to move on quickly. This new tutorial process works towards our bigger goal for this update: to re-focus Landmark on its unique social building-centric gameplay.


    Every tutorial achievement remains optional. You can still immediately run off into the world and do whatever you’d like.
    You now start with only one achievement tracked, directing you to place the provided claim flag on your hotbar.
    Then, you place one of five new starter home templates, which we have provided for you. These were built by the dev team, have different styles ranging from warehouse to dojo, and only use materials that are free to build with. They are basic builds, designed to help new players see the sorts of things they can build in Landmark and inspire them to start building their own custom homes.
    After you’ve claimed some goodies from those first achievements, you choose what you want to learn about next. You can begin using the different building tools and learning what they do, or you can head out and start harvesting.
    Each of those choices lead down different roads, but you can work towards either of them at any time. You earn all the build tools (including the Builder’s Bauble of Flight) from the build path, and you earn everything you need to start adventuring and harvesting underground (including a pulverizer and cave sounder) from the adventure path.
    The new tutorial spreads out at which achievements are automatically tracked, so that you receive them at a reasonable pace, rather than all at once. The goal is to help new players understand the sorts of things they can do, find what they’re most excited to try, and then direct them towards the bare essentials they’ll need to succeed at it.

Recipe Tracking

The old recipe tracker is gone (huzzah!). Recipes are now tracked through the achievement Watch List, instead of competing with it for UI real estate. This change also gave us a good opportunity to add some very nice quality-of-life improvements to tracking recipes, which should make life away from the crafting stations a bit easier.


    There are two types of recipes: free and non-free. Free recipes require no resources to craft (such as the Adventurer’s gear that you start out with), while non-free recipes require resources to craft, such as a piece of armor.
    There is a new tab in the Journal called “Recipes” – this houses a recipe achievement for each non-free recipe you can craft in Landmark (since there is no reason to track free recipes).
    You can complete these achievements by crafting the recipe once, but they do not reward any Founder Score or other rewards. Their primary purpose is for tracking the components you need while harvesting out in the world.
    Recipe Achievements have a unique card frame and gem icon to make them visually distinct from achievements.
    You can track recipes in the Journal, or directly at the crafting stations. When looking at a recipe on a crafting station, there is a “Watch” button next to the “Craft” button, which will automatically track/untrack that recipe in your Watch List.
    Recipes are sorted in the same categories and order as they are on the crafting stations, and have their item icon displayed prominently on the achievement card. Combined, that will hopefully make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Combat Progression Achievements

The primary way to progress your character’s power level is through completing progression achievements, which reward character stats. These achievements involve activities across the game, including non-combat activities, but they all reward combat-related stats.


    There are five primary progression achievements, which grant enough stats to allow you to succeed in the next underground layer. These are called Layer 1 Adventurer, Layer 2 Adventurer, etc.. To complete them, you must kill monsters, loot treasure chests, and harvest resources in that tier. Each of these rewards a hefty dose of Health, Offense, and Armor.
    There are a bunch of secondary progression achievements, which grant small values of minor stats like Critical Strike, Armor Steal, and Energy Regeneration. They should not be required to defeat monsters in the next tier, but will make things a little easier and provide further goals for combat fans to pursue.
    Progression achievements can be found in almost every category in the Journal, and are highlighted by the epic purple color of their card frame and quality gem.
    It’s much easier to get 2-ability weapons now (see the crafting changes note for more general info on crafting changes). You start with a 2-ability Adventurer’s Blade, and you can loot or craft (for pretty cheap) 2-ability versions of all the other weapons.
    To upgrade to the 3-ability version of a weapon, you just need to kill monsters with it. Each weapon specialization achievement rewards the 3-ability weapon and the recipe to craft it, in case you delete it. Because these 3-ability weapons are earned from achievements and can be crafted for free in case you delete yours, 3-ability weapons cannot be traded.

Non-Progression Achievements

There are tons of new achievements that don’t give progression rewards. They’re there to encourage a variety of other activities in-game, and to give fun vanity rewards for big accomplishments.


    There are tons of exclusive titles and outfits to earn through Achievements that let you show off your accomplishments.
    There are non-progression achievements in almost every category – from crafting to building to treasure hunting!
    The Armor Mastery achievements are designed to help you see at a glance, all 33 of the armor sets available, along with what stats they provide and how to craft them. Hopefully, this will help you in your search for the perfect combat build for your playstyle. (You’ll also get to enjoy the sometimes-groan-worthy nicknames and puns that Cronyn came up for each armor set while naming the achievements, ha!)

We’re looking forward to you experiencing these changes yourself after the wipe with the next big game update at the end of the month.

Happy Adventures,


Jeudi 16 avril 2015
Upcoming Crafting / Harvesting Changes

Hey everyone!

As you know, we’re working towards a large update scheduled for the end of this month. This update will include the wipe (LINK). It will also include significant changes to the Crafting and Harvesting systems, which we want to tell you about today!

Crafting / Harvesting

One of Landmark’s primary goals has always been to test EQN systems, but in many cases we've let this goal come before focusing on the systems unique to Landmark. With this update we are taking a step back and refocusing crafting and harvesting to better support Landmark systems first, particularly building, and EQN systems second. While we fully intend to continue testing EQN systems in Landmark, we want to make sure that those tests are apparent and unobtrusive, so that Landmark’s core gameplay remains undisturbed as we continue this unique simultaneous development process.

In this update you’ll see a number of changes prompted by this new philosophy, including the removal of salvaging, upgrading, and random item quality, as well as various consolidation and quality of life improvements to both crafting and harvesting. You can find more details on these changes below, but some of the big takeaways include:

    Components previously supplied by salvaging, such as Ether Shards and Aspects, are now only used to craft weapons, armor, and accessories.
    Items are no longer created with random stats.
    Most common building materials can now be placed for free, but all other materials are placed with refined components, however these components are used for both building and crafting.
    All recipes are now crafted at either the Forge or Workshop and only the Sifter and a new refiner, the Replicator, remain for bulk resource refining.
    Any tree can be chopped by any axe and any plant can be reaped by any sickle, but higher tier sickles provide more resources when reaping larger plants.
    Upgraded versions of the Founder’s Pickaxe can now be crafted, and the Mastercraft Bracer now grants increased yield when refining components.

Removal of Salvaging

The salvaging system is a critical part of our economic plans for EQN, and introducing the system in Landmark provided us with a wealth of extremely valuable information that will help us continue to refine it over time, but that refinement doesn't need to take place in Landmark. As such, we are removing salvaging and adjusting the way in which you earn and use the various items previously provided by the system so that they exist separately from Landmark’s core gameplay.

    Ether Shards are no longer required components in most recipes.
    The Ether Stone salvaging station has been disabled and can no longer be crafted, though it can still be placed as a decorative prop from the prop palette.
    Aspects and Essences, which are still used to craft weapons, armor, and accessories, can now be crafted with Ether Shards at the Forge.
    Monsters and chests no longer drop combat items or recipes. Instead they now occasionally drop Aspects and Essences in addition to their normal drops (Ether Shards for monsters; Ether Shards, resources, and exploration items for chests).
    Tools are no longer crafted with Aspects.
    Ancient Earth deposits have been removed from the game.

Removal of Upgrading and Random Item Quality

Upgrading and Item Quality are core EQN itemization systems that impact all items on a very deep level, meaning that additional iteration on these systems in Landmark would have necessitated additional item wipes. As this is a scenario we want to avoid, we have decided to remove these systems as we continue developing them for EQN. Future iterations of these systems are likely to surface again in Landmark, but they will be compartmentalized so that testing can occur without negatively impacting Landmark gameplay.

    Items are no longer crafted with random stats. Item quality is instead used to designate common resources (average/white), uncommon resources (superior/green), and crafted items (exceptional/blue).
    The upgrading interface has been removed from the game.
    Relics have been removed from the game.

Crafting Components Consolidation

Since these updates are designed to refocus on Landmark’s core gameplay, we've decided to simplify our use of resources so that all component types can be used to build with. This means that Blocks are gone and all Component recipes are now gainful, yielding 150–450 items per recipe. We've also removed superfluous components that are no longer necessary due some other notable changes.

    Building materials that previously used dirt, sand, snow, ice, and common stone can now be placed for free.
    Block items, aside from Lumicite, Plastic, and Glass have been removed from the game. Lumicite, Plastic, and Glass are now referred to as Components instead of Blocks.
    All non-composite component recipes now yield 150 items – this means 100 Copper Ore now becomes 150 Smelted Copper.
    Composite items, such as metal alloys, gem composites, and plastics, are now crafted from component items (meaning refined resources like Smelted Copper) and yield 300–450 items per recipe. Lumicite is also crafted from components, but only yields 150 items per recipe.
    All building materials, aside from the common materials listed above which have no cost, now use component items rather than resource items.
    Heartwood and the various items used to make Heartwood have been removed from the game.
    Plant Fiber and Plant Extract have been removed from the game.
    Cut Stone has been removed from the game.

Crafting Station Consolidation

Along the same lines as our consolidation of crafting components, the crafting stations that make those components have also been consolidated. We've removed all but two of our basic crafting stations, improved the functionality of our top tier sifter, and added a new super refiner that replaces all of our other refiners. We've also dropped the crafting time on all of our recipes to further expedite crafting.

    The Stone Forge is now known simply as the Forge and contains all recipes that use stone, metal, or gems.
    The Tinkerer’s Workshop is now known simply as the Workshop and contains all recipes that use wood or plants.
    The Masterwork Sifter is now known simply as the Sifter and can now sift ice and snow in addition to dirt, sand, and stone. Additionally, the station now requires only 1,000 common resources to create a bag of sifted resources. Sifted bags are also now auto-consumed when crafted.
    The Replicator, a new refining station capable of refining all material types at 300% efficiency, has been added to the game.
    All other crafting and refining stations have been disabled and can no longer be crafted, though they can still be placed as decorative props from the prop palette.
    All recipes now require only 0.25 seconds to craft.

Changes to Tree and Plant Harvesting

Plant and Tree harvesting have received some quality of life improvements, including the introduction of an Adventurer’s Sickle for new players, a redistribution of stats on axes, and a reassessment of how we use harvest rating for both tools.

    The Commoner's Sickle (Tier 1 Sickle) is now known as the Adventurer's Sickle, and is granted automatically to new characters. The item can also be crafted for free at the Forge.
    Axe stats have been redistributed, resulting in a slightly lowered speed stat, but a significantly higher damage stat. The overall result of this change is much faster tree harvesting, particularly with higher tier axes.
    Harvest rating has been removed from all axes and trees, meaning all trees can be chopped by all axes.
    Sickles use harvest rating to increase the potential yield of large and perfect plant variants. Large and perfect plants are much rarer than normal plants and can only be found underground.
    Plants are no longer tier locked, meaning all plants can be found at all tiers (some plants are still exclusive to the surface and all plants are still biome exclusive).
    Non-unique plants are no longer harvestable at all, removing the need for common plant resources (Plant Fiber and Plant Extract).
    Special plants which are still harvestable now have a unique particle effect in order to make them more easily identifiable.
    Sunblossom, Embercup, Cordella, and Nomad’s Crown are new plants being introduced with our new deciduous and volcanic biomes. Several recipes at the Workshop have been modified to use them.

Changes to Founder’s Pickaxe

The Founder’s Pickaxe has been given a slight stat realignment, and can now be upgraded. Three new versions (Settler’s Pickaxe, Explorer’s Pickaxe, and Trailblazer’s Pickaxe) can be sequentially crafted to improve stats and raise mining, which makes the Pickaxe viable from initial acquisition through endgame.

    Founder’s Pickaxe stats have been realigned to make it comparable to other picks and axes.
    Three upgrade recipes now exist for the Founder’s Pickaxe.

Changes to Mastercraft Bracer

The Mastercraft Bracer was originally designed to boost the stat floor when crafting items with randomized stats, and then later changed to provide bonus Ether Shards when crafting just about anything. However, with the removal of random item quality and the reduced use of Ether Shards in most recipes we've updated this item yet again to insure that it retains its original value.

    The Mastercraft Bracer now increases the yield of component recipes (such as Smelted Copper) by 20%. This means that a recipe yielding 150 components would actually yield 180.

Once again, these crafting and harvesting changes are being released with the next major game update (which, as another reminder, will include a character wipe – link). Let us know if you have any questions about these changes, and we look forward to hearing about your firsthand experiences with them in just a few weeks!


Vendredi 3 avril 2015
Broken chests and vanishing props update

Hi Landmarkians!

We have been investigating reports of chests being unable to open and props/crafting stations vanishing when picked up, especially since the March 26th game update. This appears to be due to a bug that was failing to correctly persist some props on claims that had chests on them (even if the prop was not in a chest). While the prop would still physically appear on the claim, the server would not be aware that it was really there or who owned it. So when someone picked up the prop, they would not receive the item and it would simply disappear. If the prop happened to be a chest, the chest also would not open and the items inside it would also be lost.

We believe we have resolved this bug and pushed out a fix in last night’s 5am server bounce which we believe should prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to repair chests and props that were “broken” by this bug, so there may still be props and chests on your claims that will vanish if picked up, and we do not currently have an efficient enough way to restore them in a timely manner before the wipe.

The good news is that with the character/claim wipe coming soon, any special items such as building competition trophies, year zero outfits, founder’s pack items, and anything purchased on the marketplace will be restored to you after the wipe.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and are implementing more tracking and safeguards to prevent this happening again post-wipe.





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