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Samedi 12 décembre 2015
Hotfix notes

Good morning, Landmark!

We ninja-fixed a couple minor things in last night's server bounce.

    You can now scale the snowman's top hat to a larger maximum size
    Holiday garlands, festive trees, and wreaths can also be sized slightly larger
    Jack'o'lanterns and halloween pumpkins once again have recipes and can be placed
    Also fixed some typos in the draped Halas hide props

"Does this hat make my head look big?"


Jeudi 10 décembre 2015
Hotfix notes


    Snowman Carrot and Snowflake Ornament can now be placed using agate and alabaster respectively. (Please call off Chilly McSnowball.)
    Missing Halasian props have been found, and are once again available in the prop palette.
    Props can once again be disassembled.
    The Wall Lantern now turns on and off correctly with linking and triggering.

Also please note: the Halloween Party island will close next week. You don't have to do anything, though feel free to remove your builds early if you wish to use the claim flags or materials.


Mercredi 9 décembre 2015
Holiday Update Notes

Happy Holidays, Landmarkians!

We've got an update today (12/9/2015) starting at 9:00 am PST with an expected downtime of around 2 hours. This update is all about the holidays and having fun with the amazing things you guys do in the game, we hope you all enjoy!

We’ve added a number of new props into the game to help with your Holiday-themed builds!


      Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Red, Silver and even a Snowflake Ornament!


      Winter Wreath & Red Ornament Wreath

    Winter Garland
    Festive Winter Holiday Tree
    Bits and pieces to help make a Snowman!

      Snowman Scarf, Snowman Top Hat, Snowman Carrot

    New Emitters!

      Snowfall Emitter
      Snow Flurry Emitter


      This will play music when clicked on
      This will compete with the zone music if you have the volume for that turned up. You can always turn music down in the options to be able to hear the gramophone better! :)

    New Chests!

      Chest (Festive Red Gift Box)
      Chest (Festive Blue Gift Box)

New command for all your random fun!

    You can now use /random or /roll to have the server generate a random number and display that to you and to players around you. There are a few different ways these commands can be used:


        This will do a random from 1 to 100

      /random <max>

        This will do a random from 1 to max

      /random <min> <max>

        This will do a random from min to max

Holiday Gift!

    Everyone will have a Holiday Outfit Giftbox in their inventory that, when opened, will give you one of the three holiday sweater outfits. The in-game mail slaugs have painstakingly worked to ensure you get a different outfit from last year if you received one. If you've already gotten all 3 from generous friends, you will receive a duplicate of whichever one the slaug working on your gift thought matched your personality best.

New Winter Holiday Island

    We'll also be opening up the Winter Holiday Party Zone on the Foundation Museums world later today so that people who want to get together and build or tour awesome Holiday themed builds will have a place to do so!

Bug Fixes

    Fixed a client crash that would happen with the Vault if you changed the sort method.
    Fixed crashes that could occur when you equipped and used the Crescent Broadsword or Darksteel Shield and Sword.
    Added some missing Linking & Triggering events for the Wall Lanterns.
    There was an issue that would occur if you copy & pasted an unlinked prop. Previously the pasted one would once again be linked to itself, now it will remember it was unlinked.

Mardi 6 octobre 2015
Landmark Update Notes - Halas & Halloween!

New Props for Halloween

    Bat Colony Emitter
    Electricity Mote Emitter
    Maggot Swarm Emitter
    Jump Scare Skeleton

      This one is interactive and makes sounds!

    Halloween Pumpkin (Tall)
    Halloween Pumpkin (Fat)
    Jack o' Lantern (Tall)
    Jack o' Lantern (Fat)
    Human Femur
    Human Skull
    Human Bones
    Human Bones with Skull
    Spooky Tree

New Materials for Halloween

    Halloween Black
    Halloween Bones

Halloween Party

We've added a new Halloween Party island on the Museum world. This is where we'll be holding the party at the end of the month to check out the spooky, creepy, cool or awesome things people have built for Halloween!

We've also made some temporary changes to the Deciduous biome's night time fog as well as to the moon to be in theme! Enjoy!

Competition Submissions

We've made one change to competition submissions that you should be aware of. Now, when submitting a multi-claim entry to be considered, you should check the box in the "Enter Competition" screen that says "Include all attached claims".

    Please note, ONLY the main claim will be locked and unable to be modified when you do this. The attached claims will behave as they always have with an entry. Now, we just have an indication that your submission is larger than the single claim!

Mardi 29 septembre 2015
Build Mode - The Mega Palette - Camera & Time Controls

Greetings Landmarkians!

In this thread I will be detailing some of the many improvements we have been working on for Landmark. Specifically Build Mode and The Mega Palette. Many of you have heard a bit about these features, but it's time to lift the curtain and show off the plan!

Disclaimer: All screenshots are of a work in progress. Nothing is set in stone here, including keybindings, but we're pretty confident with the direction.

Build Mode

What is Build Mode?

Build Mode is a new concept to Landmark. It’s pretty simple really. When you want to build, you enter Build Mode. When you’re done building, you exit build mode.

Why do we need Build Mode?

Build Mode allows us to completely separate the adventure and building aspects of the games so that they can share keybindings and we can support a unique interface for each mode. This frees up a lot of convenient keys and allows us to design a builder friendly interface rather than trying to shoehorn the needs of both building and adventuring into one.

How do I enter Build Mode?

When you are on a claim with build permissions a new UI element will appear prompting you to enter Build Mode. It’s assigned to a keybind so you can quickly enter and exit the mode with a single keystroke.


What do I see when I am in Build Mode?


For starters, the normal adventuring hotbar and modal bar is hidden. In its place you’ll see the Build Mode Interface, which includes:

    The Mega Palette (not shown)
    Mega Palette selection indicators (top left)

      This displays the current selections for each TYPE of building object in the Mega Palette. These types are:

        Shapes & Tools (left button)
        Templates (center button)
        Props (right button)
        Materials (not shown)

    A building specific Modal Bar (bottom left)
    A building specific Hotbar (not shown)
    Building Camera controls (top right)
    Claim Time controls (bottom right)

The Mega Palette


What is the Mega Palette?

The Mega Palette is the evolution of the prop and material palettes that you’re used to. It's bigger (if you want it to be), it's badder, and it's customizable. As you can see, each TYPE of building tool has it's own tab, Materials, Props, 'Shapes & Tools' and Templates.

For the initial release of the palette these four tabs will be the only tabs that exist. But in future releases you will be able to separate these tabs into different windows and create your own custom tabs with a mix of objects from every TYPE. This means you can create a custom tab that contains any combination of select materials, templates, shapes, tools or props.

The Mega Palette window(s) will be scale-able, meaning they can be re-sized (yay!) and they can be pinned.

Text searches in the Mega Palette will work in the same manner as they currently do, but they have been optimized so that the whole process is much faster. We know how cumbersome searching can be in a template window that contains many templates.

You might notice a small info panel at the bottom of the window. While collapsed this panel will display basic information about the object you are looking at (like the name or amount available). This info panel can be expanded to display more in-depth information (like template descriptions and tags).

How do I view the Mega Palette?

While in Build Mode you can click the Palette modal option (or press the P shortcut) to display the Mega Palette.

You can also directly access individual tabs via the Tool, Template, Prop, and Material buttons at the top left of the screen. These buttons display the currently selected object for each TYPE of building object. Notice that these buttons have shortcuts assigned to them.


Why doesn't the Material selection have a shortcut?

Because you don't 'activate' a material. You activate a tool and that tool uses the currently selected material. BUT, there will eventually be a shortcut displayed here that will allow you to quickly swap between the two most recently used materials.

I prefer a minimalist interface. Those buttons seems like they would get in the way.

You can quickly show/hide these buttons by clicking a "collapse" arrow attached to this element. You can also quickly exit Build Mode, hiding the entire building interface. As always, CTRL + F10 can be used to hide the UI entirely.

How do I use the Mega Palette?


When you select an item in the Mega Palette it becomes the active selection for that TYPE of object. This means you can have 1 item selected for each type at any given time. As mentioned above, the four types of items are Shapes & Tools, Templates, Props and Materials. Notice that each selection has a shortcut automatically assigned to it which will allow you to quickly switch between each selection.

Here is an example of how this works:

    I select the Cube Shape in the Shapes & Tools tab of the Mega Palette.
    The Cube Shape displays as my current Shapes & Tools selection at the top left of the screen.
    I select the Gravestone in the Props tab of the Mega Palette.
    The Gravestone displays as my current Prop selection at the top left of the screen.
    I can quickly alternate between placing voxels in the world with the Cube Shape and placing Gravestones in the world by pressing the [R] and [V] shortcut keys.

      [R] is the tentative shortcut for activating the current Shapes & Tools selection.
      [V] is the tentative shortcut for activating the current Prop selection.

So the tools are in the Mega Palette now?

Yup, they will no longer take up inventory space.

The Building Modal Bar

What is the Building Modal Bar?

This is a new take on the modal bar you are used to. Rather than displaying these tool options horizontally along the bottom of the screen, we've decided to clear that precious screen space and put it on the left side of the screen. You can reposition the bar and adjust how much info you would like to see by clicking the collapse arrows above the bar. It has three states:

    Icon / Shortcut / Name
    Icon / Shortcut

What happens to the old modal bar?

It will still be there for adventuring to display your weapon abilities.

How do I use the new Modal Bar?

It works just like the current modal bar. Any time you activate a building related tool, from shapes to props, the modal options for that tool will automatically appear. You can click on these modal options, or use their keyboard shortcuts, to activate them.


The Building Hotbar

What is the Building Hotbar?

The building hotbar is identical to the current adventuring hotbar (pictured above for reference) except that it will only be used for building related objects. You will be able to place everything building related on this hotbar, from shapes and tools to materials, props and templates.


Why do I need a new hotbar?

You don't really, we just thought it would be nice to have a building specific bar so that you're not having to manage your adventuring and building items in the same space. While we're doing this we'll also add some much needed features, like the ability to reposition the hotbar wherever you like.

What about the old hotbar?

It still exists, but you'll only be using it for adventuring stuff now.

Building Camera Controls

What are the new building cameras?

We're adding two new camera modes which are only available when you are on a claim. These camera modes are Free Cam and Orbit Cam. These come in addition to the Character Cam you're used to.

What is Free Cam?

Free camera is a first person camera that isn't bound to your character. In this mode you are free to fly around a claim like a ghost, including the ability to pass through walls and the terrain.


What is Orbit Cam?

Orbit camera is a first person camera that, like Free Cam, is not bound to your character. In this mode you can place a temporary orbit point in the world. The orbit point will look like this for release but we have something less obtrusive in the works:

Once you have placed the orbit point the camera will rotate and zoom around that point. You can clear the orbit point and place another one very quickly. Place a point on whatever building project you are working on to easily rotate around it in all directions.

Like Free Cam, the Orbit Camera can pass through solid objects.


Can I place an orbit point at the center of a prop or group of voxels?

Currently no, but we are exploring ways to allow this.

Can visitors use these cameras?

Yes, upon release these cameras are free to use by anyone on any claim. It is quite possible that we will allow claim owners to limit camera use based on claim permissions in the future.

Can I still see my character when I am in Free or Orbit cam modes?

Yes! By request we've added the option to display your character while in these modes. This should be great for getting the perfect selfie or to record a video commemorating your awesomeness.

Do I have to use these new cameras to build?

Absolutely not. We think you will find them very useful to building, but they are completely optional. Their introduction has no impact on the default character camera you are used to.

What is that FOV slider?

FOV stands for Field of View. If you could see the entire Field of View you would see in all directions at the same time. This would be a bit crazy, but with this slider you can increase or decrease the amount of the field that you can see. A smaller FOV means you see less of the world (telephoto), a larger FOV means you see more of the world (fisheye). You can adjust the FOV for all cameras, including both first and third person modes of the Character Camera.

Claim Time Controls

What are Claim Time Controls?

This interface grants you control over the time of day for your claim. You can even control the speed of time!

How do I change the time on my claim?

There are three primary settings:

    Island Time - This sets your claim so that it matches the time of the Island it is on.
    Custom - Initially this matches Island Time, but it allows you to adjust the speed of time (up to x1000!)
    Specific Hour - This will pause time at a specific hour

Will visitors to my claim see these time changes?


Not unless you want them to. You can specify settings for your visitors that are different from your personal settings.

Can I change the time on someone else’s claim?

Not at the moment. Only the owner has access to these settings. We will tie this into the permissions system after release so that players with builder permission can edit the time.

What are those times listed at the bottom?

They are just for reference. Claim Time is the current time in your claim (after adjustments). Island Time is the current time of the Island your claim resides on. Earth Time is your actual real life local time, assuming your computer clock is accurate.

When will we see all this stuff in game?

Good question.

No really, when?


Come on...

Okay okay. The plan for Build Mode and the Mega Palette is to release them by the end of the year. We can't be more specific than that at the moment and it is subject to change. However, we'll be releasing parts of it, like the new Camera Modes and Claim Time controls, much sooner.

What can I do to help?

Tell us what you think and feel free to ask any questions. We'll answer as many as we can and I'll add the common ones to this FAQ.


Vendredi 18 septembre 2015
Hotfix Notes


    Fixed the issues with the categories for most of the Halasian props, so they should all show up in the prop palette again. Silly categories that wonder off...
    Updated some of the libraries used by the in-game browser to bring it in-line with company requirements.
Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Mercredi 16 septembre 2015
Hotfix Notes

Halas Workshop

    New Props

      Halasian Portcullis
      Halasian Portcullis Arch
      Large Square Coiled Rope
      Square Coiled Rope

    New Material: Halas Stone Slab Large 2 (darker, with blending!)
    Darkened up the Halas Bark materials a bit


    The game should now be better at remembering the server you were last on (no, really, it should!). :) Please let me know if you encounter this issue again after the update and we'll investigate.

Mercredi 9 septembre 2015
Update Notes

Halas Workshop

    New Props! (Found an issue, we need to bounce the servers to make them show)

      Halasian Hide (Flat)
      Halasian Dark Fur (Flat)
      Halasian Light Fur (Flat)
      Halasian Medium Fur (Flat)
      Halasian Medium Fur (Drapped)
      Halasian Light Fur (Drapped)
      Halasian Hide (Drapped)
      Halasian Dark Fur (Drapped)
      Halasian Tanning Rack - Hide
      Halasian Tanning Rack - Fur
      Halasian Book (Open)
      Halasian Book (Closed)
      Halasian Wall Shield (Ornate)
      Halasian Wall Shield (Simple)
      Halasian Wall Shield (t)
      Halasian Wall Shield (x-shape)
      Halasian Stack of Logs
      Halasian Log
      Halasian Mounted Antlers
      Halasian Mounted Wolf's Head
      Halasian Mounted Buck
      Halasian Caber
      Halasian Iron Cauldron
      Halasian Tusks
      Halasian Tusks (Broken)
      Halasian Coal Piles

    New Materials!

      Halas Wood Frosted Light
      Halas Wood Frosted Dark
      Halas Stitched Hide
      Halas Hide Plain

    Halas doors were not in the “doors and trapdoors” section of the prop palette. Now they are!
    Fixed an issue with the coloring on the Halas double doors so that it is now consistent.

Takish Workshop

    We've granted the trophy reward to all of the winners from the Takish Workshop Competition with this update.


    By popular demand, Paste without Props is here!

      When pasting a template or a copied selection, you can now uncheck “Paste with Props?” to have it ignore all props when doing the paste. We’re not sure what the props did to you… but for all you prop-haters, here you go!

    Updated the interior air algorithm to behave more appropriately.

      Previously there were issues with picture frame boxes (and similar shapes), they should now work appropriately.
      Chains and Ropes can now be scaled larger (roughly twice as big as you could previously scale it)


    Stone of Recall will now have an alphabetized list of your claims to make it easier to find the one you're looking for. There is an issue with this that we're removing the sort tonight for. Will fix it and update the client tomorrow (no bounce needed).


    All templates that you originally created can now be renamed from the details window! The ones you cannot rename are listed here:

      You cannot rename a Player Studio purchased template
      You cannot rename a template that someone else has given to you via an item
      You cannot rename a template that has been created by Daybreak (example: The Starter Home templates)

    Max voxel storage limit will no longer be cut off in the window.


    When starting a trade, it will automatically open your inventory.
    The game will now remember the server you last played on appropriately. This is still broken, investigating why. :(
    The achievement progress bars in the journal would randomly seem to reset. They should no longer do this.
    In character create if you deleted your female character, it would previously show a male character but have female auto-selected. It should now be less confused.
    In the PVP game settings window, there was text being chopped off. These should all be fixed now.
    There was an issue with the tooltip for the Automatic Cave Sounder and now there isn’t.

There is currently an issue with lighting if you have lighting quality set above medium. The team is working on a fix, until then, please set your lighting quality in the options menu to medium or below if you experience the issue.


Vendredi 14 août 2015
Week End Wrap Up - August 14

Happy Friday, Landmark!

We had talked about them on last week's Workshop Show, but this week we posted the full list of winners and honorable mentions from the Takish competition, with a link to screenshot albums so you can see the winners at their best. Great work and congratulations everyone!

Did you catch this week's Workshop Show with Josh and Alen? We're starting to see some great looking Halas style builds which are helping us to refine the Halas style guide. Thanks for your help as you work with us to figure out what works and what suits Halas! Josh "Augur" Augustine has been posting up a storm on the EQNext forums answering questions and giving more Halas information in this thread. If you missed seeing the show live, you can catch the recording here:

We didn't have any updates to the game this week, but behind the scenes Alen Lapidis has been working on some new props and materials and he tweeted a couple sneak peeks including the image below. We haven't confirmed a date yet for when these will go live (we want to give him time to finish them up and maybe add some more awesome stuff too) but once we do, we'll let you know!

Looking for something to do in game? Monster Build will be happening on Saturday, contact Metallical if you want to participate, or just stop by and watch, it's a fun time!

Also, Eleven06 is looking for builder interested in a Build Off challenge! Check the link for details and let him know if you'd like to join.

That's all the news for this week's wrap up; I'll be helping out the EQ2 team with their upcoming expansion for a while (as I've done the past 2 years) so look for next week's news to come from Terry. In the mean time, see you in Landmark!


Vendredi 7 août 2015
Week End Wrap Up - August 7

Happy Friday, Landmark!

We had a Halas-themed update this week as you have most likely noticed. Lots of new Halasian themed materials (which will also be great options for non-Halasian builds) and some lovely new props too! There's an odd shader issue happening on the double doors which we're working to fix but may not be corrected till next week; but we'll be pushing out some quick fixes to a couple of materials bugs as soon as we can, probably during the overnight server bounce tonight. If you missed it, you can find the detailed notes on the forums.

On the Workshop Show this week, we announced the winners and honorable mentions of the Takish Workshop competition! So many wonderful builds submitted, they were great to look through and super impressive. We'll have a forum post up on Monday with the detailed list and links to the screenshots, but in the mean time you can see the winners on the livestream recording:

If you were a winner in this competition, please read this note about templates, and double-check that you have received yours. If not, let us know ASAP! We'll officially end the competition on Monday which will unlock claims that were submitted to the competition. Trophies will be awarded soon, hopefully next week if all goes well (and also for the Qeynos competition).

We also started a new forum thread over on the Workshop forums for builds in the theme of older workshops. This thread is where you can submit builds that you didn't quite get in time for a competition, or you that decided after the competition ended to give it a try, Builds submitted here that we consider to be EQNext quality will not win a trophy, but may be added to the museum island as excellent examples of the style, and may be considered for use in EQNext.

Next week, expect another Workshop Show with Alen and Josh (Rosie is out next week). And while you're playing this weekend, be sure to check out some of the excellent Halas builds that are already appearing in Landmark! If you want some tips on Halas building tricks, Tenma already has a few posted and no doubt more tutorials from many others will follow. There's also always lots of good tutorials in general in the tutorials and guides forum!

Thought for the weekend: sing like no-one's listening on voice chat, build like you'll never get artifacts, and dance like Alen on the workshop show!


Jeudi 6 août 2015
Hotfix notes

New materials!

These are architectural materials (ie, they do not blend):

    Bundled Wood Thatch Horizontal
    Bundled Wood Thatch Vertical (this is the original thatch, which has been renamed for clarity)
    Halas Dull Iron
    Halas Stone Blocks Large
    Halas Stone Blocks Medium
    Halas Stone Slab Large
    Halas Wood Bark Diagonal
    Halas Wood Bark Diagonal 2
    Halas Wood Bark Horizontal
    Halas Wood Bark Vertical
    Halas Wood Panels Dark Diagonal
    Halas Wood Panels Dark Diagonal 2
    Halas Wood Panels Dark Horizontal
    Halas Wood Panels Dark Vertical
    Halas Wood Panels Light Diagonal
    Halas Wood Panels Light Diagonal 2
    Halas Wood Panels Light Horizontal
    Halas Wood Panels Light Vertical
    Halas Wood Plane Dark Diagonal
    Halas Wood Plane Dark Diagonal 2
    Halas Wood Plane Dark Horizontal
    Halas Wood Plane Dark Vertical
    Halas Wood Plane Light Diagonal
    Halas Wood Plane Light Diagonal 2
    Halas Wood Plane Light Horizontal
    Halas Wood Plane Light Vertical
    Halas Wood Thatch Yellow Horizontal
    Halas Wood Thatch Yellow Vertical
    Halas Wood Relief Dark Horizontal * pattern on these 4 will be fixed to align inside 1 voxel
    Halas Wood Relief Dark Vertical
    Halas Wood Relief Light Horizontal
    Halas Wood Relief Light Vertical

    These materials blend

      Halas Stone Blocks Large Frosted
      Halas Stone Blocks Medium Frosted
      Halas Wood Chiseled Light
      Halas Wood Thatch Frosted Horizontal
      Halas Wood Thatch Frosted Vertical

New Props!

    Halasian Iron Dragon Brazier
    Medium Halasian Brazier
    Small Halasian Brazier
    Halasian Wall Sconce
    Halasian Hanging Lantern
    Halasian Iron Chain
    Arched Halasian Door
    Halasian Heavy Doors

Note: there was an older prop "Wall Lantern (Halasian) which was an old concept for Halas that no longer matches our current style guide for Halas; this has been renamed to simply "Wall Lantern" and is not intended for Halas builds.

Misc changes

    Tundra skyfile colors have been tweaked slightly.
    Coiled rope props now scale larger than before.

Bug Fixes

    Props that are free to place (such as glass) are no longer incorrectly greyed out and now show an infinity symbol for the count instead of 0
    Props that are free to place can now be placed from the prop palette shortcut on that action bar.
    When a player cancels a trade invite the message now correctly states they have rejected it
    Hitting Esc on a palette window with a tooltip up no longer strands the tooltip
    Watchlist can be moved around
    Fixed some typos
    Two ocean kelp variants have been removed from the prop palette as they had been unintentionally added and were bugged (one could not be placed at all).
    Ongoing performance tweaks

New max scale

(Edit: updated to add coiled rope scaling and noted that relief woods are non-blending.)


Vendredi 31 juillet 2015
Week End Wrap Up

It's the end of the week, and the last day of July already! Who's started Christmas shopping? :)

This week we've been hard at work judging the Takish Workshop winners and there are so many of them! We're getting them templated and flagged as winners, and will announce the whole list in next week's Workshop Show. (Note: not sure yet if we'll have time to finish all the templating and flagging before next week's show, so we may not unlock the claims until the following week. But we'll try and get them done as soon as possible.) And yes, this means there is a Workshop Show confirmed for next week at the usual time (Thursday 11am pacific)!

Also this week we unlocked the Dark Elf Museum Island (accessible via any main spire in game on the Foundation Museums world) and Rosie, Alen, Paul, and Josh talked about Halas on the Workshop Show! Do you want pretty pictures? Of course you do, so click here! And if you're building Halas style, do add your screenshots to the forum thread so we know to come check them out.

If you missed it live, catch the Workshop Show recording, which is now on YouTube

As mentioned in the livestream, we have some Halas materials and props coming to you soon<tm> (next week unless something goes horribly wrong), along with any other bug fixes or goodies that are ready to go by then. We'll be aiming for a Thursday hotfix next week but as always that may change depending on how the testing goes!

We've had a few requests lately for updates on what's happening -- and that's why we post this update every Friday! The week end wrap ups should keep you up to date regularly on what's going on in Landmark, as well as Workshop livestreams, and Landmark Live when we have a larger update or specific news to share. EQNext news will be less frequent, as we have stated, since that is a long ways off still and we are currently at doing a lot of testing and iteration on combat and other systems which will not be directly applicable to Landmark. So yes, we've been fairly quiet for a while and that shouldn't be a surprise; rest assured that when we do have EQNext things to talk about, we will let you know! We're excited to share cool stuff with you too, so if we're not saying anything, it's because we don't have anything to talk about yet. :) For the latest EQNext info you can refresh your memory with Terry's producer's letter from last month, with the last Landmark Live stream, and also a recent episode of Let's Talk in which we did lots of Q&A.

In other news around the forums, Landmark player Fredelas is reminding folks that the third party issue tracker fansite is looking for volunteer moderators. If you like bugs and organizing things, you can read more information in his post. This is not affiliated with Daybreak in any way, although we do find it a super useful site for tracking bugs in all our games in a way everyone can see and update, so we appreciate everyone who contributes to it, whether just by entering bugs or details, or whether they choose to help moderate or other stuff. :)

Wishing everyone a great weekend and great start to August; we'll be back next week with more cool stuff for Landmark, and in the mean time we'll see you in game!


Vendredi 31 juillet 2015
Style Guide - Halas Style Guide


Jeudi 23 juillet 2015
Hotfix notes


    Voxel storage limits on templates have been increased! Previously, you had 3 million voxels free storage and could purchase additional storage up to 15 million voxels. Now you have 6 million voxels free storage and can purchase additional storage up to 30 million voxels.
    The portal hub now shows biome images for each island (currently only displays for the world you are on, however - known issue)


    Cloth material textures are a little less coarse than previously


    Vertical distressed wood is now available for building!
    >Embercup can now be purchased in the Marketplace.
    Ongoing bug fixes & performance improvements.

Jeudi 16 juillet 2015
Week End Wrap Up

Happy Friday!

This week in Landmark, we confirmed the extended dates for the Takish workshop competition (extended due to the server unavailability over the weekend). The new dates are:

    Start date: June 25th
    Submissions end: July 21st
    Voting ends: July 28th

(End time would be just prior to midnight, pacific time, on the date listed. So you get the full day of the 21st included.)

If you missed the Workshop Show last week, you can catch the recording on Twitch here. The show included a quick tour of a Qeynos crossroads area that we have been using to experiment with playspace and styles!

We do not expect to do another Workshop Show until the current competition ends, but once the Takish competition is completed, we hope you'll be excited to see the next concept art we have for you.

If you missed seeing the news, the EQWorlds mobile app was updated last week, and there's a new pink version of the Colonist's Flight Suit that you can win to wear in Landmark. If you like shiny and you like pink, check out the details in this post. (And even if you don't, you can give it away to someone who does!)


Coming up next week, the Takish competition will enter the voting phase, so best of luck to all finish up their fabulous builds this weekend! And we expect to have a small hotfix soon, hopefully next week if all tests out well. Stay tuned for confirmation from the official channels once we have a final date.

Have a happy weekend, and we'll see you in Landmark!


Mercredi 1 juillet 2015
Hotfix notes

Happy Canada Day! We brought you a few treats and fixes we didn't think you'd want to wait for.

New stuff!

    All Takish materials now have reduced artifacting (not just gold).

      Note: if you are trying to do something smooth and sculptural, you may now find that original non-Takish gold works better for this.

    Decorators, rejoice: many additional tints of cloth materials have been added!


    Rope prop costs have changed!

      The original versions of the ropes once again cost jute to make (20 each).
      The newer colored versions of the ropes still cost embercup, but have been reduced from 60 to 20 each.
      (We do intend to add embercup bundles to the marketplace in a future update but it didn't make the cut off for this hotfix.)

Bug fixes!

    Pasting a hollow shape around another shape should no longer distort the interior shape (unless you intentionally place it with air).
    Rejoice, for interior air no longer shades yellow in the paste preview either!
    Placing Takish Gold materials now deducts gold from your inventory, not marble.
    We fixed some issues with NPC and tree respawning (although there may still be other issues remaining)
    We believe we have fixed the issue causing the Qeynos Museum Island to crash, but please let us know if this is not the case.

Jeudi 25 juin 2015
Update notes

Known issue update: claim security settings are not visible in the UI.

Interior air

“Paste interior air” is now an option in tweak mode when you paste a template or copied selection!

    This should detect shapes that have air inside (such as a hollow room or cylinder) and will give you the option to treat the air inside the shape as if it’s solid: ie, if you sink the shape into the ground, the air inside will not be filled with dirt, although the outside of the shape will act as if you’re pasting it without air.
    Note: templates made before this option existed will not detect interior air, you will either need to re-save the template after this update, or paste the template into the world, then copy it and then paste it where you want to use it.

New Emotes

Sitting and lying down emotes are now complete and fully implemented … and wait, there’s more also!

    Lie (with 2 shift key options)
    Sit (with 3 shift key options)
    Stand (for use while sitting or lying)

Your sitting position will work differently depending on what you're facing (e.g. a chair, flat ground, a cliff, etc.) Face a chair and use /sit and you'll turn around and sit in it, for example.

Tapping the shift key while in /sit or /lie will also switch you between different poses:

Reporting bad claims

A /reportclaim command did exist, but wasn’t easy to find. So there is now a report claim button on claim banners! If you come across an offensive claim, click the icon in the upper left of the claim banner and enter the details of your issue. These reports will go to our CS team for investigation.


We are testing some adjustments to the settings on shiny Takish materials which significantly reduce the amount of visual artifacting that can appear on the material. We believe it should be a significant improvement, but look forward to your feedback.

Before adjustments

After adjustments

We are testing these changes on just the Takish materials to start with, just in case there are some unexpected side effects that might affect other builds. However, if there are no issues, we will discuss applying them to other materials as appropriate.


    Starter home templates can now be crafted at the forge
    The claim upkeep window now sorts your claims alphabetically
    Ongoing performance improvements

Bug fixes

    Material palette now defaults you to the category of a material you search for
    Friends requests will no longer be automatically declined if they time out
    Prop collision area no longer prevents you from clicking on tweak mode arrows
    Fixed an issue that would cause a black smudge to appear over the player’s head
    If you die with the map open, the map filter overlay no longer becomes stuck on screen
    The sky should no longer turn blue when you’re underneath voxels near water
    Loot should far less frequently get stuck in plants or other props
    Blocking a player now also hides his/her chat in a custom chat channel (such as General)
    Landmark will once again remember which server you last logged into
    Key bindings can now be assigned that use multiple key/mouse press combinations
    Fungi on ruins can be attacked with a bow
    Sharing via Facebook is working once again

And if you can't be in game as soon as the servers come up again to check the changes out yourself, you can join us on Landmark Live today at 11am Pacific time where we'll be reviewing the update and showing off some of the features like pasting with air. :)


Vendredi 5 juin 2015
Producer's Letter - June 2015

Greetings Landmarkians!

I wanted to take a few minutes (and words!) to recap what’s happened over the past few weeks and give everyone an update on what to expect moving forward!

So, what’s been going on with team? The month of May was pretty much all about the big character and claim wipe, and then fixing issues that were introduced or discovered immediately afterward. Things have mostly settled down and the team is hot on the heels of the remaining high priority bugs. As soon as we get them fixed, we’ll get them out as soon as we can.

As the team has wrapped up the various pieces related to the wipe and the bugs associated with it, we have been shifting our focus and resources over to work on the highest priority tasks and systems that will be used in EverQuest Next. While we do this, we’re working in areas with high amounts of creative risk. This means that while we know what we want to do, we know it will take an unknown amount of iteration, tweaking and sometimes drastic direction changes to get these in game and working the way they need to. Because of this, we simply cannot commit to any dates, because until we get much closer, even our best estimates are educated (but still fairly wild) guesses.

This also does mean that any features that are Landmark-only are lower in priority and will have to wait until we have time to come back to them. So, as we shift our focus and development to EQN, it just doesn’t make sense to continue with the Blueprint, since the goal of that has always been to provide short term, concrete plans of what you could expect and when, and that isn’t something we can reliably estimate at this point. When we have a better idea of timing on the various pieces, we will make sure to let everyone know.

This does *not* mean that the team isn’t hard at work on things that will eventually make it into your hands. We *absolutely* are! Essentially, as we develop tasks and systems that are in a state fit for Landmark, we will get them into the game with an update. We still want and need your feedback on what we’re making in order to make sure both Landmark and EverQuest Next are as amazing as we all want them to be. You can fully expect updates and hotfixes to Landmark as we continue with this development process; they are simply going to be on a less regular schedule than you guys have been accustomed to over the past year or so.

Landmark and the player community are very important to us and will continue to be essential in the development of EverQuest Next, exactly as we’ve promised from the very beginning. In fact, here’s a quick peek at how we’re using some of the amazing creations you all have made as we build EverQuest Next.

This is only the first small glimpse of what’s to come and I look forward to seeing how everything comes together as EverQuest Next continues to take shape over the rest of the year and beyond. Also, before anyone asks, I want to clarify that although we are shifting our primary focus to EverQuest Next, this does not mean the game will be coming out this year.

We WILL be continuing with the Workshops, so keep an eye out for those! And when we have a bigger update, we’ll also schedule a Landmark Live to get together and chat like we have in the past! More fun times are definitely ahead!

Whenever we have information to share, we’ll continue to keep everyone up to date on the forums, twitter, reddit, Facebook and any of the other usual means of communication. Make sure to check in regularly to find out what’s going on with the games and with the entire team (both the employees AND the community)!

Terry “Fairan” Michaels, Senior Producer - Landmark and EverQuest Next


Mercredi 3 juin 2015
Hotfix notes

Extra claim placement bug

It should no longer be possible to place multiple base claims within the same claim area. Please read this warning for more information. WARNING! If you had already done this, please be aware that we need to remove these extra base claims. So, a day after the hotfix we will be checking for any remaining claims that do not meet the "only one base claim per claim area" configuration and will expire the claim upkeep for any characters that have claims in this situation after the update, meaning ALL claims owned by that character will expire.

To avoid your claim upkeep being expired, please remove any extra base claims in this situation (ie, you should not have more than 1 base claim in any single claim area). by 12 noon pacific time on Thursday June 4th (tomorrow). Thank you again to the testers who discovered this bug and brought it to our attention, we appreciate it!

To specifically address a couple of questions about this:

    1. Because the placement of multiple base claims in one claim area is an unsupported and unintended configuration due to a bug, when we next do a claim wipe we can't guarantee that the claims in this situation will be properly templated when they expire. We definitely do not want anyone to NOT receive their claim templates. There may also be other unexpected side effects of this bug that we want to avoid causing grief to anyone in the future.
    2. The claims are spaced appropriately to maintain as high a level of performance as possible for the majority of players. Creating a 5x5 wide claim reduces the potential distance between claims to the point where it could significantly impact performance (instead of just loading my own claim in detail, now I also have to load my neighbours'). This is why everyone building 5 claims high is okay but everyone building 5 claims wide is a concern.
    3. Assuming the flags shown below are all base claims:

Additional bug fixes

    Some incorrect icons in prop palette (mainly chains and ropes) have been corrected
    Using the ESC key to close chests will no longer prevent you from opening the chest again
    A number of props (including several tables) with metal parts had a tinting issue where the metal appeared brown; these should now correctly appear metallic silver. (See image below.) If you encounter any others not yet fixed, please let us know which.
    Scrolling through the recipe list in the Journal no longer also scrolls the Journal's achievements tab
    A number of items had names referencing incorrect materials (such as tungsten or cobalt) and this has now been corrected (e.g. to druidium or indicite)
    The bad word filter no longer excludes the word "ball". Magic Eight Ball builders, rejoice.
    After using a potion, the buff icon now correctly visually indicates remaining time like other buffs
    Layer 5 on Grand Fjord no longer thinks it's Layer 1.
    Refining stations are no longer soulbound.
    Fixed a bug that could cause people to crash when teleporting between worlds.
    In our previous hotfix, a new Deciduous Oak Tree prop accidentally snuck into the prop palette, but had incorrect collision information. This has now been fixed and this new prop is available to use.



Vendredi 22 mai 2015
Hotfix notes

Lots of bug fixes!

As an additional note, we've seen an increase in people having issues connecting to Landmark or crashing. Please note that with our company name change to Daybreak, our domain has also now changed to You may need to check your firewall settings to ensure that you can connect to the new domain. Even if you were previously connecting without problems to our games when we were SOE, this may have changed with the new domain. And if you log a bug with us reporting a crash, please include your computer name (drop to a command line and enter "hostname" to get this) so we can locate you in our logs.


    Using Ctrl-# to switch hotbars is now working once again!
    Vault collection inventory slots display incorrectly, which should no longer make it look as if resources being placed in the vault are vanishing.
    Watchlist is no longer fixed in place, can now be repositioned
    Newly opened UI windows no longer require TWO clicks to actually interact the first time.
    Selecting voice chat options from world selection screen no longer prevents clicking on any other menu option.
    An incorrect tooltip has been corrected on the loading screen

Building related

    Takish marble texture tiling and cracked texture have had some adjustments
    Tundra Berry Bush (Pink) and flax props are now once again clickable
    Iron braziers and other iron lighting props are now actually made out of iron
    Using a large sphere delete tool no longer results in a conical shaped artifact


    Sometimes achievement titles would display as a prefix instead of a suffix; this should no longer occur.
    Achievements which grant stat rewards should no longer say 'null' under the stat name in the journal window tooltip
    Boots of the Zephyr crafting achievement has now been updated to Boots of the Breeze.
    Auto-tracked achievements that you remove from the watchlist should never be auto-tracked again (you can of course manually re-add them for tracking if you change your mind)


    We've added a speculative fix for the way all leyline nodes could occasionally vanish on an island. If you see any missing hubs/spires on any islands AFTER this update, please let us know where!
    If you try to pick up someone else's chest that contain a soulbound item, it will now tell you that the owner needs to remove the soulbound item first.
    "Super Loot Caves" have finally been tracked down and, we believe, squashed. A side effect of this fix means that caves that were formerly "loot caves" may now end up having no NPCs in them at all, even on ruins; should you come across one of these, simply move on to another cave.
    Using the Warrior's Roar ability on the Blade of Assault should no longer result in being unable to move.
    Boots of the Breeze had been given an incorrect particle effect which was not displaying properly. This has been corrected.
    Embercup should now be less uncommon.
    Dropping to character select then logging back no longer places you under the world if you camped in a cave
    Fixed an issue on the Noble's Regalia where the cloak was clipping through the leather armor on females
    Marketplace builder's chests now have updated text with more details about the bonus box inside
    Loot chests now drop uncommon stone (e.g. marble, obsidian) as well as other resources
    The recipes for plastic are now consistent between the workshop and the replicator
    Ongoing performance improvements and optimizations

Mercredi 13 mai 2015
Hotfix notes

We missed calling out with the wipe update that holding down ctrl while in tweak mode to duplicate a prop has been changed to holding down ALT.


    Leyline, graveyard, and hub props can no longer be accidentally (or intentionally) deleted. They also cannot be pasted.
    Graveyards can no longer be claimed. If you claimed a graveyard, your claim may be removed, so please voluntarily go ahead and remove those claims before we do. (And let us know if you spot a problem graveyard that someone has claimed.)
    Main spire hubs now have mailboxes once again. And remember, you can still add mailboxes to your claim also via the prop palette.
    Areas where claim buffers overlap can once again be used by either claim owner.
    When you delete a link from a prop that has multiple linking & triggering links, only the link of the item deleted will be removed from the display (this was a visual only issue, but means you don't have to reopen the linking menu to see the other links again).
    If you hold shift to enter tweak mode while placing a smaller prop inside a larger prop, it will no longer incorrectly activate tweak mode on the larger prop.
    Corrected some text on ruins that still included "template" in the name.
    The Chest (Simple Medium) can no longer be disassembled, like all chests.
    Made the warning text about marketplace items on the character delete screen ALL CAPS and in its own paragraph to make it even more extra super hard to miss that these will be deleted with a character.
    Effect particles from harvesting should now be correctly terrain colored, not blue.
    Takish gold and marble materials were incorrectly flagged as free. This has been corrected and they will now consume gold and marble when placed on your claim.
    The icon for Cut Moonstone has been updated
    The automatic cave sounder description now clearly states it is a toggled ability
    Fixed some inconsistencies about when the modal options on building tools grey out or not
    Invisible walls in Emerald Vale level 2 should be fixed
    Surface cavern openings should no longer have floating props over them
    Spirit anchors should work more consistently to revive you


    Corrected a text error in the display of title rewards on achievement cards.
    Achievement titles can no longer be lost if your inventory is full when they're received.
    "World Famous Builder" title is now granted by the correct achievement (though if you got the title already, you will retain it)
    Bolstering, Slayer's, and Well-worn armor sets now correctly update the achievement. (If you already crafted these and did not get the achievement, you should be able to trade the item to and from a friend to update it without having to make another.)
    Watchlist can no longer be pushed entirely off the screen if you resize your screen


    Resource Reclamation Chests can now be used by anybody, so if you lost yours somehow, just borrow a friend's!
    The sifter crafting station no longer incorrectly lists the bags of dirt under a templates category.
    Stone forge can now be crafted
    Takish Crystal prop and Takish Crystal Glass can now be made.
    There is now a recipe for Neon Blitzing Boots
    Boots of the Zephyr were not intended to be crafted, and have been removed from the crafting station. However, Boots of the Breeze now exist, these have the same glide ability but do not have any special effect particles. (If you had already crafted Boots of the Zephyr, you will retain them.)


    Text on the marketplace bundles now specifies that you will receive smelted, cut, woven or infused resources rather than raw (these are usable for both building or crafting so just saves you the refining step, but this was causing confusion when checking inventory for the purchased item.)
    Root claim and attached claim expansion flags now have different icons so they should not be confused with the actual claim flags that are used to place claims.
    The Gallery list of islands filter has been cleaned up and no longer shows all the old islands also

Vendredi 8 mai 2015
Post wipe hotfix

Hi guys!

We're aiming for a hotfix early next week to address a few issues from the wipe update. We'll keep you updated on timing as we complete and test the fixes.

This list will be updated as we find more bugs and learn more but here are the things we'd like to address if possible:

    We're going to revert the fix that prevented you from building in an area overlapping your neighbour's claim buffer. While you weren't actually supposed to be doing that, this solution means nobody will have to pick up claims and move. Once the fix goes in you should be able to add your attached claims as was normal prior to the wipe.
    We're going to change the icons for the base and attached claim expansion slot expanders. The fact they're using the same icons as the claim flags is confusing.
    You should not be able to claim graveyards, and this will be fixed. We will remove any claims that are placed on graveyards, so please be warned and don't do this.
    We removed the mailbox at the main portal spire hub, but we failed to add a UI option to access the mailbox. So we will re-add the mailboxes to the hub, at least for now. In the mean time, you can find mailboxes in your props menu to place on your own claim.
    Occasional tree/plant/rock props that are floating over surface cavern openings will be fixed
    The watchlist can be pushed off the side of the screen if you resize your screen
    There is already a reminder on the character delete screen that when you delete your character, you are deleting all the items on your character, which includes marketplace purchases. However, we're going to make this ALL IN CAPS and in a paragraph of its own to make it even more clear. If you do decide to delete your character, you can put your stuff in a friend's chest (or inventory). Marketplace purchases are not restored to a new character because they are tradeable to others, and that would be a potential exploit if we restored them on each new character.

Thanks for the bug reports and enjoy the exploration of the new Landmark continents!


Jeudi 7 mai 2015
Landmark Worlds (Server) Updates

Hey everyone,

By now you should have read the Upcoming Continent Changes and the Landmark Islands List (and checked out the Biome List in the May 5th Update Notes).

We are also going to be making an update to the worlds (servers) that are available to choose from. You may find a few more faces in your neighborhood post-update, because we will have four (4) worlds:

    Satisfaction (EU)

If we find things getting too crowded on any other the worlds and islands, we can add additional worlds (servers) in the future. Landmark is all about creating new worlds, after all. ;)

So, where will you be staking your claim when the servers come back up? I'm thinking Liberation - Silver Shallows sounds pretty cool...

~ Dexella ~


Jeudi 7 mai 2015
Landmark Worlds (Server) Updates

Hey everyone,

By now you should have read the Upcoming Continent Changes and the Landmark Islands List (and checked out the Biome List in the May 5th Update Notes).

We are also going to be making an update to the worlds (servers) that are available to choose from. You may find a few more faces in your neighborhood post-update, because we will have four (4) worlds:

    Satisfaction (EU)

If we find things getting too crowded on any other the worlds and islands, we can add additional worlds (servers) in the future. Landmark is all about creating new worlds, after all. ;)

So, where will you be staking your claim when the servers come back up? I'm thinking Liberation - Silver Shallows sounds pretty cool...

~ Dexella ~


Mercredi 6 mai 2015
Landmark Islands List

Arid Thicket ......... Jungle & Desert


Snowcapped Wilds ......... Jungle & Tundra


Whistling Tangle ......... Jungle & Old Growth


Forgotten Hills ......... Jungle & Deciduous


Roaring Scars ......... Jungle & Volcanic


Windy Barrens ......... Desert & Tundra


Ancient Crag ......... Desert & Old Growth


Hidden Bluffs ......... Desert & Deciduous


Lost Caldera ......... Desert & Volcanic


Lonely Glacier ......... Tundra & Old Growth


Silver Shallows ......... Tundra & Deciduous

Burning Frostlands ......... Tundra & Volcanic


Singed Timbers ......... Deciduous & Volcanic


Emerald Vale ......... Deciduous & Old Growth


Sleeping Ridge ......... Old Growth & Volcanic


Twisted Shoreline ......... Jungle & Desert


Endless River ......... Jungle & Tundra


Winding Creek ......... Jungle & Deciduous


Shattered Cliffs ......... Jungle & Volcanic


Frigid Steppes ......... Desert & Tundra


Timeworn Dunes ......... Desert & Old Growth

Singing Mesa ......... Desert & Deciduous


Golden Sands ......... Desert & Volcanic


Grand Fjord ......... Tundra & Old Growth



Mardi 5 mai 2015
Update Notes - The Big Wipe Update

Welcome to the fresh new worlds of Landmark post-wipe!

You'll notice a lot of changes to pretty much everything, and we have a new series of achievements to help guide you through the basics, so you can feel free to hop in and explore for yourself. However, if you've been playing for a while and you're used to the way things worked before, you might want to take some time to read about what's changed and check out the details below.

Read the Wipe Q&A here, and read on for more!

Crafting and harvesting changes

Read the full details here: Upcoming crafting/harvesting changes

    Basic tier 1 resources are now free, you don't need to mine them at all to build with them. This includes dirt, stone, sand, ice, snow.
    Composite items such as metal alloys and plastics are now crafted from component items (refined resources like smelted copper)
    Crafting stations have been consolidated
    Tree and plant harvesting have been simplified; all trees can now be chopped by all axes
    Upgrading and salvaging have been removed
    Item mods (e.g. “fast”, “biting”) have been improved
    Heartwood, plant fiber, plant extract, and cut stone no longer exist
    Founder’s Pickaxe can now be upgraded
    Non unique plants are no longer harvestable; plants that can be harvested have a special effect sparkle to make them easy to identify:

Achievements / Progression

Read the full details here: Upcoming achievement/progression changes

    You will gain your building tools as well as other useful items including starter home templates, cave sounder, and starting pulverizer via achievements
    Recipes can now be tracked through the journal, replacing the recipe tracker
    Recipes can be flagged for tracking in the journal or via the ‘watch’ button on the crafting stations.
    Combat progression achievements have purple outlined cards in the journal, and reward character stats
    Non progression achievements are for fun and give vanity rewards

Continent Changes

Read the full details here: Upcoming continent changes

    New biomes: deciduous surface, deciduous cavern, volcanic surface, volcanic cavern. Also new flora for underwater biome.
    Continent shapes are more varied
    Continents are all new, and have brand new names (see below)
    Surface caves are back, and can be claimed (surface caves only)
    Underground cave networks are longer than previously
    Combat NPCs no longer on the surface (except fungi)
    Lower layer enemies are tougher
    Caves are darker
    More ruins have been added
    Bedrock will now prevent you from digging too far towards the outside of the continent in directions in which there are no more caves

Claim Limit Changes

Read the full details here: Upcoming claim limit changes

    Existing players (who played prior to the wipe update) will be granted expansion slots so they start with 2 base and 8 attachment claims exactly as they have now. (The expansion slots are inventory items you consume.)
    New players who join Landmark after the wipe will start with 1 base and 3 attachment claims
    It will be possible to expand up to 8 base and 24 attachment claims

Marketplace bundle exchanges

Read the full details here: Builders Bundles Compensation

    If you bought Builder's Bundles from the marketplace of common resources which will be free to place post-wipe, you'll be able to exchange them for your choice of tier 1 or 2 resources
    This also applies to copper bundles, which is still not free to build with but has changed functionality
    You will find a Resource Reclamation Chest in your inventory and an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy. Place the chest and use it as a crafting station with the orbs.

But wait, there's more!

    Large humans are now available to play! Simply choose large human in the drop-down on character create.
    Look for some new emissive props on the workbench crafting station in the light orbs category. These glow at night but do not actually shine light.

    Additional props have also been added from the new biome flora. For example:

    Materials from the new biomes are also available to build with.
    The cooldown has been removed from teleporting to friends through the contact list, and from teleporting to claims through the gallery.
    The Stone of Recall no longer has a cooldown.
    You can no longer place material blocks outside claims.
    Leyline crystals can now be found on the surface as well as in caves. Once discovered, they can be teleported to using the Local Travel option at a portal spire.
    All humans, large or small, now have underwear underneath their regular outfits. (The two characters on the right are large humans.)

Bug fixes

    Friends requests should no longer time out if not answered
    Flora have returned and look better
    Further fixes for the flashing lines across the sky visual issue
    Jellyfish emitter scaling has been adjusted
    Using Ctrl-X while in fly mode should no longer also move your character downwards
    Halas Wall Lantern can now be disassembled
    Emitter icons have been corrected
    Fixed memory issues that could occur if the client was open for more than an hour or two
    Key binding for chat reply can now be changed in settings
    Underground caves cannot be claimed (surface caves can)
    Flames on Chandelier (intricate) should now move with the prop when prop is rotated
    Further improvements to sensitivity of the select tool
    The prop menu can now be closed by clicking the red X
    The contacts menu right click options now disappears when you click off the window
    Prop palette should no longer roll back up to the top after each prop placement
    Zoning or opening the map no longer unhides the watch list
    Continued performance improvements, especially around water
    And lots more ...


There will be multiple worlds (servers) as before, each of which contains the islands below. The names of the worlds have not changed (e.g. Adventure, Courage, Understanding).

    List of islands by name

      Arid Thicket ......... Jungle & Desert
      Snowcapped Wilds ......... Jungle & Tundra
      Whistling Tangle ......... Jungle & Old Growth
      Forgotten Hills ......... Jungle & Deciduous
      Roaring Scars ......... Jungle & Volcanic
      Windy Barrens ......... Desert & Tundra
      Ancient Crag ......... Desert & Old Growth
      Hidden Bluffs ......... Desert & Deciduous
      Lost Caldera ......... Desert & Volcanic
      Lonely Glacier ......... Tundra & Old Growth
      Silver Shallows ......... Tundra & Deciduous
      Burning Frostlands ......... Tundra & Volcanic
      Singed Timbers ......... Deciduous & Volcanic
      Emerald Vale ......... Deciduous & Old Growth
      Sleeping Ridge ......... Old Growth & Volcanic
      Twisted Shoreline ......... Jungle & Desert
      Endless River ......... Jungle & Tundra
      Winding Creek ......... Jungle & Deciduous
      Shattered Cliffs ......... Jungle & Volcanic
      Frigid Steppes ......... Desert & Tundra
      Timeworn Dunes ......... Desert & Old Growth
      Singing Mesa ......... Desert & Deciduous
      Golden Sands ......... Desert & Volcanic
      Grand Fjord ......... Tundra & Old Growth

    List of islands by biome


        Roaring Scars
        Lost Caldera
        Burning Frostlands
        Singed Timbers
        Sleeping Ridge
        Shattered Cliffs
        Golden Sands


        Forgotten Hills
        Hidden Bluffs
        Silver Shallows
        Singed Timbers
        Emerald Vale
        Winding Creek
        Singing Mesa


        Snowcapped Wilds
        Windy Barrens
        Lonely Glacier
        Silver Shallows
        Burning Frostlands
        Endless River
        Frigid Steppes
        Grand Fjord


        Arid Thicket
        Windy Barrens
        Ancient Crag
        Hidden Bluffs
        Lost Caldera
        Twisted Shoreline
        Frigid Steppes
        Timeworn Dunes
        Singing Mesa
        Golden Sands

      Old Growth

        Whistling Tangle
        Ancient Crag
        Lonely Glacier
        Emerald Vale
        Sleeping Ridge
        Timeworn Dunes
        Grand Fjord


        Arid Thicket
        Snowcapped Wilds
        Whistling Tangle
        Forgotten Hills
        Roaring Scars
        Twisted Shoreline
        Endless River
        Winding Creek
        Shattered Cliffs

Mardi 28 avril 2015
Dirt, Ice, Sand, Snow, and Stone Builder's Bundle Compensation

For this update, one of the things we’ve focused on was improving the experience of building. One of the changes we made to accomplish this was to remove the resource cost associated with building with basic resources (Dirt, Ice, Sand, Snow, and Stone). We think this will greatly improve the building experience, but there’s one consequence. Previously, bundles of these resources were offered for sale in the Marketplace. Since building with these resources will no longer cost anything, and because the primary purpose of these bundles was for building, we’ve removed the basic resource bundles as part of this update.

We wanted to ensure that anyone who purchased basic resources before this change is compensated with an item of equal value and that it is each player’s choice of exactly how they’re compensated. To do with this, we have designed a system that meets both needs and wanted to let you know how it will work!

In short, anyone who purchased these discontinued bundles will be able to exchange them for a different bundle of equal value. For anyone who purchased one of the affected bundles, here’s how it’ll work:

For every Builder’s Bag or Builder’s Chest you purchased of any of the now-free resources, you’ll receive an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclamation.

    1 Builder’s Bag = 1 Orb of Reclaimed Energy
    1 Builder’s Chest = 5 Orbs of Reclaimed Energy

You’ll also receive a Resource Reclamation Chest, which is a prop you can place on your claim, and which you can use to exchange Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for the tier 1 or tier 2 resource bundle (complete list of available resources is below) of your choose.

    1 Orb of Reclaimed Energy = 1 Builder’s Bag
    5 Orbs of Reclaimed Energy = 1 Builder’s Chest


      If you previously bought 3 Stone Builder’s Bags, you’d receive 3 Orbs of Reclamation (1 for each Bag). You could then exchange each of those orbs for a Builder’s Bag of your choice from the Resource Reclamation Chest
      If you had bought 5 Stone Builder’s Chests, you’d receive a total of 25 Orbs of Reclamation (5 for each Chest). You could then exchange those 25 Orbs for 5 different Builder’s Chests (or 25 Builder’s Bags, or whatever combination you choose).


      If you choose to get replacement Builder’s Chests, you’ll still get the appropriate Bonus Box with it and have another chance to get rare outfits along with bonus resources!

Tier 1 & Tier 2 resources Builder’s Bags and Builder’s Chests you can exchange Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for:

    Burled Wood
    Plain Wood
    Striped Wood

Also, because recent improvements to the upkeep system have significantly changed the function of copper in the game, we'll be granting an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy for any Copper purchased from the marketplace to give you the opportunity to choose a different resource in place of it (though Copper is still useful as a building material and still available as a Builder Bag or Chest). Similarly, we are also going to be granting an appropriate number of Orbs of Reclaimed Energy (based on the number of days of upkeep purchased as well as the number of claims you had at the time) to people who purchased Claim Upkeep via SC.

Removing items from the store that people had purchased was not an easy decision, but the degree to which free basic resources improves the experience of building necessitated these changes. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and thank you for your understanding during this early phase of development.

Terry "Fairan" Michaels, Senior Producer


Jeudi 23 avril 2015
Upcoming Claim Limit Changes

Hello again Landmarkians!

We’re going to be making some changes to the number of claims everyone can have in the near future (with the update planned on, or around, April 29, 2015) and how you go about extending those caps.

Here are the current limits for everyone:

    Total number of root claims: 2
    Total number of attachment claims: 8

When the changes go in, these will be the initial limits for all players:

    Initial number of root claims: 1
    Initial number of attachment claims: 3

But before you freak out when reading how the numbers went down, we will also be granting the following to all current (at the time of the update) players when the new system goes live:

    Granted Root Claim Expansion Slots: 1
    Granted Attachment Claim Expansion Slots: 5

So you will see *no* change with the update in how many root or attachment claims you can currently have (2 root and 8 attachment).

With the new system, however, you *will* be able to expand the number of root and attachment claims you can have through the Marketplace. When you purchase a Root Claim Expansion Slot or an Attachment Claim Expansion Slot, you’ll get an item that you can consume to increase your maximum number of that particular type of claim (and also receive a corresponding claim flag to go with it). These items will also be tradable in case you want to surprise a friend with a gift. :)

The total number of claims you can have including all possible expansions are:

    Maximum number of root claims: 8
    Maximum number of attachment claims: 24

We are working on the pricing for these items currently and as soon as we know what that will be, we will share that information with everyone.


Mardi 21 avril 2015
Upcoming Continent Changes

Greetings, Founders!

As you probably know by now, we’re releasing a large update later this month, which includes the wipe and a ton of new improvements to Landmark. We previously talked about the changes to Crafting/Harvesting and Achievements/Progression, and today we want to share some info about the new continents coming too!

I'll explain everything in more detail below, but here are big takeaways:

    Brand new continents with cooler shapes and new biomes.
    Surface caves return, and they can be claimed!
    More interesting underground caves with more ruins and fewer dead ends.
    Combat NPCs now only patrol underground... explore at your own risk!

New Continents

We're releasing about 20 new continents that feature brand new topography, continent shapes, and biomes! These will replace the current continents entirely.


    The new continent shapes allow the ocean to break into the landmass, creating more islands, archipelagos, and peninsulas, etc.
    Above is one example of the new sorts of shapes we're able to provide in these new continents.


Several new biomes have been added, both above and below ground. Existing biomes have had their props improved!

    Prop placement in every biome has been improved. There are more total props and their placement/composition is more aesthetically pleasing (aka more pretty!).
    Underwater is now a full biome, complete with unique props and flora.
    4 new biomes will be introduced: Deciduous Surface, Deciduous Cavern, Volcanic Surface, and Volcanic Cavern. These all have unique materials, flora, and props.
    Screenshots > words, so here are some screenshots for you to see the new biomes directly!


Surface Caves

They're back! Surface cave networks (caves that have entrances on the surface of the continent) will once again be found on every continent to provide some cool cracks in the earth to explore, and give a first taste of underground exploration.


    Surface caves naturally break the surface much more frequently than they did in the past. This creates some very cool-looking ravines and ditches where you can climb/leap/fall into a hole in the roof of a cave.
    Surface caves no longer restrict you from placing claims around them. The new cave entrances looked too awesome and inspired too many great build ideas for us to close them off, so surface caves are now claimable land. You must still place your base claim on the surface, but you can extend your claim downwards into a cave. This is a big change, and we expect that claiming naturally beautiful locations around and in caves will be a big draw for builders. One consequence of this choice is that players could potentially build over and block off some parts of caves -- but because surface caves are not essential to progression in any way, we believe that the benefits of allowing players to claim them far outweigh the potential negative effects.
    Players will start with a basic grappling hook, and surface caves don't have massive drop tiles in them.
    Surface cave do not have caverns or ruins inside of them. (Side note: This means that you will not be allowed to claim land with underground ruins in it.)

Underground Caves

TLDR: Bigger, Better, Deeper, Darker!


    Underground cave networks with POIs in them, like graveyards and portal shards are much, much longer than they were previously. You should now be able to find plenty of interesting things after arriving in a cave network without having to pulverize out of it.
    There are WAAAY more caverns and ruins in the underground. To give you an idea, here are rough estimates. Old: 25 caverns, 15 ruins (per layer). New: 300 caverns, 250 ruins (per layer). The goal with this change is to increase the number of interesting locations to find while exploring underground. We believe (and your feedback told us) that caverns with ruins are the most interesting part of exploring the underground, and our technical tests with the first round of caves informed us that we can afford to have more in a zone.
    There is a whole new batch of ruins to discover in underground caverns! Most of these are larger than ruins on Live now and have some truly epic architecture. Like earlier ruins, these were created by players during the Ruins Team-Up and will have walk-in messages that inform you who built them.
    There are fewer dead-ends in underground cave networks.
    Caverns can no longer appear directly next to one another in a long chain. There is a minimum distance between them, which will make them appear more natural in the network.
    Underground layers are approximately 40% taller than they were before. Their width is roughly the same.
    All caves are now slightly darker.

NPC Distribution

NPCs have been rebalanced to improve the combat experience and to work with the new combat progression, outlined in our Achievement/Progression post.

    Combat NPCs no longer appear on the surface or in surface caves.
    Fiery Fungi remain on the surface, and will also be underground -- just like before.
    NPCs have been rebalance from Tiers 1 through 5 to be in line with the new character stat progression. The deeper into the world you travel, the tougher the enemies will be that you encounter.

We’re looking forward to you experiencing these changes yourself after the wipe with the next big game update at the end of the month.

Happy Adventures,


Lundi 20 avril 2015
Upcoming Achievement / Progression Changes

Greetings, Founders!

As you probably know by now, we’re releasing a large update later this month, which includes the wipe and a ton of new improvements to Landmark. We previously talked about the changes to Crafting and Harvesting, and today we want to share some of the huge improvements coming to the Achievement system!


The small set of achievements that we originally released were intended to test out the Journal and Watch List UI elements, and show our first attempt at providing tutorial information to new players. Thank you for your help testing those and for giving your candid feedback about what you liked, and how you wanted to see them improve. We took that feedback to heart and have revamped the entire tutorial experience, and refined our plans for what achievements should be used for in Landmark.

I’ll explain each of these big changes below, but here’s a quick rundown of what’s happening:

    The tutorial achievements have a little more structure and now focus on directing players towards building before sending them out into the world.
    Recipes can now be tracked through the Journal, replacing the old Recipe Tracker System.
    The different sections for achievements (Goals, Feats, Collections) has been removed and all non-recipe achievements now live under one single header.
    Full combat progression has been added, through a bunch of new Achievements that give permanent character stat rewards.
    There is also a ton of new non-progression Achievements that can grant vanity rewards, like titles or outfits.

UI Changes

We’ve been pushing out most of our UI improvements to Live in the last few updates, because we knew they’d be helpful, even without the new achievements. There are a few new UI changes coming in this big update too.


    Based on feedback and our new goals, the Collection achievements category has been removed. We had planned for these achievements to reward collecting non-combat items, but the new recipe crafting achievements serve a similar purpose of tracking items, and we want achievements to focus on encouraging players to do fun, consequential activities – not just hoarding items.
    The Goals achievements category has also been removed. We had planned for these meta-meta-achievements to be guiding paths that directed the player towards different activities in-game. We found that this goal was better accomplished with better organization and labeling of the actual achievements directly instead.
    Achievement frame types and quality levels have been standardized. Grey gem = tutorial achievement. Purple = progression achievement. Green = non-tutorial, non-progression achievement. White metallic = recipe.
    These changes combined mean that there are now only two categories in the Journal, which are much more easily understood: Achievements and Recipes.
    That fancy bar at the top of the Journal that tracks how many achievements you’ve completed now has a fancy name: Founder Score. The more achievements you complete, the higher your Founder Score will be. You can see the specific value each achievement will reward in the bottom-right corner of its card.
    For now, your Founder Score will not be visible to other players, although we plan to add that feature in the future.

Updating the Tutorial

Based on your feedback along with our internal playtests, we determined that our previous tutorial experience didn’t do a good job of walking new players through the different types of gameplay available to them. So, we’ve revamped the entire process to make it more useful to new players, without restricting veteran players that want to move on quickly. This new tutorial process works towards our bigger goal for this update: to re-focus Landmark on its unique social building-centric gameplay.


    Every tutorial achievement remains optional. You can still immediately run off into the world and do whatever you’d like.
    You now start with only one achievement tracked, directing you to place the provided claim flag on your hotbar.
    Then, you place one of five new starter home templates, which we have provided for you. These were built by the dev team, have different styles ranging from warehouse to dojo, and only use materials that are free to build with. They are basic builds, designed to help new players see the sorts of things they can build in Landmark and inspire them to start building their own custom homes.
    After you’ve claimed some goodies from those first achievements, you choose what you want to learn about next. You can begin using the different building tools and learning what they do, or you can head out and start harvesting.
    Each of those choices lead down different roads, but you can work towards either of them at any time. You earn all the build tools (including the Builder’s Bauble of Flight) from the build path, and you earn everything you need to start adventuring and harvesting underground (including a pulverizer and cave sounder) from the adventure path.
    The new tutorial spreads out at which achievements are automatically tracked, so that you receive them at a reasonable pace, rather than all at once. The goal is to help new players understand the sorts of things they can do, find what they’re most excited to try, and then direct them towards the bare essentials they’ll need to succeed at it.

Recipe Tracking

The old recipe tracker is gone (huzzah!). Recipes are now tracked through the achievement Watch List, instead of competing with it for UI real estate. This change also gave us a good opportunity to add some very nice quality-of-life improvements to tracking recipes, which should make life away from the crafting stations a bit easier.


    There are two types of recipes: free and non-free. Free recipes require no resources to craft (such as the Adventurer’s gear that you start out with), while non-free recipes require resources to craft, such as a piece of armor.
    There is a new tab in the Journal called “Recipes” – this houses a recipe achievement for each non-free recipe you can craft in Landmark (since there is no reason to track free recipes).
    You can complete these achievements by crafting the recipe once, but they do not reward any Founder Score or other rewards. Their primary purpose is for tracking the components you need while harvesting out in the world.
    Recipe Achievements have a unique card frame and gem icon to make them visually distinct from achievements.
    You can track recipes in the Journal, or directly at the crafting stations. When looking at a recipe on a crafting station, there is a “Watch” button next to the “Craft” button, which will automatically track/untrack that recipe in your Watch List.
    Recipes are sorted in the same categories and order as they are on the crafting stations, and have their item icon displayed prominently on the achievement card. Combined, that will hopefully make it easy to find what you’re looking for.

Combat Progression Achievements

The primary way to progress your character’s power level is through completing progression achievements, which reward character stats. These achievements involve activities across the game, including non-combat activities, but they all reward combat-related stats.


    There are five primary progression achievements, which grant enough stats to allow you to succeed in the next underground layer. These are called Layer 1 Adventurer, Layer 2 Adventurer, etc.. To complete them, you must kill monsters, loot treasure chests, and harvest resources in that tier. Each of these rewards a hefty dose of Health, Offense, and Armor.
    There are a bunch of secondary progression achievements, which grant small values of minor stats like Critical Strike, Armor Steal, and Energy Regeneration. They should not be required to defeat monsters in the next tier, but will make things a little easier and provide further goals for combat fans to pursue.
    Progression achievements can be found in almost every category in the Journal, and are highlighted by the epic purple color of their card frame and quality gem.
    It’s much easier to get 2-ability weapons now (see the crafting changes note for more general info on crafting changes). You start with a 2-ability Adventurer’s Blade, and you can loot or craft (for pretty cheap) 2-ability versions of all the other weapons.
    To upgrade to the 3-ability version of a weapon, you just need to kill monsters with it. Each weapon specialization achievement rewards the 3-ability weapon and the recipe to craft it, in case you delete it. Because these 3-ability weapons are earned from achievements and can be crafted for free in case you delete yours, 3-ability weapons cannot be traded.

Non-Progression Achievements

There are tons of new achievements that don’t give progression rewards. They’re there to encourage a variety of other activities in-game, and to give fun vanity rewards for big accomplishments.


    There are tons of exclusive titles and outfits to earn through Achievements that let you show off your accomplishments.
    There are non-progression achievements in almost every category – from crafting to building to treasure hunting!
    The Armor Mastery achievements are designed to help you see at a glance, all 33 of the armor sets available, along with what stats they provide and how to craft them. Hopefully, this will help you in your search for the perfect combat build for your playstyle. (You’ll also get to enjoy the sometimes-groan-worthy nicknames and puns that Cronyn came up for each armor set while naming the achievements, ha!)

We’re looking forward to you experiencing these changes yourself after the wipe with the next big game update at the end of the month.

Happy Adventures,


Jeudi 16 avril 2015
Upcoming Crafting / Harvesting Changes

Hey everyone!

As you know, we’re working towards a large update scheduled for the end of this month. This update will include the wipe (LINK). It will also include significant changes to the Crafting and Harvesting systems, which we want to tell you about today!

Crafting / Harvesting

One of Landmark’s primary goals has always been to test EQN systems, but in many cases we've let this goal come before focusing on the systems unique to Landmark. With this update we are taking a step back and refocusing crafting and harvesting to better support Landmark systems first, particularly building, and EQN systems second. While we fully intend to continue testing EQN systems in Landmark, we want to make sure that those tests are apparent and unobtrusive, so that Landmark’s core gameplay remains undisturbed as we continue this unique simultaneous development process.

In this update you’ll see a number of changes prompted by this new philosophy, including the removal of salvaging, upgrading, and random item quality, as well as various consolidation and quality of life improvements to both crafting and harvesting. You can find more details on these changes below, but some of the big takeaways include:

    Components previously supplied by salvaging, such as Ether Shards and Aspects, are now only used to craft weapons, armor, and accessories.
    Items are no longer created with random stats.
    Most common building materials can now be placed for free, but all other materials are placed with refined components, however these components are used for both building and crafting.
    All recipes are now crafted at either the Forge or Workshop and only the Sifter and a new refiner, the Replicator, remain for bulk resource refining.
    Any tree can be chopped by any axe and any plant can be reaped by any sickle, but higher tier sickles provide more resources when reaping larger plants.
    Upgraded versions of the Founder’s Pickaxe can now be crafted, and the Mastercraft Bracer now grants increased yield when refining components.

Removal of Salvaging

The salvaging system is a critical part of our economic plans for EQN, and introducing the system in Landmark provided us with a wealth of extremely valuable information that will help us continue to refine it over time, but that refinement doesn't need to take place in Landmark. As such, we are removing salvaging and adjusting the way in which you earn and use the various items previously provided by the system so that they exist separately from Landmark’s core gameplay.

    Ether Shards are no longer required components in most recipes.
    The Ether Stone salvaging station has been disabled and can no longer be crafted, though it can still be placed as a decorative prop from the prop palette.
    Aspects and Essences, which are still used to craft weapons, armor, and accessories, can now be crafted with Ether Shards at the Forge.
    Monsters and chests no longer drop combat items or recipes. Instead they now occasionally drop Aspects and Essences in addition to their normal drops (Ether Shards for monsters; Ether Shards, resources, and exploration items for chests).
    Tools are no longer crafted with Aspects.
    Ancient Earth deposits have been removed from the game.

Removal of Upgrading and Random Item Quality

Upgrading and Item Quality are core EQN itemization systems that impact all items on a very deep level, meaning that additional iteration on these systems in Landmark would have necessitated additional item wipes. As this is a scenario we want to avoid, we have decided to remove these systems as we continue developing them for EQN. Future iterations of these systems are likely to surface again in Landmark, but they will be compartmentalized so that testing can occur without negatively impacting Landmark gameplay.

    Items are no longer crafted with random stats. Item quality is instead used to designate common resources (average/white), uncommon resources (superior/green), and crafted items (exceptional/blue).
    The upgrading interface has been removed from the game.
    Relics have been removed from the game.

Crafting Components Consolidation

Since these updates are designed to refocus on Landmark’s core gameplay, we've decided to simplify our use of resources so that all component types can be used to build with. This means that Blocks are gone and all Component recipes are now gainful, yielding 150–450 items per recipe. We've also removed superfluous components that are no longer necessary due some other notable changes.

    Building materials that previously used dirt, sand, snow, ice, and common stone can now be placed for free.
    Block items, aside from Lumicite, Plastic, and Glass have been removed from the game. Lumicite, Plastic, and Glass are now referred to as Components instead of Blocks.
    All non-composite component recipes now yield 150 items – this means 100 Copper Ore now becomes 150 Smelted Copper.
    Composite items, such as metal alloys, gem composites, and plastics, are now crafted from component items (meaning refined resources like Smelted Copper) and yield 300–450 items per recipe. Lumicite is also crafted from components, but only yields 150 items per recipe.
    All building materials, aside from the common materials listed above which have no cost, now use component items rather than resource items.
    Heartwood and the various items used to make Heartwood have been removed from the game.
    Plant Fiber and Plant Extract have been removed from the game.
    Cut Stone has been removed from the game.

Crafting Station Consolidation

Along the same lines as our consolidation of crafting components, the crafting stations that make those components have also been consolidated. We've removed all but two of our basic crafting stations, improved the functionality of our top tier sifter, and added a new super refiner that replaces all of our other refiners. We've also dropped the crafting time on all of our recipes to further expedite crafting.

    The Stone Forge is now known simply as the Forge and contains all recipes that use stone, metal, or gems.
    The Tinkerer’s Workshop is now known simply as the Workshop and contains all recipes that use wood or plants.
    The Masterwork Sifter is now known simply as the Sifter and can now sift ice and snow in addition to dirt, sand, and stone. Additionally, the station now requires only 1,000 common resources to create a bag of sifted resources. Sifted bags are also now auto-consumed when crafted.
    The Replicator, a new refining station capable of refining all material types at 300% efficiency, has been added to the game.
    All other crafting and refining stations have been disabled and can no longer be crafted, though they can still be placed as decorative props from the prop palette.
    All recipes now require only 0.25 seconds to craft.

Changes to Tree and Plant Harvesting

Plant and Tree harvesting have received some quality of life improvements, including the introduction of an Adventurer’s Sickle for new players, a redistribution of stats on axes, and a reassessment of how we use harvest rating for both tools.

    The Commoner's Sickle (Tier 1 Sickle) is now known as the Adventurer's Sickle, and is granted automatically to new characters. The item can also be crafted for free at the Forge.
    Axe stats have been redistributed, resulting in a slightly lowered speed stat, but a significantly higher damage stat. The overall result of this change is much faster tree harvesting, particularly with higher tier axes.
    Harvest rating has been removed from all axes and trees, meaning all trees can be chopped by all axes.
    Sickles use harvest rating to increase the potential yield of large and perfect plant variants. Large and perfect plants are much rarer than normal plants and can only be found underground.
    Plants are no longer tier locked, meaning all plants can be found at all tiers (some plants are still exclusive to the surface and all plants are still biome exclusive).
    Non-unique plants are no longer harvestable at all, removing the need for common plant resources (Plant Fiber and Plant Extract).
    Special plants which are still harvestable now have a unique particle effect in order to make them more easily identifiable.
    Sunblossom, Embercup, Cordella, and Nomad’s Crown are new plants being introduced with our new deciduous and volcanic biomes. Several recipes at the Workshop have been modified to use them.

Changes to Founder’s Pickaxe

The Founder’s Pickaxe has been given a slight stat realignment, and can now be upgraded. Three new versions (Settler’s Pickaxe, Explorer’s Pickaxe, and Trailblazer’s Pickaxe) can be sequentially crafted to improve stats and raise mining, which makes the Pickaxe viable from initial acquisition through endgame.

    Founder’s Pickaxe stats have been realigned to make it comparable to other picks and axes.
    Three upgrade recipes now exist for the Founder’s Pickaxe.

Changes to Mastercraft Bracer

The Mastercraft Bracer was originally designed to boost the stat floor when crafting items with randomized stats, and then later changed to provide bonus Ether Shards when crafting just about anything. However, with the removal of random item quality and the reduced use of Ether Shards in most recipes we've updated this item yet again to insure that it retains its original value.

    The Mastercraft Bracer now increases the yield of component recipes (such as Smelted Copper) by 20%. This means that a recipe yielding 150 components would actually yield 180.

Once again, these crafting and harvesting changes are being released with the next major game update (which, as another reminder, will include a character wipe – link). Let us know if you have any questions about these changes, and we look forward to hearing about your firsthand experiences with them in just a few weeks!


Vendredi 3 avril 2015
Broken chests and vanishing props update

Hi Landmarkians!

We have been investigating reports of chests being unable to open and props/crafting stations vanishing when picked up, especially since the March 26th game update. This appears to be due to a bug that was failing to correctly persist some props on claims that had chests on them (even if the prop was not in a chest). While the prop would still physically appear on the claim, the server would not be aware that it was really there or who owned it. So when someone picked up the prop, they would not receive the item and it would simply disappear. If the prop happened to be a chest, the chest also would not open and the items inside it would also be lost.

We believe we have resolved this bug and pushed out a fix in last night’s 5am server bounce which we believe should prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to repair chests and props that were “broken” by this bug, so there may still be props and chests on your claims that will vanish if picked up, and we do not currently have an efficient enough way to restore them in a timely manner before the wipe.

The good news is that with the character/claim wipe coming soon, any special items such as building competition trophies, year zero outfits, founder’s pack items, and anything purchased on the marketplace will be restored to you after the wipe.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, and are implementing more tracking and safeguards to prevent this happening again post-wipe.


Mardi 31 mars 2015
Hotfix Notes

Bug fixes


      New players now start with building tools, and missing tools can be obtained from the chest at spires. (Anyone who started a new character AFTER the last game update but BEFORE this hotfix should visit the chest at the spire to get their tools.) If you end up with duplicate tools, simply delete the duplicates.
      Combine cobblestone material is once again available in the material palette.
      Cracked dirt texture has been restored to its original appearance.
      Resources added to the collection window no longer appear to add to the wrong location.
      The "You Can Collect" achievement no longer requires crafting a stone brazier.
      Ether stone crafting station is working once again.
      The "Acquired" in templates once again shows information.
      Ctrl-mousewheel is no longer required to zoom the camera unless you are in build mode, just plain mousewheel once again works.
      Sort drop-down on Inventory collection window no longer reads "##UI.Sort"
      A subtractive mode icon now shows in the modal bar for the delete mode of line tool.
      At night, shiny highlights no longer appear as bright red.


      Props no longer display a large square highlight when placed against a reflective material.
      If you place a prop from your inventory then hit Esc to cancel, it should now return the prop to your inventory (instead of disassembling it).
      Placing a prop from the prop palette then using undo now disassembles it rather than dropping the item into your inventory.
      Icons of emitters in your inventory are now using the new prop palette icons.
      Recipe journal is once again available in the menu.
      Plant props now require wood to make.
      Some stray prop recipes were removed from the Tinkerer's Workshop.
      Qeynos lamp post is categorized with other lamp posts in "enclosed".
      Utility Barrel and Black & White Curtains now have icons in the prop palette.
      Tundra flower props can once again be selected or moved once placed.
      When you disassemble a prop on someone else's claim, resources are now returned to you rather than the claim owner.
      After picking up a chest and then using Ctrl-Z to undo, the chest should now work.


      Claims on live should once again display screenshots.
      Screenshots on claims submitted to the Qeynos competition should now show up in the gallery. IF you submitted your competition entry and do NOT see screenshots in the gallery, they may not have saved properly - please withdraw from the competition then resubmit (before April 5th, obviously) to fix the screenshots.
      You can now place an attachment claim while in first person camera mode.
      Claim management window should no longer be missing some information.
      The claim upkeep extension email should no longer be sent every time you log out or zone.
      When screenshots of your claim are updated in claim management, the gallery image should now update.
      Observer mode in a PVP game should now consistently end when you leave a claim.
      The /reportclaim command once again works and you can use this to report an inappropriate claim you are standing in.

Bonus extra goodness

    Sci fi themed doors are now available in the props menu if you search for 'utility' - however they are not yet showing up correctly in the 'doors' category, so use the search field.


Jeudi 26 mars 2015
Game Update Notes

[Known issues]

    if you place a prop from your inventory then hit Esc to cancel, it will be returned as resources rather than as a prop.
    if you place a prop from the palette then undo, it returns it to your inventory as a prop instead of as resources.
    emitters in your inventory do not have updated icons. Utility barrel is also missing an icon.
    delete mode for the line tool is not showing in the modal bar
    collections inventory is not sorting correctly
    adding and removing resources from collections window can cause the changed resource to visually duplicate, although this is visual only and closing the inventory for a couple seconds will fix the display
    prop palette docked view can be cut off on one side at lower screen resolutions
    screenshots on claims and in the Qeynos competition are not yet showing up.
    some characters may appear odd on the character create screen; if so don't panic, you will look fine in game and after logging in.
    Ctrl-# is not changing hotbars, you'll have to use the arrows to switch for now.
    The bug with chests sometimes not opening may have become more frequent. If anyone can provide reliable repro steps to make this happen 100% of the time, please do add it to to help us track this down!

Watch this week's Landmark Live for in-game demonstrations of the new prop palette and other features. And please use this third party fan site, issuetracker, to give us details of any issues you encounter with this update!

No more claim upkeep!

    You no longer need to pay copper to cover your claim upkeep! All you need to do is log into the game regularly. Your claim window will clearly tell you when your claims will expire if you do not log in again. Please read the full details of this change on the forums.
    You will receive an in-game mail refunding any copper that had been deposited towards your future upkeep but had not yet been used.


Introducing the Prop Palette

    Pack rats rejoice! You no longer need to craft props and store them in your inventory/chests/vault. Props are now managed through a prop palette, similar to the existing material palette. You will find the prop palette at the end of your hotkey bar beside the material palette, and you can use the window icon to expand it into a larger version at the left side of your screen.


    The new prop palette now lists all available props by category, and the resources required to make each. Simply navigate to the prop you want to place, right-click it, and place directly into the world. Your resources will automatically be reduced by the appropriate amount. If you do not have enough resources to place the item, it will be greyed out. There is also a quantity number on the icon indicating how many you can make with your current supply of materials. You can click on the item to see what resources are required (mouse over the resource icon below to see the name if you don’t recognize the icon).
    Prop categories and subcategories are indicated by a folder style background to the icon, and the tooltip mouseover will tell you the category’s name. When you are in the expanded view of the prop palette (on the left side of the screen) you can also use the view option drop-down at the top of the prop palette to switch to list view and show full names all the time instead of just icons. There is also a search field where you can enter partial text to search for a specific prop that you want.
    If you change your mind and don’t want a prop on your claim any more, right-click and use the “disassemble” option to return it back into resources in your collections inventory. Alternately, you can choose “pick up” and put it in your normal inventory (for example, to give to someone else). There are a couple of exception to this rule – storage chests cannot be disassembled once created, nor can movers/flingers.
    Some special props (such as building competition trophies) are not available in the prop palette and will still be inventory items; these can be placed as before by right-clicking the item in your inventory.
    If you use the selection volume tool to select an area of your build that includes props and use the Delete key on your keyboard, all the props in that area will be automatically converted back into resources. (If you use the delete TOOL, not the delete key, only voxels will be deleted and the props will remain.)
    To support the new prop palette feature, props have been given a complete material cost revision. In most cases the materials were simplified down to a single type. In addition, the required quantities were updated to be in line with current harvesting amounts.
    Props were also given a comprehensive name pass to make locating your favorite items easier and more intuitive. For example, rather than "Hanging Iron Brazier" and "Mounted Gothic Brazier" the names are now "Brazier (Hanging Iron)" and "Brazier (Mounted Gothic)" so they alphabetize together.

Minimized view

Expanded view

New props

    Decorative sword, decorative axe, and decorative shield props are now available. (Under category Decor\Art & Decor\Statues & Sculptures)


Building tool improvements

    The Add brush now has a "Fill" option! This will apply your selected texture to all non-player-placed voxels (ie air, and default terrain) but will NOT affect any voxels placed by players.
    The add brush toggles into "Fill" mode with the "E" key; this will stay on until toggled off again.
    This effect can be applied to a selection volume OR used with the normal add tool voxel brush.
    Note that the fill mode simply applies the selected texture to the air, but does NOT change the shape of the voxels being filled.


    The order of operations when you hit the Escape key has been updated. Hitting Escape will now do the following in this order: cancel any tool or prop placement; close any open UI windows, and (last of all) open the game menu to access settings, logout, etc.
    The Modal bar now includes indicator of Grid mode. Hit the "G" key to toggle this on and off. Grid mode will snap your cursor to a grid the size of your current voxel brush. This image shows how the icon in the modal bar changes to indicate on vs off:

    Switching to another tool will now cancel the line tool, instead of leaving it stuck on screen.
    The line tool no longer defaults to connecting to the last position you used it in
    Fixed several issues that could prevent the line tool from drawing lines from east to north
    You can now delete directly with the line tool. Pressing "F" will toggle delete mode on or off. The line tool will stay in the selected mode until toggled; the color will change to blue when it is in delete mode. (Known issue: the "F" option is not yet showing in the Modal bar.)


    Deleting voxels using the Delete tool should affects their neighbours less (using the Delete key acts differently and will still affect neighbouring voxels as before).
    Pasting a selection without air causes less artifacting to nearby voxels
    Lumicite microvoxels are now visible when pasting a selection
    Paint tool now correctly calculates amount of resources needed, without including selected air
    Select tool is less hypersensitive when moving sides and corners around
    Props that have been placed then tweaked in position should no longer shift position slightly when you log out
    Having a selection volume up should no longer interfere with dragging a trigger area
    You can now turn on/off show trigger volumes on any claim that you have building rights to, via the claim banner of that claim
    The linking menu on interactive props should no longer sometimes appear off screen
    Paste with air now pastes procedural air also, so the behavior is consistent regardless of whether the selection was copied from below ground (with "deleted" air around it) or above ground (with default procedural air around it).
    Rotate, translate, scale widgets scale up and down better relative to your camera distance
    Placement of single voxels should now be slightly better at following your cursor

And special bonus

    Pretty new compass graphic!

Bug fixes

    The in-game browser, as used in the Gallery, now has a refresh button
    The Social media window should work more reliably
    Combine wall sconce and combine hanging lamp should no longer turn off when you log out.
    The above props should also now have correct tinting
    Combine doors no longer lose color if you’re far away
    Collision on the Combine doors is fixed
    Gallery screenshots should now show up
    Send Tell to friends now correctly fills in your friend's name when you click on them in the friends list
    Claim "likes" are now consistent between gallery and claim header
    The bow weapon will once again fire secondary or tertiary attacks even when you have a buff from its primary active
    Wisps should be easier to hit with projectiles now
    Repositioning a chest across a claim boundary should no longer cause window contents to disappear until refreshed
    Template screenshots once again dim out surrounding objects
    Gallery screenshots that were missing should be visible now.
    Players with no access to a claim can no longer change PVP game settings
    You can no longer equip 2 of the same accessory
    Crafting FX no longer get stuck on the character if you run out of inventory space
    Claim boundaries should once again be showing up against the sky for all graphic card types
    When you activate fly mode while jumping, you should no longer drift in a random direction
    Builder's Bauble of Flight up and down controls should now take you straight up and down
    Intricate copper-banded door (left) links properly now
    Demo mode cursor now displays correctly for other people, instead of appearing one voxel to the side of where it really is being used.
    Fixed a bug with trying to remove resources from an in-game mail if your inventory was full
    Chompers should no longer be able to spit through objects
    Candle flames on props now rotate with the prop
    Fixed an error in the tooltip when comparing an equipped pick to one in inventory
    Rustic Wooden Doors now open in different directions, meaning there is actually a difference between the left and right one. Formerly they both opened the same way which mean there was no difference.
    Fireworks on bonus boxes from the Marketplace will now display a small gold show for bonus resources, or a larger green, blue, or orange fireworks shows for more rare outfits.
    Ongoing optimizations and improvements

Fireworks levels on bonus boxes


Mercredi 18 mars 2015
Hotfix Notes

Reminder, as previously stated, unfortunately we are not able to hotfix the correction to outfit drop rates. This will come in the next full game update - which we are aiming for next week.

With this week’s hotfix, we have removed the ability to buy upkeep directly with Station Cash. This will have no impact on any upkeep you’ve purchased previously with Station Cash. However, once the SC option is removed, everyone will need to continue paying upkeep with copper until after next week’s update. Please refer to the full upkeep changes post here for full details!

In addition, today's hotfix has added some combine themed props and textures for use in Qeynos themed builds (or anywhere else you like).


    Lamp Post (Tall Combine)
    Curved Combine Door (Left and Right versions)
    Arched Combine Door (Left and Right versions)

Added new textures

    Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles Blue
    Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles Blue dark
    Combine Stonework Cobblestone
    Combine Slate Dark
    Combine Slate Darkest

Updated existing textures

    Combine Terrain Ceramic Glazed
    Combine Terrain Ceramic Glazed Dark
    Combine Ceramic Glazed Dark
    Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles
    Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles Dark


Mardi 17 mars 2015
Upcoming Claim Upkeep Changes

Hello Landmarkians!

There are changes coming to Claim Upkeep, and they’re coming soon! These changes will be happening over the next two weeks.

This week

With this week’s hotfix (currently scheduled for Wednesday, 3/18/2015), we’re going to be removing the ability to buy upkeep directly with Station Cash. This will have no impact on any upkeep you’ve purchased previously with Station Cash. However, once the SC option is removed, everyone will need to continue paying upkeep with copper until after next week’s update.

Next week

With next week’s update, you will no longer have to pay upkeep at all. Instead, whenever you log in to the game, you will automatically reset the time to expiration on your claim. Logging in to the game will work the same as pre-paying upkeep previously did. In the new system, each day (determined as 12:00:00AM to 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time) you log in will be tracked, and the more days you’ve logged in, the greater the duration your claims will be protected. Here is how the new system works:

First, you start with an initial Upkeep Timer

    New player – 7 days
    Current player – Either 7 days or the maximum upkeep length you can currently pre-pay, whichever is longer

Then, for every 2 days you log in once this system is active, you get 1 additional day that you can protect your claim(s). The maximum length they can be protected for between logins is 90 days.

Previously, protecting your claims capped out at 30 days, and as you can see the new system will allow you to earn much longer periods of protection.

Let’s setup an example to hopefully explain this a little more clearly:

I’m a relatively new player and have only logged in 6 days. This means my current upkeep timer is 7 days + 3 days (this is determined by 6 unique logins divided by 2), which is 10 days. Now, let’s say I login (for the 7th unique day) today. My claims would be protected for the next 10 days. Then I can’t log in for 4 days (don’t ask me why I’d let that happen, but whatever!), so while I’m away, my claim timer will be ticking down. Then, I log in on the 5th day (for my 8th unique day overall), and my claims would then immediately be protected for the next 11 days, which is my new maximum upkeep (7 days base + 3 days from before + 1 more day from the two additional logins).

Hopefully that makes sense! :)

Once these changes are in place, we will also be refunding everyone’s current upkeep credits as copper, regardless of whether it was initially deposited by the player or the upkeep was purchased with Station Cash.

When we do the character wipe near the end of April, we will be introducing a system for anyone who bought copper or upkeep via Station Cash to be able to get different resources instead. Stay tuned for more information on that system in the near future.

Terry "Fairan" Michaels, Senior Producer


Vendredi 13 mars 2015
Upcoming Wipe Answers!

Greetings Landmarkians!

Last week, we posted a new version of the Blueprint detailing the next few updates, and there were a ton of questions that many of you have been asking. I begged for a little patience while we worked through some details, and now that we have concluded that process, I wanted to let everyone know the plans, what they mean and don’t mean, and how they’re going to play out over the next handful of weeks.

Let’s make sure we’re all on the same page in case you haven’t had a chance to read the Blueprint. There is going to be a character and claim wipe that will be coming in April.

Ready? Okay, let’s jump right into the questions!

So does the wipe mean Open Beta is coming in mid-April?

No, this is not heralding the start of Open Beta. There are just a variety of things we’ve been holding back on that require a character and claim wipe to be able to cleanly get them into the game.

Will there be another character wipe between Closed and Open Beta?

No. We’re taking this opportunity to do the *only* character wipe we intend to do. That’s correct; we no longer believe it will be necessary to do a character wipe when we transition from Closed Beta to Open Beta. We *will* do a claim-only wipe when we transition to Open Beta in the future so that everyone who purchased the Trailblazer pack will have their 2 days head start to stake their claim in the world of Landmark!

Will I lose any of the items I purchased from the Marketplace?

No, all items or bundles purchased on the Marketplace will be re-granted to your new character after the wipe.

Will my templates be wiped?

No. We will not delete templates saved in your template window, and they are tied to your account, not your character. When you create a new character after the wipe, the templates for that account will appear on the new character. You will be able to re-place all your templates as soon as you have any materials needed.

What about templates stored as items in my inventory/chest/vault/etc?

When you create an item from a template, and then delete it from your template window it is no longer stored on your account, so will be deleted like any other inventory items. Only templates actually in your template window will be saved.

Will the Qeynos competition run before the wipe?

Yes, we will be waiting to do the wipe until the Qeynos competition is complete and we’re able to announce the winners. This does mean that the wipe and the update associated with it will be postponed by a few weeks from our original intention. We currently plan on starting the Qeynos competition next week, and wrapping up judging by mid-April. This means the game update that comes with the character and claim wipe will likely happen on or near April 29, 2015.

How many more wipes before everything is permanent and there will be no more wipes?

After the coming character and claim wipe next month, there is only one more planned wipe, and that is the claim-only wipe that is necessary when we transition to Open Beta. That’s it; no others.

I heard somewhere that if you buy a chest and receive an outfit via the bonus box you won't get the outfit back after a wipe. Can this please be confirmed or denied?

The random items you can get from things like the Bonus Boxes are not something we have guaranteed to return in response to a character wipe during Alpha or Beta. However, in the particular case of the outfits in bonus boxes, we will ensure that anyone who was lucky enough to have gotten one from a bonus box will find that when they create a new character after the wipe that they still have that outfit in their inventory. Please note: this IS different than we’ve said previously on the forums. Returning the outfits is different than we originally planned, and we’re sorry if there is confusion. Everyone who purchased resource chests will still receive those, along with their Bonus Boxes as well.

Will we keep the Zero anniversary, Fan Faire trophy items, competition winner trophies, Christmas sweaters, code-granted items from giveaways, etc., post wipe?

Yes, these items will be kept when you create a new character after the wipe. The only caveat is that we will not be able to guarantee which version of the Christmas sweater or Year Zero outfit you will get. You will have a “Holiday 2014 Outfit” item in your inventory and, when you consume it, you’ll get one of the three possible outfits randomly. You will still be free to trade them with other people for the color you want, as before.

What is the best way to survive the "wipe" without losing... stuff?

You shouldn’t have to do anything to keep all of the stuff that isn’t being wiped. Any claims you have will be templated up automatically and stored on your account. All templates you’ve saved in your template window are being preserved and will still be available to you after the wipe. Any items you’ve purchased from the Marketplace will be re-granted to you after the wipe, so you’ll have all of that. The only things you will lose are your claim locations in the world, your character, and anything you collected through in-game play, harvesting or crafting.

Do I need to make a huge template of my build, and when is the last moment for doing that?

Nope, we’ll do that for you when we bring the servers down for the wipe and the update. It is part of the process we’ll be going through so we’ll do it even if you create one yourself beforehand. However, if you want to re-place your existing building more easily after the wipe, you may wish to store a version of it made entirely out of common materials like dirt; that way you can place it before you go mining for rare resources.

Will SC used to pay claim upkeep be refunded in Open Beta? Will upkeep be collected up until the wipe? What if people pay past the wipe date – do they lose that SC?

We’re going to be disabling the ability to purchase upkeep with SC in the near future, prior to the wipe, in preparation for changes made to simplify upkeep for everyone. We will not be refunding SC used to pay for upkeep during Closed Beta. Players have already received and consumed the value associated with those purchases. However, we are considering and investigating how we might be able to give those players who spent SC on upkeep some in-game rewards to help offset this. Please stay tuned for more news once a certain team member returns from Paternity Leave. :)

Do I get to keep my name?

Yes, the name you are using now is “locked” to your account, so after the character wipe nobody will be able to use it but you.

Do I get to keep my guild name?

No, guild names will not be reserved or saved during this wipe. You will need to recreate your guild after the wipe.

Will the same worlds and islands be available after the wipe?

No, we will be changing some of the world and island names. We are re-generating the continents to add some more interesting shapes and some new biomes too. Be sure to explore once you log back in!

I tried to cover all of the details and all of the major questions I’ve seen. If I missed anything, please send me a PM on the forums and I’ll try to get answers to anything we may have overlooked.

- Terry “Fairan” Michaels, Senior Producer -


Vendredi 6 mars 2015
Hotfix Notes

Hi Landmarkians!

As you have probably noticed, this week's game update introduced a couple of bugs. We spent today working on fixes and are planning to push them to live during the nightly 5am server bounce tonight, or earlier. Here's am update on our bugs:

    You cannot close the watchlist. [This change has actually been pushed out already, you will get the fix the next time you re-patch through the launchpad. The fix will allow you to close the watchlist, which will minimize to a small eye icon in the upper right beside your notification window.]
    If you rotate, then paste a selection of voxels without air, the shape will artifact badly. [This should be fixed after the 5am downtime.]
    If you copy a selection of voxels then try to paste it with 'remove voxels' ticked, voxels are not actually removed. [This should be fixed after the 5am downtime.]
    Outfit drop rates from monsters were supposed to be rare, but are definitely much more rare than we had intended. We apologize for this and are fixing, but unfortunately this change will have to wait for the next full game update as it's too complex to hotfix safely. We recommend waiting until that happens before chasing these.

Thanks for your patience, and have a great weekend!


Jeudi 5 mars 2015
Landmark Blueprint Update

A few notes up front so that I don't have to repeat the same lines over and over again below!

    1. There will be bug fixes and optimizations in pretty much every update we ever do, I will only call out particularly large ones so that you know they're coming. :)
    2. Also, these are our current plans and are subject to change as issues arise, new ideas spring forth or something comes up and we’re like “Oh, yeah, we should totally do <insert feature/bug/suggestions> sooner rather than later.” When that happens, we’ll make sure to let everyone know as soon as we know a change is necessary!
    3. There are a few things from the previous Blueprint that don't appear on this one. In all cases, that is simply a matter of re-prioritization. They haven't been removed from our list of things to do, and when they are closer to the Near Future, we'll be talking about them again!

The Near Future

    3/5 Update

      Voxel Ownership changes – This is about making player studio templates modifiable by the purchaser (completed)
      Building Improvements - Bug fixes, tweaks, changes to make building better (completed)
      Achievement Improvements - Watch List and Achievements UI changes, additions and bug fixes (completed)
      New Outfits (completed)
      New Props for Qeynos workshop (completed)
      All emitters should be available on the marketplace (completed)
      Fixed (at least one cause of) the flashing polygons in the sky (completed)

    3/25 Update

      More achievements and achievement polish
      Prop Palette (previously Props as resources) - Props will no longer be crafted or take up inventory space in most cases (there are still a few that need to be crafted or obtained in other ways, like chests, trophies, etc)
      More building improvements
      Claim upkeep changes (simplifying, granting longer times before claims expire, etc)
      New-user experience changes to make it more approachable and more understandable
      New props and materials for Qeynos workshop

    4/29 Update
    (Delayed to coordinate with the end of the Qeynos competition)

      Combat iterations
      Crafting consolidation and cleanup
      Yet more Building improvements
      New islands
      New biomes
      Large Humans
      Ability to purchase more claim flag (and attached claim flag) slots via the Marketplace
      More props and materials
      Claim Vendors - The timing on this one may change, but simply due to births of babies to development team members. :)

    *4/29 will require our only intended character wipe along with a claim wipe*

“While we will do everything in our power to minimize wipes, it is important to note that Closed Beta is a testing period. Unexpected behaviors of players and technology may occur, requiring us to roll back or delete data during these periods. New functionality added to the game may also require a wipe to occur. However, you will never lose access to items that you have purchased on the Marketplace or in the Founder’s Packs as a result of a wipe.”

The Farther Future

There are still plenty of things to be worked on once we get through the updates above, but we wanted to let you know where the major focus will fall:

    Larger Islands & Continents
    More combat iteration (this will likely never end!) :)
    Content Tools
    AI & AI Tools

Jeudi 5 mars 2015
Update notes

[Known issues]
Outfit drop rates from monsters were supposed to be rare, but are definitely much more rare than we had intended. We apologize for this and are fixing, but unfortunately this change will have to wait for the next full game update as it's too complex to hotfix safely. We recommend waiting until that happens before chasing these.
Send tell to friends - currently the friend's name is not populating correctly.

Voxel ownership changes

    Templates obtained from PlayerStudio can be freely placed on claims you own. You cannot share these templates with other players (can’t trade it to another player or use it on a claim that is not yours).
    PlayerStudio templates can now be edited just like regular templates. However, voxel ownership will be tracked (you’ll see this using voxel vision).
    If you list a template on PlayerStudio that contains voxels from someone else’s PlayerStudio template, the owner of those voxels will receive a portion of the royalty payment.

Building improvements

    The rotate widget on props or paste volumes now behaves more reliably and intuitively.
    The delete, smooth, and paint tools are now more distinct colors from each other
    The colors you see in Voxel Vision should now be brighter and more distinct
    Pasting selections including water or glass no longer “breaks” the outlined shape of the paste object
    Grid mode can once again toggled on/off with the G key. This will cause your cursor to snap to a grid the size of the cursor you are using.
    [Postponed] The selection volume is now less oversensitive [Unfortunately, we were not able to include this fix in today’s update; it will be added in the next full game update.]

New outfits

    A variety of new western and sci fi style outfits have been added as rare loot drops from monsters; as well as rare rewards from bonus boxes obtained from the Marketplace. (Some tints are available in both; other tints may be exclusive to one or the other.)

Achievements improvements

    We have improved the watch list and achievements UI
    Some achievement cards were appearing cut off in the Journal; this should be corrected
    Achievements that include recipes now show the required ingredients for all recipes
    There is also now a “Watched Recipe Total” at the top of the watchlist that shows a total of all ingredients needed for all achievement recipes currently being tracked

New props

    Combine Hanging Lamp
    Combine Wall Sconce
    Combine Grand Bed
    Fallen deciduous birch tree 1
    Fallen deciduous birch tree 2
    Medium deciduous birch tree 1
    Medium deciduous birch tree 2
    Medium deciduous birch tree 3
    Medium deciduous birch tree 4
    Medium deciduous birch tree 5
    Medium deciduous birch tree 6
    Deciduous birch sapling 1
    Deciduous birch sapling 2
    Deciduous birch sapling 3
    Deciduous birch sapling 4
    Deciduous birch stump 1
    Deciduous birch stump 2
    Deciduous birch stump 3
    Small deciduous serpentine birch arch 1
    Small deciduous serpentine birch arch 2
    Huge deciduous serpentine birch arch 1
    Huge deciduous serpentine birch arch 2


    All emitters that currently drop in game can now also be purchased in the Marketplace.


    You can now send whisper tells to a friend by right-clicking on their name in your friends list
    You can now rebind the “Proximity Voice Chat” push to talk button via your Customize Settings menu

Bug fixes

    Flashing lines across the sky should be fixed!
    Portal shards should no longer take you to underground hubs when used on the surface level
    Worlds should no longer be duplicated in the leyline spire list
    Using the Glide ability no longer spams a message in combat chat
    Metallic props now look metallic once again
    The Colonist’s Flight Suit and other shiny outfits are shiny once again
    Potion buff timers no longer count down while offline
    Combine roof textures no longer look like brick or stucco from a distance
    A default character once again renders in character create if you have no existing characters
    The facial hair slider for male characters should once again be working in character create
    Large plumthistle plant now gives plumthistle
    Iron chains are no longer slightly blue
    The armor stat displayed in the character window no longer appears doubled if you log out and in again
    Ongoing optimizations continue!

Mardi 17 février 2015
Hotfix Notes

Bug Fixes

    Existing "Combine" style materials have been revised to fix a number of artifacting issues and to update the tints and blending
    Some new "Combine" style materials have been added.
    A visual-only dupe bug with props has been fixed (the prop would appear to duplicate, but the second is not really "real" and cannot be picked up again).
    Addressed some performance issues

The complete list of "Combine" materials is now


      Combine Plaster
      Combine Plaster Cracked (this blends)
      Combine Plaster Bricks
      Combine Ceramic Glazed
      Combine Terrain Ceramic Glazed (this blends)
      Combine Ceramic Glazed Dark
      Combine Terrain Ceramic Glazed Dark (this blends)
      Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles
      Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles Dark


      Combine Foundation Bricks
      Combine Foundation Cobblestone
      Combine Stonework Slate
      Combine Stonework Rubble (this blends)
      Combine Stonework Bricks
      Combine Stonework Flagstone
      Combine Foundation Slate


      Combine Wood Horizontal
      Combine Wood Vertical
      Combine WoodDiagonal
      Combine Wood Tile
      Combine Wooden Shingles
      Combine Wooden Shingles Dark


New (sample, not all)


Vendredi 6 février 2015
Hotfix Notes

Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue where you could duplicate a prop in the world (though it did not duplicate in inventory if it was picked up.
    Portal Shards should now consume correctly.
    Added another Qeynos Material: Combine Ceramic Glazed Shingles.

Jeudi 5 février 2015
Update Notes

Templates as Items

    You can now turn your templates in to items and trade them with others!
    In the template menu, simply click the "Send to Inventory" button. This will generate an item, that will in turn grant that template to whoever redeems it!

New Materials

We've introduced 15 new materials to the palette. These should help in your Qeynos builds!


      Combine foundation blocks
      Combine foundation cobblestone
      Combine foundation slate
      Combine stonework slate
      Combine stonework rubble
      Combine stonework flagstone
      Combine stonework bricks


      Combine plaster
      Combine plaster cracked
      Combine plaster bricks
      Combine ceramic glazed


      Combine wood horizontal
      Combine wood vertical
      Combine wood diagonal
      Combine wood tile

New Props

Hot on the heels of the SciFi materials from last week, we've got some similarly themed props for this update.

    Hexagonal Grate (11 Tints!)
    Utility Barrel
    Utility Crate
    Plastic Ceiling Light
    Plastic Wall Light

Harvesting Change

    Underground plants are significantly more numerous and are no longer tier exclusive. This means that plants such as Vilebloom can now be found in old growth caverns at any tier instead of exclusively in tier 5 old growth caverns.

Crafting Change

    The refining system is still very much a work in progress, which ultimately means our refining stations aren't currently providing the level of value we want them to.
    As a result we've decided to temporarily drop material exclusivity on refiners until we’ve finished developing the system.
    In short, Lumicite and Plastic materials can now be crafted at Hub crafting stations, specifically the Tinkerer’s Workshop and Alchemy Station respectively.

Bug Fixes

    Using the Cave Sounder will no longer disengage your Grappling Hook.
    Fixed an issue where some Achievement objectives would incorrectly have recipe components.
    Fixed an issue where some Achievement objectives were missing their recipe components.
    Removed a duplicate Tweak Mode button when using the Area Tool.
    Pasting a prop that has an interaction will no longer automatically set the prop to be in a disabled state.
    Addressed an issue that was preventing some players from entering / exiting the Dark Elf Museum Island.
    Added a Light Interaction to the Year Zero trophy.
    Optimized the Stone of Recall window - you should no longer stutter when attempting to move with it open.
    Fixed an issue where claim screenshots wouldn't show up because of odd resolutions.
    The selection tool should now move more accurately when attempting to move it in small amounts. (aka, the Jittering bug)
    Added Armor and Life Steal to the scrolling combat text.
    Addressed an issue where you would always go to the same graveyard on that particular layer, instead of the closest one.
    Underground Hubs should now always appear on your map, when that layer is selected.
    You can no longer use the Lunar Treads to fly indefinitely.
    Added the following items as craftable recipes: Ring of Virulence, Gloves of Restoration, and Reinforced Chest.
    The spire icon should no longer disappear when hovering over it.

Lundi 26 janvier 2015
Update Notes


The first Achievements have been added to Landmark! This initial wave contains the basic starter tutorial-style Achievements, designed to help new players get started in the game. We will quickly expand the list of Achievements to support and guide players along full progression paths for all of the different playstyles in the game that they want to pursue, plus many standalone Achievements for one-off activities and accomplishments.

The tutorial Achievements are all available and displayed prominently on the Watch List the moment you login. The Watch List is that new nifty gizmo on the right side of the HUD that shows you the objectives for all of the Achievements you’re currently tracking. It has some pretty nifty visual effects and, in the near future, it will also compile your tracked recipe ingredients into a single handy “shopping” list to reference while you’re out harvesting, to replace the current Recipe Tracker window.

You can check out the starter Achievements by opening your Journal (keybinding: ‘J’). You’ll find three tabs:


      The big-picture plan for specific types of playstyles and progressions. Want to be the premiere PvP player? The Gladiator goals will help you get there. Want to learn a bit about building? The Builder goals will start you with the basics and lead you towards the more advanced accomplishments and techniques. These are special guides that will help you find relevant Achievements for whatever you want to accomplish in game. Currently, only the Tutorial goal is present. Progression and side-accomplishment goals will be added soon.


      “Achievements” in the traditional sense, meaning that you unlock them by accomplishing things and participating in events in-game. This is where the bulk of Achievements will be.


      Achievements that are tied to collecting the many, many cool things buried away in the fun world of Landmark.

Achievements can come in many different quality levels, just like items. All of these beginner Achievements are the lowest quality level Starter. You’ll notice that the Landmark Basics goal, which encapsulates all of these starter Achievements, has a special card border and gem color. That’s because it’s an Epic-quality Achievement, the highest in the game. We’ll explain the quality levels more when we release the next wave of Achievements that utilize them.

To see more details about an Achievement, just click on its card in the Journal window to bring up its detailed view. There you can see more details about how to earn the Achievement, your progress on all of its objectives, any Achievements that it’s related to, and a list of rewards you get for unlocking them. These starter Achievements currently only reward Achievement Points – a vanity system for showing off how many Achievements you’ve completed. In the future, Achievements will reward awesome things like new recipes, titles, items, and other goodies.

On that detailed page, you can also find a large “Watch Achievement” button, which will allow you to track that Achievement on your Watch List (or turn it off if you’re already tracking it). You can also untrack Achievements on the Watch List directly by clicking the little eye symbol in the upper-right corner.

So there’s a quick breakdown of the starter Achievements being released in this update. Like I mentioned, this is a very small initial release of tutorial-style Achievements. The next batch will include Progression Achievements that are much more exciting, long-term, and rewarding. We can’t wait to show them to you!

As always, please let us know what you think of the feature! Tell us what you love, hate, and want to see changed. We’re always open to feedback!

Cave Sounding Tool

    Crafted at the workshop, the Cave Sounder will temporarily reveal the location of nearby caves. This works much like the Ground Sounder and the Ore Prospector.

Combat Iterations

    The White Wisp’s Wisp Projection ranged attack now deals more damage.
    The Slaug’s Claw Slash attack now deals more damage.
    Slaugs who are spawned from a template had their tether ranges doubled, to be equivalent to random roaming Slaugs.
    Players can now trigger the Fiery Fungus’ detonation by damaging them, which will occasionally result in a more deadly explosion. Fungus destroyed this way have a small chance to drop loot.
    The Chomper’s Carnivorous Lunge attack now deals significantly more damage.
    Chompers at higher tiers now track and turn more quickly when watching a target.
    Abominations are no longer so quick to disengage, and when backing away will often choose to bound back and attack players still within their aggro range.
    White Wisp now has a heightened sense of survival, and as a result will attempt to evade players more aggressively – particularly melee attackers.
    Fixed the Chomper’s "dead zone”, which caused him to watch players rather than shoot them in the face with his ranged attack when they stood at a specific range.
    NPC population should now be more evenly distributed across all biomes.
    Channeled abilities now stop when they're overcasted.
    You're now removed from combat much more quickly, after defeating an NPC.
    PC / NPC names will no longer render through UI windows.

Building Tool Improvements

    When rotating a Prop or Paste Volume in Tweak Mode, the widget will now briefly "snap" at 90 degrees.
    Paste volumes are now located directly on your cursor. Previously it would be up / over by one voxel, making it difficult to paste small sections. A 1x1x1 pasted voxel will now appear directly on your cursor.
    The selection volume should no longer disappear when leaving your claim boundary.

Tooltip Compare

    You can now compare equipped Tools, Armor, and Weapons with items that you have in your inventory.
    With an item equipped, simply hover over an item that is the same type. The stat differential should display on the items tooltip.

L&T Improvements

    Made some changes to the Area Tool in order to make it feel more like the Selection Tool.

      You can now scale the size of the cursor, before drawing your area.
      You can now rotate OR translate the volume after its been drawn, by using CTRL. (Press CTRL multiple times to cycle through.)

    Added the ability to Enable / Disable interactions on props

New Character and Environment Detailed Normals

    We're continuing our work on adding detailed normals to props in the environment, as well as player characters and outfits. Check out the detail on the fabric and leather of the outfit below!


New Materials

We’ve got 45 brand new Sci Fi themed materials for you!

    Shiny, Matte and Smooth in the following tints

      White / Light Gray / Medium Gray / Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Orange / Purple / Dark Gray and Black

    Diamond Tread in the following tints

      Cobalt / Copper / Etherium / Gold / Iron / Mithril / Rubicite / Silver / Tin / Tungsten

    Red and Yellow Caution Trims

New Emitters

These emitters can be found as loot from defeated NPCs.

    Chromasphere Mote Emitter
    Leyline Crystal Emitter
    Stasis Field Mote Emitter
    Obelisk Glow Mote Emitter
    Shadow Well Mote Emitter
    Scrying Pool Mote Emitter
    Shadow Portal Mote Emitter
    Shadow Cage Mote Emitter
    Elemental Barrage Mote Emitter
    Blessed Hammer Mote Emitter
    Tempest Squall Mote Emitter
    Shadow Lamp Mote Emitter
    Teleporter Mote Emitter
    Control Point Mote Emitter
    Rules Object Mote Emitter
    Small Steam Mote Emitter
    Large Steam Mote Emitter
    Waterfall Mote Emitter


    Added bundles of Lumicite, Solucite, and Emitters to the Showcase.

Bug Fixes / Misc

    The Alchemy Station has a new look!

      The Alchemy Station has been updated with a new model. Note, existing player owned Alchemy Stations have not been updated to use this model (to prevent problems with existing builds), but can be converted for free at a Tinkerer’s Workshop.
      Additionally the Hex Lounge, a new non-interactive furniture prop featuring the original Alchemy Station’s model has been added to the game.

    Solar Surcoat now properly increases your light radius.
    Fixed an issue where some graveyard props did not have collision.
    The notification that goes to a Party Leader when another member recommends an invite should no longer persist.
    You should no longer crash when attempting to switch weapons while in the middle of an attack animation.
    Fixed a bug that would cause a broken animation, if you tried to walk while using a sickle.
    You'll now get an appropriate error when attempting to teleport with insufficient shards.
    The Armor of Regrowth now grants the proper amount of Armor Regeneration.
    The hit indicator should no longer be accidentally stuck on screen.
    Fixed an issue where you were unable to place voxels / props at the top most layer of your claim volume.
    Sliding Shag Rugs should no longer reset position after a server bounce.
    Linking and Triggering now works correctly with the Moving Platform.
    Addressed some bugs related to visual anomalies under the ocean surface. anomalies
    Pasting after changing islands should now work correctly.
    Fiery Fungi should no longer damage voxels on claims.
    Vivox channels should no longer always be enabled, regardless of the check box being checked / unchecked.
    Disabling a Translocation Pad via L&T should no longer disable all prop interactions on a claim.
    Returned the proper tint to the default Rope props.
    Axes and Sickles no longer share harvesting tier stats, and instead each have their own unique one.
    The Obsidian Obelisk prop is now crafted with obsidian instead of more stone, and the Simple Stained Glass prop is now crafted with ruby instead of more agate.
    The visual for the Courtier's Regalia on female characters is now working properly.
    Fixed the candle recipes that were referring to Sunblossom (which is not currently in-game.)

Jeudi 8 janvier 2015
Hotfix Notes
    Adjusting something in Tweak Mode should no longer cause it to go shooting off in to the abyss.
    Fixed the Linking / Triggering action on the Intricate Door (Left.)
    Speculative fix for the Add-On Claim crash.
    Undo should now work properly.
    The Gem Seeker's Brooch should now properly have a buff icon.
    Updated the Starter Kits in the Showcase to reflect recent changes to harvesting/crafting systems.
    The Nomad’s Crown plant resource is now properly labeled as an Extract Plant.
    The Darksteel Sword and Shield ability should no longer affect props.
    Fixed some typos in numerous pieces of armor.
    The prop placement mode Pitch Plant will henceforth be known as Align to Surface.
    Addressed some server stability issues.
    The Boots of Bounding no longer uses the description from the Builder's Bauble.
    Removed the Saloon Door props from the crafting list (These weren't ready. Look for them soonish!)
    Adjusted the recipe for the Exceptional Saw table. Changed 600 Skystone component entry to 600 ether shards.
    We believe we've found and fixed an issue that could cause lag while in a group on the EU servers.


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